Is there any sort of precedent for training to learn / being taught Feats?

I’m interested in acquiring a specific Feat more quickly that just from levelling. It’s a Mastery Feat for the weapon I’ve just portentously received and am proficient with, but would like to become excellent with.

I know that you can gain proficiencies in entire weapons classes as "training", but that’s not quite the same as learning a Feat.

Is there an established process for stuff like this? Naturally, I’m going to talk to my DM about it, but I’m curious to know whether there’s any precedent for it.

Some specifics:

  • Character: Half-Orc Barbarian.
  • Weapon: Spear. (With bonus flavour stuff, but mechanically just a spear most of the time)
  • Feat: Either Polearm Master (errata’d to include Spears) or Spear Mastery (from UA)

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recommendation for a programable FPS game for training forces [closed]

I wish to develop a training simulator for army ground forces.

Basic concept is that they can save lots of training time and budget by going through a simulator phase before the physical war-training, explicitly, learning:

  • How to cooperate with one another and improve team work
  • Learn the basics of their weapons capabilities
  • Learn the territory of interest
  • Develop and practice different tactics

All this at a low cost relative to only physical training.

Where should I start? what platforms are available that can be used for effective war-training and can be easily adapted to new maps/fighting territories and warfare equipment?


Does the “Rapier Training” Swashbuckler class feature count as having the Improved Critical feat?

I’m DMing for a group of five people. One player, Swashbuckler with the Inspired Blade archetype, wanted to select critical feats which have Improved Critical as a prerequisite. The following Inspired Blade feature describes it as follows:

Rapier Training (Ex): At 5th level, an inspired blade gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls and a +2 bonus on damage rolls with rapiers. While wielding a rapier, she gains the benefit of the Improved Critical feat. These attack and damage bonuses increase by 1 for every 4 levels beyond 5th (to a maximum of +4 on attack rolls and +5 on damage rolls at 17th level). This ability replaces swashbuckler weapon training.

It seems to me that the player cannot do it, but I’ve house ruled otherwise. The reason is because his character looks pretty bad in the game (I did not tell him this) and is already getting behind others on the table. Charmed Life with Opportune Parry and Riposte are letting his immediate actions overloaded whilst his char is too squishy due to spending ability points on Dex, Int and Cha. Taxing him another feat with improved critical seemed bad from a balancing perspective. There is a vanilla warrior on the group who does everything the swashbuckler does but significantly better.

That being said I’ve got two questions for you:

  1. Does the "Rapier Training" Swashbuckler class feature count as having the Improved Critical feat? (From the title)

  2. What would you have done in such situation?

Obs.: this class seems quite unbalanced and badly designed to me.


What kinds of training and research are possible within the paradises found within a Rod of Security?

The Rod of Security gives a person access to ‘any paradise one could imagine’, specifically:

‘… the rod then instantly transports you and up to 199 other willing creatures you can see to a paradise that exists in an extraplanar space. You choose the form that the paradise takes. It could be a tranquil garden, lovely glade, cheery tavern, immense palace, tropical island, fantastic carnival, or whatever else you can imagine.’

This ageless paradise has a 199 day limit, divided by the number of occupants staying within Example: a party of five gets ( 199 days / 5 people = ) 39.8 days maximum. Once out it takes ten days to regain this 199-day-persons capacity.

Plenty of rest, good times and amazing food (i.e. ‘possible weight-gain hazard’) – but so much free time… with incredible resources! Imagine gaining new tool proficiencies, catching up on some downtime stuff or whatever you like. But could one research old &/or new spells? Develop a formula / blueprint / pattern for almost any magic item? Research ancient lore in a paradise-library? Suddenly this rod is a very powerful item. Possibly derailing a campaign – or even presenting as a bit too powerful?

Given access to ‘any paradise’ – be that training &/or library-research – what limits exist for players’ gains in skills, abilities &/or knowledge?

Training new contact forms

I’d like to train Scrapebox to submit to contact forms for a specific CMS – Magento 1 and Magento 2.

I imagine there is a common form used for either (maybe both).

I have read over the documentation from Loopline and Scrapebox but I have to admit it is a bit above my ability.

Can anyone point me in the direction of more help or is there someone I could hire to figure this out for me? (hope that is not breaking rules).

Training an animal companion when you can speak to it

I have a PC ranger who can use speak with animals as a innate spell-likely ability. The question came up about training it tricks, and argued that the training time would be reduced or not even necessary if he could speak with animal.

From what I understand, speak with animals is more of asking questions or getting information, rather than to aid it for training, but I wasn’t sure. Would handle animal and speak with animal be completely different things?

Training by — opinions?

I need to learn DevSecOps quickly, and found the classes/certs by Practical DevSecOps Online Training. I am interested in their CDP and CDE specifically, as their syllabuses cover a lot of the areas I am interested in. The couple of online reviews I’ve found are very positive.

Are these classes good? If you have taken them, could you share your experience?

About me: I am experienced in development (Linux/Python most strongly) and in "classical" security (code review and incident handling), but new to the whole DevOps/DevSecOps world, so little practical knowledge of cloud security, Docker/Kubernetes subtleties, etc. Given constraints of family, work etc. I have decided that external structured training (plus ad-hoc labs when time allows) is the best way to absorb a lot of knowledge quickly.

Thanks for your feedback!

How long is the initial “training time” to get the first level of a class?

Consider a 0th level character, or a character with existing character levels, multi-classing into a new one.

I think, she needs to go somewhere – to a fighters’ school, or to a wizards guild, etc – and need to pass a training. It is highly world-, class- and DM-dependent.

But how long time does it take?

I ask this in the hope, that there is a rule, or at least a hint in a rulebook. What needs to be done to get a new class, it varies, but how long does it take, I think it has (or should have) at least a hint somewhere. I don’t know even the magnitude – is it some weeks, or decades?