Training of two 3×3 convolution layers vs training one 5×5 convolution layer

I’m not 100% sure this is the right stackexchange, please feel free to redirect me to another one.

I know that two 3×3 convolution layers can be equivalent to one 5×5 convolution layer.

I also know that in many cases (maybe all of them), the training of both options is equivalent (in terms of result, not speed or optimisation)

Suppose I have a dataset on which I KNOW that no information whatsoever can be derived from any 3×3 window, but it can be from a 5×5 window.

If I wanted to, I could train a network with a 5×5 convolution layer, then manually transform it into two 3×3 convolution layers.

My question is: could I train a network directly with two 3×3 convolution layers ?

My reasoning: What could the first convolution learn apart from overfitting the training dataset? Supposedly nothing. So, the only layer that could some generalization of my data is the second one. But then, my problem sums up to comparing ONE 3×3 convolution versus ONE 5×5 convolution.

In the general case, the 5×5 convolution would perform better. But with my restrictions on the dataset, maybe it becomes equivalent to the 3×3 convolution? I which case I could train 3×3 convolution.

Thank you !

Training Documentation / Company Processes [on hold]

I work in a Saas company with a huge system, and set of processes. We have a wiki, lots of resources on google drive and information / documentation stored in a large number of random places (including some individuals’ own minds).

I am trying to develop a one stop shop knowledge base for our engineers…Initially the ideas was a resource that can be used for training new hires but as we started to discuss it, we realised how badly we need it to be the reference point for all existing employees. I work on a specific engineering team so will create it for our team initially and build out from there.

This is going to be a HUGE task as there is so much to gather together but I am looking for some recommendations to get started, specifically if anybody has good ideas / resources for how we could create this one stop shop and

  • Add system architecture diagrams
  • Include drill-down links to more detail and eventually down to code
  • List / link to tools available to engineers
  • A live area where individuals can add ‘troubleshooting tips’ (for issues they solved in our live environment)
  • Information on how our section of the system integrates with other teams

Or just ideas / recommendations on how these things are managed in companies you’ve worked for.

Simple Question About the Nature of Supervised Learning Predictive Models in Relation to their Training Data

Would a deployed or deployment-ready (i.e., already-trained) supervised learning model have a 100% accuracy rate for predictions on the training data (if you were to run the training data through it again)?

[Note: I don’t know if it is possible for such models to incorporate “memory” such that the model would retrieve an output variable for a given training data point (containing various input variables) from memory (having seen it before during training), instead of retrieving it by plugging the data point’s input variables into the equation that is the predictive model (obviously a unique, unknown equation created during the training process, with millions of parameters, which no human knows the precise nature of). If it is possible for such models to have “memory”, then for the purposes of my question, please assume it is not.]

What I would like to know is: are SL predictive models perfectly parameterized for the training data, such that feeding any training data point in to the completed model will 100% of the time yield the correct output for that data point (note: I am aware that, in general, testing a deployment-ready model on its training data is not a very useful test), or are such models imperfect predictors even if run (when already-trained) on their training data?

I know people talk about overfitting and the bias-variance tradeoff. That would seem to indicate the latter to be the case, but I want to be sure.

Thank you for any answers you can offer!

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Issue with training text classification model in R on Ubuntu server 18.04

The R code I have is as following, it results an error as below. However, this works fine on my windows local machine. Just error on ubuntu server as below.The generated model.bin file is about 229 MB on my windows local machine. Not sure why I cannot train the model on Ubuntu server, any help would be appreciated!

library(fastrtext)  model_file <- build_supervised(documents = data1[["V5"]],                                targets = data1[["V3"]],                                model_path = '/srv/shiny-server/text_cls/voc_single/mymodel',                                dim = 30, lr = 0.1, epoch = 30, wordNgrams = 2)    Prepare and write tempfile at ... /tmp/RtmpLMf0uE/file9083d9d7650 Starting supervised training with following commands:  $   supervised -input /tmp/RtmpLMf0uE/file9083d9d7650 -output /srv/shiny-server/text_cls/voc_single/mymodel -lr 0.1 -dim 30 -ws 5 -epoch 30 -minCount 5 -minCountLabel 0 -neg 5 -wordNgrams 2 -loss ns -bucket 2000000 -minn 3 -maxn 6 -thread 12 -lrUpdateRate 100 -t 0.0001 -label __label__ -verbose 2   Error in model$  execute(c("fasttext", commands)) :    /srv/shiny-server/text_cls/voc_single/mymodel.bin cannot be opened for saving. 

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