Galera: I want to add “Node X” to my cluster but use “Node Y” to transfer the data

I’m having quite a problem with adding a node to my current Galera cluster. Right now I have 4 nodes on my cluster: 3 of them are on my local and 1 currently on the cloud. I successfully synced my cloud node with the local servers earlier.

Now, I want to add my other cloud server to my cluster making it 5, but I want it to use the other node which is also within the cloud so it would be faster (local to cloud took like 2 hours to sync). I tried using wsrep_sst_receive_address and wsrep_sst_donor but it only fails to start the service.

All my servers are using CentOS 7 and has the same galera configuration as follows:

[galera] # Mandatory settings  wsrep_on=ON  wsrep_provider=/usr/lib64/galera-4/    #add your node ips here wsrep_cluster_address="gcomm://alpha,beta,charlie,cloudmain,replica"  binlog_format=row  default_storage_engine=InnoDB  innodb_autoinc_lock_mode=2   #Cluster name  wsrep_cluster_name="my_cluster"   #Allow server to accept connections on all interfaces.  bind-address=    #this server ip, change for each server  wsrep_node_address="replica"   #this server name, change for each server  wsrep_node_name="Replica Node"    wsrep_sst_method=rsync  

Note: they all have the same config but the name parameters are changed accordingly per server.

I tried adding:




But it is no good. Is it possible to choose a specific server to sync databases from? Thank you.

Two weeks after transfer, domains still has no nameservers

I recently transferred two of my domains from Google Domains to Njalla. I was sent auth codes for both of them and I entered them in the Njalla dashboard within five minutes, and I thought everything was fine. Within an hour, they showed up in Njalla as "transfer completed", but they still used the Google Domains nameservers. About a day after that, DNS lookups on the domains showed that they have no nameservers at all, and they have stayed that way since. This was 13 days ago. Njalla support also says that the transfers are complete, but they don’t know when the DNS will update. Is the DNS update time supposed to lag behind the domain transfer time by this much?

To disable the domain transfer lock, first deactivate the private registration

I’m looking to migrate from ionos to godaddy or similar. Referencing:

and, presumably, registering the domain with godaddy is simple enough. How do I ensure that everything is kept intact in terms of the domain registration?

I see:

Authorization Code

The transfer lock is enabled for this domain. For this reason, any transfer request will be declined automatically. The Private Registration is enabled for this domain. Before you can transfer the domain, you have to deactivate it.  

If you want to transfer your domain to another provider, you will require the authorisation code shown below. The authorisation code makes sure that only the Registrant or Administrator of the domain can initiate the transfer process to a new provider.

Please note that upon completion of a transfer to a new provider, all website content, email addresses and subdomains associated to the domain will be permanently deleted. Your authorization code:

However, wouldn’t want to disable an privacy around the domain registration.

Does this disable the privacy information available through whois or similar services?

Solving a determinant to get non-zero roots in a heat transfer problem

I am trying to solve a mathematical model of a heat transfer problem. As an intermediate step there is a characteristic equation in the form of a determinant, which needs to be solved for variable r to get three real roots. These roots feed the subsequent steps. However, the roots I get are really small and probably leads to Indeterminate errors later. I am attaching the entire script below:

Nuc = 5.33; Nuh = 6.49; mc = 9.305 E - 08; mh = 1.1246 E - 07; k = 16.27; vc = (mc/1.138)/(0.5 2 10^-6); vh = (mh/1.225)/(0.25 2 10^-6); cpc = 1039; cph = 1006.43; Ac = 2 (0.5 + 2) 10^-6; Ah = 2 (0.25 + 2) 10^-6;  C1 = mc cpc; C2 = mh cph;  hc = Nuc 0.0242/(0.8 10^-3); hh = Nuh 0.0242/(0.444 10^-3);  b1 = hc Ac/C1; b2 = hh Ah/C2; bc = k (25 1 10^-6)/(1 10^-3 C1);  λ = k (4.5 10^-6)/(25 10^-3 C1); ν = C1/C2;  bstar = b1 + (b2/ν) + 4 bc; γ1 = b1/bstar; γ2 = b2/(ν bstar); γc1 = (2 b1 + 4 bc)/bstar; γc2 = (2 b2 + 4 ν bc)/(ν bstar);  A = {    {-r + b1 (1 - γ1), b1 γ2, -b1 γc2},    {-b2 γ1, -r - b2 (1 - γ2), b2 γc1},    {r, -r, λ r^2}   }; sol = LinearSolve[Det[A] == 0,r]   r1 = r /. sol[[1]] r2 = r /. sol[[2]] r3 = r /. sol[[3]]  G1 = (4 b1 b2 bc +       2 b1 ((b2/ν) +          2 bc) r1)/(4 b1 b2 bc + (((1/ν) - 1) b1 b2 +          4 bc (b1 - b2)) r1 - bstar r1^2); G2 = (4 b1 b2 bc +       2 b1 ((b2/ν) +          2 bc) r2)/(4 b1 b2 bc + (((1/ν) - 1) b1 b2 +          4 bc (b1 - b2)) r2 - bstar r2^2); G3 = (4 b1 b2 bc +       2 b1 ((b2/ν) +          2 bc) r3)/(4 b1 b2 bc + (((1/ν) - 1) b1 b2 +          4 bc (b1 - b2)) r3 - bstar r3^2); H1 = (4 b1 b2 bc -       2 b2 (b1 + 2 bc) r1)/(4 b1 b2 bc + (((1/ν) - 1) b1 b2 +          4 bc (b1 - b2)) r1 - bstar r1^2); H2 = (4 b1 b2 bc -       2 b2 (b1 + 2 bc) r2)/(4 b1 b2 bc + (((1/ν) - 1) b1 b2 +          4 bc (b1 - b2)) r2 - bstar r2^2); H3 = (4 b1 b2 bc -       2 b2 (b1 + 2 bc) r3)/(4 b1 b2 bc + (((1/ν) - 1) b1 b2 +          4 bc (b1 - b2)) r3 - bstar r3^2);  Num = {    {((H1 - G1)/r1) E^-r1, ((H2 - G2)/r2) E^-r2, ((H3 - G3)/r3) E^-r3},    {E^-r1, E^-r2, E^-r3},    {1, 1, 1}   }; Den = {    {(H1 E^-r1 - G1)/r1, (H2 E^-r2 - G2)/r2, (H3 E^-r3 - G3)/r3},    {E^-r1, E^-r2, E^-r3},    {1, 1, 1}   }; eff = 1 - (Det[Num]/Det[Den])  

Any help in pointing out my error will is appreciated. The objective is to evaluate eff.

Site transfer from local server to remote hosting – e-mail, OS and CPanel

Regarding an e-mail… It’s set in BIND9 zone file residing on my local computer. I want to use exactly the same address, but from a remote server. Right now I use Postfix-Dovecot on my local Ubuntu machine. Maybe it’s just easier to rename a zone file or something… And them to set up same e-mail account on hosting? As per SSL, I use Truecrypt locally… I think it also works on hosting. Though it’s something I’ll have to look into, ‘cos I have no clue. Hosting support probably will tell. With db it’s an easy part. They have Hepsie CP on VPS coming pre-installed. Though, of course I would prefer CPanel, but they charge extra for it. The weird part though… I requested Ubuntu OS on VPS hosting, and it says that it’s Ubuntu in hosting info page. BUT… When I open SSH terminal from within my hosting account page… And check this:

cat /etc/os-release 

I see this:

NAME="CentOS Linux" 

VERSION="7 (Core)" ID="centos" ID_LIKE="rhel fedora" VERSION_ID="7" PRETTY_NAME="CentOS Linux 7 (Core)" ANSI_COLOR="0;31" CPE_NAME="cpe:/o:centos:centos:7" HOME_URL="" BUG_REPORT_URL=""

Does it mean, it’s actually CentOS and NOT Ubuntu? And if so… may I and can I install Cpanel myself on hosting then?

Godaddy expired domain transfer

My domain recently expired on 12/05/2021 and I wanted to transfer it to a new registrar.

So I initiated the transfer.

Unlocked the domain and got the transfer auth key and initiated the transfer at the new registrar after paying the fee.

I then receive an email from godaddy saying the following.

Your domain could not be transferred. couldn't be transferred to another registrar for the following reason:  Express written objection to the transfer from the Transfer Contact. (e.g. - email, fax, paper document or other processes by which the Transfer Contact has expressly and voluntarily objected through opt-in means). 

I then get in touch with godaddy support and ask why the transfer was denied, they told me that the domain had expired and that I had to renew it before I could transfer it, I asked them to show me where it said so and they didn’t have any documentation to that effect.

I then stated that based on the icann [rules][1] stated under the FAQs that under point 11 I can transfer an expired domain.

In anycase I filed a complaint with icann regarding this.

However since I received a transfer auth code, does it mean that the transfer will go through?


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