Does shift consequence allow damage to be transferred to beings or only to objects?

Does shift consequence allow damage to be transferred to beings or only to objects?

The wording is a bit… complicated, as such I’m a bit unsure if damage can only be transferred onto objects or also onto other beings:

The demon shifts the consequence to another eligible target. If the consequence is damage, the demon can change it to an inanimate object

Lost Appleid and Password, work phone iphone 5, owner transferred but we need to keep all the data on it

The owner of the business sold the business including the work mobile which has all client numbers, texts and WhatsApp communications. He did not give us the appleid or password nor do we have access to the email it was registered with and he is not in communication with us. Obviously, we can continue to use the phone but now cannot update any apps like WhatsApp so cannot now use the app.

The data is still relevant to us and we are the owners of the data.

Can we change the appleid, or do something else to allow us to update apps without losing all the data? I hope someone can suggest something. Many thanks

Transaction shows transferred instead of sent and zero bitcoins sent to zero recipient

enter image description here

enter image description here

I sent 0.00185 BTC to this bitcoin address 14UdCugXpW3ukYgGPNM18v3VqVxyp3S3Ak using wallet, But transaction log shows 0.0 BTC transferred to zero recipient with transaction fee boldly written.

The transaction has been confirmed in blockchain but the recipient address is not showing on the transaction log and blockchain.

Don’t know if the recipient have seen the bitcoin. Please help.


Video’s transferred from HFS+ to Ext4 wont play on Ubuntu

For many year, I had a media server that ran on Mac OS. I recently rebuilt it and I transferred some video files from a HFS+ drive to the Ext4 drive. Now that I am running on Ubuntu 18.04 I can’t open any of my video files in VLC.

The weird thing is, that if I use a SAMBA share and open one of the video files on my Macbook Pro is plays fine. Something seems to be off with how the files transferred between the 2 filesystems.

I am looking for recommendations for how I can repair the files for the Ext4 filesystem to make them accessible on my Ubuntu machine.

I have check owner/group and permissions and all seem fine.

Is link juice transferred through fake links?

I am discovering more and more backlinks towards legit sites, but with no actual links.

For example, check this url and its backlinks:
SEOLeadership – Five Powerful Search Engine Optimisation Techniques By Self Proclaimed 1 "White Hat" Thought Leader In SEO Eitan Gorodetsky – Travel Manitoba

This url has a DA of 62 and all links target popular domains, but the final links are including spam words and they result at 404

So, I wonder what is the purpose of doing this. Is someone trying to connect such legit sites to spam links so they will get some Google penalty?
Because I can’t believe that the actual sites are involved into this to receive the link juice in that way.

Can I have my luggage transferred in Istanbul without me claiming and rechecking it myself for a transit trip?

I have a flight to Istanbul via Saudi Airlines, and from there to Moldova via Air Moldova. The tickets are separate, and so my question is, since I don’t have turkish visa and I can’t claim and recheck-in my luggage, is there a service to do that for me, in Istanbul Ataturk airport? I’m asking because there are such services in Dubai (eg:- Marhaba).

How to Verify Integrity of Transferred Files in a Client Server Protocol

How do I implement integrity verification using the checksum of files in a client-server protocol where the client sends multiple files to the server. I am using the following steps:

  1. The client connects to the server and sends files.
  2. In server side, when the server receives the files, I have calculated Checksum (using this) of client and server files.
  3. Then upon comparing the checksum of client and server files, integrity verification is done.

Is my process ok? Will the checksum calculation be the same if I need to calculate the checksum of video files?