transit visa for indian passport holder in Daegu or Busan (South Korea) on the way to Khabarovsky or Vladivostok (Russia)

I have an Indian passport, Japanese residence card and intend to visit Khabarovsk and Vladivostok (Russia) but an itinerary (the cheapeast one) involves a transit in Daegu (TAE) or Busan (PUS). I have a valid US Visa (B1/B2) but that won’t help in any way i guess.

I couldn’t tell from Timatic whether I need to apply for a transit visa in advance or whether a visa-free transit (or on arrival) is feasible. I have checked the other post (Can transit in Japan or korea) but it is closed without a solution. I know that Indian passport holders can visit Jeju (CJU) but not Seoul (ICN), and can transit in Seoul(ICN) if certain conditions are met, but unclear about Daegu (TAE) or Busan (PUS).

In this case, i will possess a valid e-visa for Russia, as Timatic says:

Nationals of India who travel to Blagoveshchensk (BQS), Khabarovsk (KHV), Petropavlovsk (PKC), Vladivostok (VVO) or Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (UUS), can obtain an e-visa before departure at

Qn 1. Please clarify the rules applicable for a transit in Daegu, and guide how to apply if visa applications are required prior to the trip.

The itinerary for KHV via TAE is as follows:

Flight TW212, NRT->TAE

Flight TW437, TAE->KHV

Flight TW438, KHV->TAE

Flight TW211, TAE->NRT

The itinerary for VVO via PUS is as follows:

Flight KE714, NRT->PUS

Flight KE5989, PUS->VVO

Flight KE5990, VVO->PUS

Flight KE715, PUS->NRT

Qn 2. If i were to transit in ICN instead of TAE/PUS (flight sequence TYO-ICN-KHV/VVO-ICN-TYO), i don’t require any transit visa applications, is that correct?

UK transit visa needed when having EEA family permit but travelling without spouse?

My wife (Iranian) and I (German) will travel from our home in the US to Germany and then to the UK for a vacation. She got issued an EEA family permit to accompany me to the UK. As I will go to Germany a few days before her, she will fly BOS – LHR – FRA by herself. Will she still need a UK transit visa for her 5 hour layover (move from terminal 3 to 2), as the EEA family permit says “to acc. “?

Thanks for your help!

Dubai transit – is there a 48 hour visa on arrival for Indian citizens?

On my return journey along with family from the UK, I have a layover of more than 12 hours at Dubai airport. I want to use this time to visit the city and sightsee. I am booked on Emirates right through the journey on all 4 legs of the trip and there is no change of terminal. We are all Indian citizens so I am aware I need a transit visa to enter the city of Dubai.

I spoke to customer service at Emirates and the person mentioned that I can get a 48 hour visa on arrival at Dubai airport for this purpose. Can somebody confirm the same? Have any Indian travellers through Dubai availed this service recently and the info is valid?

I was under the impression that as an Indian citizen I am not eligible for a visa on arrival at Dubai and I needed to arrange for it before the journey. I will have a valid UK visa stamped in my passport upon arrival at Dubai.

Another question – if I apply for the visa through VFS, do I need to supply proof of accommodation in Dubai? Since I plan to spend about 8 hours in the city, I don’t have any hotel booking.

Thanks for your responses and inputs.

Is UK transit visa required for flight change at LGW ( Crossing the border)

1) I have a valid schengen visa issued from France and a valid H1B visa from usa. 2) I will be departing from Seattle, USA on May3rd and Landing at LGW (London) via Norwegian Air on 7 AM May 4th ( London time). I will be catching flight to Paris the next day before mid night from LHR

My research says, I don’t require a visa to change flights by crossing the border at LGW and taking another flight next day to France as I have a valid US visa i.e., H1b and travelling from USA with a valid schengen visa to France

I would like to hear from other folks about the same.

Is 1 hour 10 minutes sufficient to transit in Dubai airport arriving from Johannesburg and departing to Standsted UK?

Arrival time at Dubai on EK766 on 7/5/2019 is 08.20 and departure to London Standsted EK33 is at 09.30 on the same day. I am 73 years old and I would think that I would need assistance? Can this be arranged and if so how?