Smooth Transition to New E-mail Accounts

Hello, all. :) Sven, I was wondering if there might be a way to add functionality to the e-mails in GSASER, so that existing accounts can be set to use for email verification ONLY.
This way, if I’m planning to begin using a new set of e-mail catch-alls, whatever number of submitted links are out there waiting for e-mail verification can still verify, while just adding in the new e-mail accounts for the purpose of making new links.
I do realize I can just set projects to Verify and wait until the Submitted list is clear on all projects and THEN disable that email account I no longer wish to use, set up a few new ones, and start making new links again, but this might be a smoother transition with a way to limit an email to only be used for verification as links can still be made and nothing is lost.
PS Hope everyone is ok with this virus going on.

In an NFA that recognizes L(ab) where ab is a regular expression, what is the point of the empty string transition?

I’m reading Introduction to Computational Theory by Michael Sipser. He provides the NFA below as one that recognizes the language of the regular expression $ ab$ .

What is the purpose of the middle two states and the $ \varepsilon$ transition between them? Could this NFA be designed without them and still work as intended?


Here’s another example of an NFA that recognizes the language described by $ aba$ . Again, I’m confused by the addition of the empty string transitions and the extra states. enter image description here

Advise needed: How to transition into cyber security as a dev?

i’m currently a dev working in a small company. Due to limited ressources i’m often involved with all parts of the process. Ranging from sales to server installation. Lately i got involved with security topics and i would like to shift my focus.

I’m knowledgeable in linux, windows server and ip/tcp protocol. How should i proceed? Get a formal education in a university or self learn for a CEH or simular certifikat?

I know answers will be attitudinal. When you decide this kind of question do not belong here, please comment a place where i can ask it.

construct transition table from equivalence of dfa-minimization

I’m trying to minimize a DFA.

From the state transition diagram, I have formed the table:


And the 0-equivalence is : {q0,q1,q3,q4,q5,q6,q7},{q2}

And 2-equivalence is {q0,q4},{q6},{q1,q7},{q3,q5},{q2}, as well as 3-equivalence.

If I write q0q4 together, what would I write in as value in the table?

Now what is the minimized DFA,transition table?

Why does this finite state machine state transition diagram solution has more states than my solution?

I can’t figure out what is wrong with my solution and why does it differ from book’s solution. I think the only thing that matters is the previous state of A so that there should be two states, one for previous A=0 and one for previous A=1. Where am I mistaken? I would really appreciate any explanation.

this is the question

this is book's solution here

this is my solution

Ways to transition SELinux domain / process context (securing SELinux boundaries)

(Apologies for multi-question. Theme is the same, but there are quite a few edge cases.)

Browsing the web, I come across resources (see below), but they don’t make this quite clear what the situation really is, so this is my attempt to clarify and gather info that I am missing.

Ways to transition

I gather there are at least three ways for process to transition into another domain. I will list them as rules that are displayed by sesearch:

  1. type_transition <source> <file_label>:process <target>” – process in source domain can execute a file with file_label, which will then have target domain.
  2. “allow <source> <target>:process dyntransition” – process in source domain can use /proc/self/attr/current to transition into target domain.
  3. “allow <source> <target>:process transition” – process in source domain can use /proc/self/attr/exec to transition into target domain when exec is called.

Are there any other ways?

Protections for these transitions

Besides the above rules, transitions will also require:

  • “allow <source> <file_label>:file { execute read getattr }” (is getattr really required? read?) – for type_transition and probably transition
  • “allow <target> <file_label>:file entrypoint” – for type_transition and probably transition
  • “allow <source> <target>:process setexec” – for transition
  • “allow <source> <target>:process setcurrent” – for dyntransition

Other potential problems

  • In case of memfd_create+exec(“/proc/self/fd/%d”), is the file_label same as the “symlink” label? I assume for normal /proc/self/fd/ entries symlink would be followed, so that should be fine.
  • Can a ptraced process transition to another domain? Experiments tell me exec fails with EPERM in case of type_transition, and there’s a denial logged because of missing process ptrace permission from source to target. Would this work with dyntransition?



Pushdown Automata – can you have multiple transition functions options between 2 states?

I was wondering if you have 2 states, lets say q0 and q1. Are you allowed to have multiple options to transition between these 2 states?

For example,

 - if you have a 1 and the stack is empty, push it on the stack, and transition to q1  - if you have a 0 and the stack is empty, push it on the stack, and transition to q1  - if you have a 1 and there is a 1 on the stack, push it on the stack, and transition to q1  - if you have a 1 and there is a 0 on the stack, pop the 0 off, and transition to q1  - if you have a 0 and there is a 0 or 1 on the stack, push it on the stack and stay in q0 

I was wondering if this is allowed, and it knows what to do given the scenario?

Sorry if this is obvious, I have been looking at some PDAs and haven’t seen any that have multiple options to transition between states and was wondering if it was allowed.

Filter transition hover não esta funcionando, alguém pode me ajudar?

Tentei de varias maneiras, mas não deu certo, aqui esta meu código:

.left { 	left: -100px; 	margin-top: 50px; 	filter: contrast(0.8) brightness(1.2) saturate(1.4) blur(4px); 	-webkit-filter: contrast(0.8) brightness(1.2) saturate(1.4) blur(4px); 	-moz-filter: contrast(0.8) brightness(1.2) saturate(1.4) blur(4px); 	transition: filter 4s; 	-o-transition: filter 4s; 	 	 } .left:hover{ 	-webkit-filter: blur(0px);    -moz-filter:blur(0px); 	filter: blur(0px);  	 }
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