Why does there seem to be an extreme lack of public trashcans in Taiwan?

After visiting Taiwan a fair amount of times, this is something that has struck me as quite odd. I’ve never seen a country quite like Taiwan where there is a very obvious lack of public trashcans. It seems no matter the city, not just the capital, all have a seeming absence of these trashcans, yet the streets still remain relatively clean and litter free.

At first I chalked it up to being just an uncanny feeling and not actually real. But as my trip progressed I found myself having to duck inside nearby convenience stores to throw trash away or stash it in a bag to throw away upon returning to where I was staying. It has always seemed that the best places to find a fair amount of public trashcans were either the public parks, or night market. Wandering along shopping streets yielded the same odd feeling of having nowhere to put trash.

There’s got to be an explanation for why this seems to be — it always feels off when there’s a lack of public trashcans, yet the streets mostly are litter free. Compare to a city like San Francisco, where the streets have a trash can that can be found on nearly any block, but at the same time still sees constant littering (of which some is from homeless, but not all).