can i calculate time of finding optimum of travel salesman problem with super computer and can i know that is limit of cities to now computers?

i want to know the real limit of our computational power that we have now what is the limit of cities that i can reach with optimum sol. i believe that first computer is 10^19 process in second

and can i calculate the time that it will take by looking to connections of directed graph ? and tell time by this power 10^19

as i can edit real graph of problem and delete cities of it

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Can I travel to Canada? | Received RFE for H1-B transfer petition

I have my current H1-B visa valid upto July-2021 on my passport. However I recently moved to a different team within the same company and hence had to file a H1-B COE petition. But we received an RFE (Request for Evidence) lately and we are currently working with Immigration team to frame the response to USCIS.

With this in my mind, can I still travel to Canada & return back to the US on my current H1-B visa? Please advise.

Thank you.

Can minor child travel out of France before applying DCEM

I am an Indian, I am in France for a work and arrived last year. I had got the RP last year which is expired now and I have submitted my files for renewal of carte de Sejour. So I have a recepisse which allow me to travel outside France.

Now my family (wife and 2 year old kid) have arrived here in France, they both have type D long stay VISA valid for one year. I have validated my wife’s VISA online (required instead of applying carte de sejour).

For my daughter, I understood from sources that I need to apply for DCEM once I got my carte de sejour. Yes, I have not yet applied for DCEM for my kid yet.

Now the issue is I need to travel to India for an important family function and come back to France. I know for me and for my wife it’s ok to travel outside France and come back.

My question is whether there will be any issue for my daughter to enter into France as she don’t have DCEM (not even applied) but valid VISA.