In D&D 3.5, do the Scout’s skirmish benefits trigger from Benign Transposition?

The Scout class from Complete Adventurer gets skirmish benefits in any round after she moves at least 10 feet.

The Spell Compendium includes Benign Transposition, which swaps the positions of any two willing targets.

If a scout is swapped by someone else casting Benign Transposition, do her skirmish benefits trigger? Does it matter when the caster acts relative to her?

What is the cheapest way to damage myself and trigger the effects of the Fade Away feat?

For clarity, I mean cheap in the sense of the action economy. The ideal scenario would be to damage myself with a free object interaction or a small amount of movement.

Here is the relevant text of the Feat:

Immediately after you take damage, you can use a reaction to magically become invisible until the end of your next turn or until you attack, deal damage, or force someone to make a saving throw. Once you use this ability, you can’t do so again until you finish a short or long rest.

Would dimension door trigger or bypass mental prison?

After failing the saving throw for mental prison, the target is subjected, among other things, to this:

If the target is moved out of the illusion, makes a melee attack through it, or reaches any part of its body through it, the target takes 10d10 psychic damage, and the spell ends. (XGtE 161)

If, while under this effect, the target casts dimension door, what would happen? Would it count as being “moved out of the illusion” by the spell? Would the illusion, being in their head, follow them? Would this be different if someone else casts dimension door on them?

Is it possible to trigger Zapier hook on a post update and pass ACF fields?

I got myself into a bit of a pickle with a website and I would love some help.

I am attempting to trigger a Zapier hook when a custom post type is updated, and send any ACF fields with it. Is this possible?

Previously, I tried using Gravity Forms and the Advanced Post Creation add-on. I had Gravity View show the entry to the user where they could edit. The problem is that Advanced Post Creation only works on post submission and not update.

So I switched to just having the user edit the post directly, but I don’t know how to trigger the hook when a post is updated AND send the ACF fields in the post with it.

If you can point me in the right direction on one of the following, that would be awesome:

  1. Update a custom post type when updating an entry via Gravity View OR
  2. At least trigger a Zapier hook when a post is updated

Thank You!

PostgreSQL: Crear un trigger para capturar valores de una Insert

Estoy trabajando con una base de datos PostgreSQL.

Tengo una tabla llamada valores_controladores a la que automáticamente le llegan valores de unos controladores.

A parte de esa tabla, tengo otra tabla llamada alarmas_saltadas.

Lo que quiero hacer es que cada vez que se introduzca una fila en la tabla valores_controladores, leer un campo y determinando si es superior a 100 ó inferior a 10 introducir valores en la tabla alarmas_saltadas.

Gracias de Antemano

Trigger working on 5 crore+ records

I’m using postgresql 11. I have a table with 50000000+ records.The table doesn’t have any partition. The table is in PROD. I need to create a trigger there which will update previous entries flag to false for each upcoming latest entry. Each upcoming latest entry will have true value on flag. The table has around 1300 inserts per minute. One of the column of that table contain json data as well.Here is the trigger script:

    CREATE TRIGGER trig_updaterow before insert on tab for each row execute procedure updaterow();       CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION updaterow() RETURNS trigger AS $  $   BEGIN update tab set flag ='0' where s = new.s and p = new.p and  c = new.c and m = new.m and e = new.e and flag = '1';  RETURN NEW; END; $  $   LANGUAGE plpgsql; 

I need to check in case of large number of inserts if the table will going to face any lock because of this trigger. I have tested it will bulk inserts on prod copy. However, still I’m not sure about this.

Mysql; Trigger Consultar total de registros por habitacion

Buenas Noches necesito ayuda ya que necesito realizar un trigger el cual me valide la cantidad de registros por habitacion de la tabla paciente y actualize el estado del campo estado en la tabla Habitacion a ocupado en caso de que la cantidad de personas registradas en esa habitacion sea de 3 o X personas.

CREATE TABLE Paciente ( ID_Paciente BIGINT PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, Nombre_Paciente VARCHAR(25)NOT NULL, Apellido_Paciente VARCHAR(25)NOT NULL, Fecha_Nacimiento DATE NOT NULL, Descripcion_Enfermedad VARCHAR(150)NOT NULL, Numero_Habitacion VARCHAR(8) NOT NULL, Estado  varchar(15) );  create table Habitacion ( Numero_Habitacion VARCHAR(8) PRIMARY KEY , Piso bigint NOT NULL, Tipo_Habitacion CHAR(3) NOT NULL, Estado VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL );