TRIM on Samsung NVMe

Not sure if I properly unterstand they way TRIM on SSD is supposed to work. According to lspci I’ve got the following device: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd NVMe SSD Controller SM981/PM981. It shows up as nvme0 in /dev. In Ubuntu 19.04 standard configuration, systemd regulary runs fstrim -Av by systemd fstrim.service. According to this commands output it only trims /boot/efi and /boot, but not my other filesystems and partitions.

According to documentation I found, fstrim is only possible if hdparm -I lists TRIM as a capability of the disk. This just fails with “Inappropriate ioctl for device” and doesn’t list any capabilities at all.

I guess something is broken here?

This happens on Ubuntu 19.04 with latest upgrades applied. The filesystems that are supposed to be trim’ed are on a partition in nvme0, which is setup as LUKS device, which in turn contains an LVM PV with various logical volumes.

If I reset my phone, will it also trim the SSD?

I know that Android supports fstrim but it only works if the phone is idle for a long time while charging. I think my phone is too fragmented and is lacking performance so i want to reset it but i am not sure if trim will also run if i do so. Since trim is important to improve the SSD’s speed, I’d really like to run trim on my phone.

(Sorry for not knowing anything at all about all of these things. I’m new in the world of all of this)

An app on the play store promises to trim without root access but I highly doubt if it even works

My phone is new so I can’t root it because I don’t wanna void my warranty just yet and trimming my phone would also not make a significant difference. Since most other apps on the play store promise to run trim only with root access, I don’t think it’s possible for this app to do so without root but if it can that’s the best thing i can get. Can someone please excuse my stupidity and confirm if this app actually works? It will be really helpful.

Link to the app:

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Apply a jQuery whitespace trim to an adminhtml filter input

My goal is to load a simple jQuery function to trim any whitespace in an admin backend filter input. The use case involves a scanner inputting codes with spaces that will turn up no results.

I have tried a couple methods involving loading the script through an XML layout update as a phtml block, or because the filter is under adminhtml/ui_component, updating the column to load in my script as a component. The methods I have attempted have failed for one reason or another, whether because the load order is failing because I’ve failed to properly use requirejs in this case, or because the script cannot access the element.

The script is:

define([      'jquery'  ],  $  (function () {     $  ("input[name='code']").bind('input', function(){       $  (this).val(function(_, v){         return v.replace(/\s+/g, '');       });     });   })  

In essence, what is the best/recommended way to load this script so that it will strip whitespace out of an adminhtml filter?

Permanently trim live photos?

If you’re editing a live photo, you can trim a section off of the beginning, but if you re-open the editing mode, the trimmed section will still be there. As a result, if you try to use the Bounce or Loop mode, they’ll start at a part of the clip you’ve supposedly removed. Is there a way to bake in the trim, so that it doesn’t remember being longer?

How to trim this text in Python?

My script returns text in a weird way, and i need to trim it so it becomes readable.

This is an example of the return text:

b'\r\nR5#'b'e'b'n'b'\r\n'b'R5#'b'c'b'o'b'n'b'f'b' t'b'\r\n'b'Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.\r\nR5(config)#'b'h'b'o'b's'b't'b'n'b'a'b'm'b'e'b' 'b'R'b'5'b'\r\n'b'R5(config)#' 

This is how the text should appear, with line breaks and without the ‘b’\r\n:

R5#en R5#conf t Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. R5(config)#hostname R5 R5(config)# 

How can i trim/split this correctly in Python?