Master of Many Forms Tripper Questions

So, general background is i am making a gestalt character and was dead set on basing it off of a tripper i absolutely loved playing awhile back. The DM is fairly open to any official source except BoED, BoVD, Dragon Mag, or any psionics. The last bit is what tripped (no pun intended) me up. The original build used psy warrior to get expansion for the ability to go large.

I came up with the idea of going master of many forms to get the Improved wild shape large and humanoid so i could just shape into a large version of myself.

My questions are…

  1. Would this work?
  2. How would stats be affected when i shape (i assume it would just be the standard medium to large adj, but i’m not sure)?
  3. Is there a better option out there (i know this plan comes with the issue with gear melding, i have plans for that as well)?

I have the build planned out to level 12 as of right now and would be more than willing to share if asked, but i don’t think those details are relevant to the questions right now.