[ Politics ] Open Question : Iran is using ballistic missiles against American forces. Is Donald Trump going to be blamed yet again by the lunatic fringe?

Will the Democratic friends of Iran finally hold them to account for initiating and escalating armed conflict or will they still blame the Donald ?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why won’t liberals let Trump do his job and work for the American people?

Trump SIGNED UP to lead OUR COUNTRY, but so many liberals are delaying our country from making much progress simply because of their irrational contempt for Trump. If you don’t like the things that he says, then just ignore it and focus on producing a VIABLE CANDIDATE to run against Trump! Why do they behave like spoiled teenagers who got a bad haircut?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Will the impeachment attempt help Trump get reelected in 2020?

I’m in the minority about this. But I’m a Democrat and I think the impeachment fight will help give Trump another victory. Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot once again. I kept saying that if we defeat Trump the old-fashioned way, he could very well lose. *Yawn* Why, Democrats. WHY?