[ Politics ] Open Question : Was Trump wrong for telling Congress Lawmakers to “go back to where they come from” or no?

Trump on Sunday morning targeted “progressive Democratic congresswomen,” — most likely referring to the “Squad” of freshman progressives which include New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar — and told them to “go back” to their “corrupt” and “broken and crime infested” countries.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Libreased, are you jelly Don Trump Jr. just bought a glam house in the Hamptons with his hot girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle?

Tom Brady#12, it is not like minorities like Puff Daddy or J Low moved in. Nome Sayin brahaha. Lol @ Chewy, you jelly, bigly! You couldn’t get a hot chick, couldn’t afford it. Don’t have the skills or looks. That is basically what you just admitted. Thank you Glenda. I saw this article on Yahoo News and the liberals (liberal + diseased = libreased) were all about hating DT Jr and Guilfoyle. The hatred is uncommon and laughable.

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Trump VPN Putlocker – Everything You Motivation to Live

[ Politics ] Open Question : Trump keeps gaining fans, voters , Richard Roundtree now says?

Richard told a handful of reporters that Trump was the best thing that ever happened to the black race. armchair- you better watch your step young lady. look at xg6, lol–now who will you all believe? me or a girl with a painted face with hate in her heart–choose me !

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why is Trump so pro Brexit why does he care if the UK commit sucide by leaving the EU or staying being prosperous?

The UK should be joinning the Eurozone not leaving the EU. Trump should stop caring about irrelevant countries and worry about the USA this is coming from a Trump supporter. Anonymous he advised British government that the clown Nigel Farage should get involved in the Brexit negotiation and Boris Johnson another clown should be Prime Minister.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Meghan Markle has said she will not meet Donald Trump on his State Visit to UK.Should US & UK women applaud this?Should we men, also applaud?

It is a risky thing to do – she’s a new entry to the Royal family, but sets herself on a collision course that could affect the future UK’s Royal family relationship with the USA.