Facing error “cannot fetch plan for SQL_ID” while trying to capture the execution plan

I’m trying to capture the execution plan of my query on PL/SQL developer as you can see below :

select  *   from vmi_dimcustomer t1  inner join vmi_factcustomer t2     on t1.customer_num = t2.customer_num  ;      Select plan_table_output from table(dbms_xplan.display_cursor(null,null,'basic')); 

but I receive this note :

  SQL_ID  9m7787camwh4m, child number 0   begin :id := sys.dbms_transaction.local_transaction_id; end;   NOTE: cannot fetch plan for SQL_ID: 9m7787camwh4m, CHILD_NUMBER: 0     Please verify value of SQL_ID and CHILD_NUMBER;      It could also be that the plan is no longer in cursor cache (check v$  sql_plan) 

What am I doing wrong here? I searched here and the answer I got was to "set serveroutput off" . Put I can not do this on PL/SQL developer.

Thanks in advance.

Google de-indexed 1.7k pages on my WP site, trying to figure out why [duplicate]

I created a site in WordPress with a mass page plugin called Mpgwp.com which dynamically creates pages with a spintax doc and spreadsheet. It’s an affiliate site going after local keywords. The pages are duplicates structuarally, but all the content is spun from a spintax doc, so the actual content is not the same across each page. Google initially indexed them and I was getting traffic, and then steadily started de-indexing them. I’m assuming Google just doesn’t like the pages, altho they are actually content-wise better than most of the other spun pages in the SERPs for these pages (many other sites taking the same strategy). The pages work fine and the plugin dev. is stumped and suggested I come here to ask. There are no manual actions or other penalties. Either goog hates the content and thinks it’s spammy, or there’s something tecnically wrong here.

He mentioned that the "disallow" in my robots.txt might be causing it? robots.txt

This is the message in my search console: "Crawled – currently not indexed: The page was crawled by Google, but not indexed. It may or may not be indexed in the future; no need to resubmit this URL for crawling." search console message

This is an exmaple of one of the pages: https://trailersconnect.com/construction-trailer-rental-in-madison-ca/

Does anyone have any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

I’m trying to use sp_ineachdb, please can anyone see where I’m getting it wrong?

Can anyone help please? I can’t seem to find where I’m missing it. I’m trying to loop through the user databases in my SQL Server instance to delete all the existing users. I’m using the stored proc dbo.sp_ineachdb. For each database, I get an error that the cursor already exists. My code is pasted below. Thank you.

DECLARE @sql AS VARCHAR(4000) SET @sql =

‘USE [‘ + DB_NAME() +’] DECLARE @UserName nvarchar(256) DECLARE csrUser CURSOR FOR SELECT [name] FROM sys.database_principals WHERE principal_id > 4 AND is_fixed_role < 1 ORDER BY [name]



EXEC dbo.sp_ineachdb @command = @sql

Google Optimize for A/B test: Trying to edit existing HTML but says it’s over the limit even when I test deleting some of it?

I am trying to set up an A/B test of a company’s website for my project. There are certain changes I’d like to make such as changing the ‘favourites’ products on the home page to one with the top selling products which I was trying to do by substituting the existing code simply with the top selling products instead (i.e. their jpg, their links, their names etc).

However I found that when making ANY change (by selecting the element and clicking ‘edit HTML’), even testing it by deleting one character from the original code, that it then pops up with this error notification saying that it’s over the word limit. Even when I put the character back for example, the error message is still there. And it will say weirdly that it is quite a lot of the word limit even though it’s basically the original code! I then have to click cancel every time.

Please see the attached photo for reference (where I deleted one character from the original code to demonstrate how any editing (even deletion of original working code) then comes up with the error that the html is over the limit).

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Thanks in advance!

“ORA-01109: database not open” when trying to open a database

Everything I can find about ORA-01109 says "run alter pluggable database XXX open;", but I’m getting ORA-01109 when running that command!

select name, open_mode from v$ containers;

NAME         OPEN_MODE  ------------ ---------- CDB$  ROOT     MOUNTED    PDB$  SEED     MOUNTED    XEPDB1       MOUNTED 

alter pluggable database cdb$ root open;

Error starting at line : 2 in command - alter pluggable database cdb$  root open Error report - ORA-01109: database not open 01109. 00000 -  "database not open" *Cause:    A command was attempted that requires the database to be open. *Action:   Open the database and try the command again 

trying to hide a “0” value from a HTML display

enter image description hereIs there any way to hide an HTML field based on the displayed value of "0" I have an ecomm site that displays Quantity available with a numeric value. I only want to display the number if it is above "0" The values are populated from data base upload to the site. The "0" value is NOT an input field. so most codes I see have the solution with some sort of input condition code.

My site displays this: Call for Availability.0 If item has QTY above "0" it displays this: Qty On Hand: 1708 I need to remove the "0" and only display Call for Availability.

I have researched similar request on this forum and found all have answers using an input field. The problem is the "0" is not an input. It is an code generated inventory amount.

I have tried CSS to hide the value, but that hides ALL the values including above "0".

I can insert any form of code needed. Java, PHP, json, etc…

Here is a sample of actual code I have:

<div id="availabilityInfo" class="availabilityInfo">  <span class="availability-header">[product_Header-availability]</span> <span id="availability" class="product_availability availability-item">[availability]</span>  <span style="display: inline;" id="product_inventory">[stock] <span class="freeshipping availability-item"><!--[freeshipping]--></span>  </span></div> 

The [STOCK] tag is what brings in the qty value of "0"

Trying to get player movement from a class [closed]

I working on my game for the Ludum dare 48 game jam. I decided to learn raylib, the c++ version, to make a game. But my player code doesn’t even work. I have two files:

#include "raylib.h"  int main() {     const int windowWidth = 1200;     const int windowHeight = 720;     InitWindow(windowWidth, windowHeight, "Ludum Dare 48");     /*Player*/     Player ply;     /*end of Player */     int rot = 0;     int increment = 1;     SetTargetFPS(60);     while (!WindowShouldClose()) {         BeginDrawing();         ClearBackground(RAYWHITE);                  ply.yes(windowWidth/2, windowHeight-50, 30,30);         EndDrawing();     } } 

and player.cpp

#include "raylib.h" class Player {     public:     int playerX;     int playerY;     void yes(int x, int y, int sizeX, int sizeY);     void input();              }; void Player::yes(int x, int y, int sizeX, int sizeY) {     DrawRectangle(x,y,sizeX,sizeY, RED);     if (IsKeyDown(KEY_RIGHT)) {             x++;         }         if (IsKeyDown(KEY_LEFT)) {             x--;         } } 

I get the error:
cc1plus.exe: warning: command line option '-std=c99' is valid for C/ObjC but not for C++

it looks like a compiler error, not an error in my code, but when the class is removed the code runs fine.

DreamHost error when trying to add a domain: “You can’t add that domain: you must add the parent domain”

I have hosting account on DreamHost I want to add my domain (which is registered outside Dreamhost) I have already changed nameservers. my domain is "xxxx.edu.eg" but I have the following problem: "You can’t add that domain: you must add the parent domain edu.eg to your account before adding a subdomain to it." How to solve it and thank you in advance