Trying to find an early D&D module that had a drider lair

I played this module about 25 years back and don’t remember much of it, but it did have these features:

There was a ‘trap’ consisting of a long chain that descended into a pool leading to an underwater tunnel, and eventually dead-ended stapled to a blank rock face, drowning the character who thought they could use the chain to pull themselves to air on the far side.

There was an empty drider lair above the main corridor than you had to climb up into. It was dusty and empty except for one 50gp gem.

There was a very long, steep, narrow, winding corridor going down at some point.

It was likely a module for player levels 1-4, and may have been for beginning DMs as well.

Given the drider and the corridor going down, I thought perhaps it was Descent into the Depths of the Earth, but that’s for too high a character level.

Anyone remember this?

im trying to rotate the player in a certain way that makes it look like he is sliding

I’m trying to make my first game in unity a 3d platformer inspired by the classic crash bandicoot games, I’ve managed to make most of the movement however I don’t know how I can do a slide/crouch since what I want to do is basically a way to rotate and move the player down closer to the ground and give him some more speed that decreases over time until he reaches a normal waking state, I thought about making the player rotate on a specific axis but when he turns the axis don’t change so now I’m kind of lost in what to do.

this is basically the motion I want to do but, but in all the axis

Trying to ask the moderator a question but don’t have 20 rep to ping in general Chat. How do I PM the moderator?

Last post was deemed an advertisement by moderator. Not trying to place ads but see if anyone wants to play a new game we have. How can you do that without mentioning the name of the game? It is already published, just new and not as well known as DnD and other stuff you can mention. And just because it is OUR game, the mod sees it as self promotion. Should I log in as someone else and lie and say "Wow guys, I just learned of an awesome new game that isn’t my own… let’s play."

Not trying to be cheeky here, and didn’t want to say all this in public here, but really, 20 rep just to talk on general chat to ping moderator? Come on.

I am trying to convert my SQLite database into Postgres database, but I don’t know how to convert name TEXT (32) NOT NULL

CREATE TABLE integrals (    id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL UNIQUE,    name TEXT (32) NOT NULL,    ip TEXT (32),    posx REAL NOT NULL,    posy REAL NOT NULL,    port INTEGER,    image INT,    zones TEXT,    pass TEXT ); 

This is my SQLite generated database, and I am trying to convert it, but I am very new to Postgres.

Hello, I’m trying to do the QR decomposition using Gram Schmidt but I’m having problems because I can’t find the R matrix. Could you help me?

First of all I don’t want to use the reflection method. Only Gram-Schmidt.

So here’s the program for Gram-Schidt:

GS[A_] := Module[{u = {}, col, e = {}, ae, t},   col = Transpose[A];(* list with the column vectors of A *)   u = Append[u, col[[1]]];   e = AppendTo[e, u[[1]]/Norm[u[[1]]]];   For[i = 2, i <= Length[A], i++, ae = 0; t = 1;    While[t <= i - 1, ae = ae - (col[[i]].e[[t]])*e[[t]]; t++];    u = AppendTo[u, col[[i]] + ae];    e = Append[e, u[[i]]/Norm[u[[i]]]]]; {u, e}] 

with this simple matrix:

B = {{1, 3, 1}, {2, 2, 1}, {3, 2, 3}}; 


{{{1, 2, 3}, {29/14, 1/7, -(11/14)}, {14/69, -(49/69), 28/69}}, {{1/    Sqrt[14], Sqrt[2/7], 3/Sqrt[14]}, {29/Sqrt[966], Sqrt[2/    483], -(11/Sqrt[966])}, {2/Sqrt[69], -(7/Sqrt[69]), 4/Sqrt[69]}}} 

Now the code for QR decomposition is:

QR[A_] := Module[{Ak, i, Q, R = {}, a = {}, col, k},   Ak = FullSimplify[GS[A]];   col = Transpose[A];(* list with the column vectors of A *)   Q = MatrixForm[Transpose[Ak[[2]]]];   For[i = 1, i <= Length[Ak[[2]]], i++, a = {}; k == 1;    While[k <= Length[col], a = AppendTo[a, col[[k]]. Ak[[2]][[i]]];      k++];     R = AppendTo[R, a]];   R = UpperTriangularize[R]; {Q, R}] 

but I can’t find matrix R, once it’s giving me a list like this{{},{},{}} and I’m stuck. Please help me.Thanks!

Trying to run a add_action within a function to run a woocomerce function on a ajax request

I am able to get a ajax request to work properly on a woocommerce checkout form page, now I want to update the price of the checkout in that ajax request. My add_action is in the function that is fired by the ajax request.

This is all done in a custom plugin as well

Here is my code this far, it doesn’t seem like the function request_gift_card ever fires

 function gift_card_redeem(){      if(!empty($  _SERVER['HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH']) && strtolower($  _SERVER['HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH']) == 'xmlhttprequest') {     error_log("test !empty");          add_action( 'woocommerce_before_calculate_totals', 'request_gift_card', 99 );      function request_gift_card($  cart_object){       if( !WC()->session->__isset( "reload_checkout" )) {           /* Gift wrap price */           $  additionalPrice = 5;           error_log($  cart_object);           foreach ( $  cart_object->cart_contents as $  key => $  value ) {               if( isset( $  value["embossing_fee"] ) ) {                   // Turn $  value['data']->price in to $  value['data']->get_price()                   $  orgPrice = floatval( $  value['data']->get_price() );                   $  discPrice = $  orgPrice + $  additionalPrice;                   $  value['data']->set_price($  discPrice);               }           }       }     }      $  result['type'] = "success";     $  result = json_encode($  result);     echo $  result;   }   else {     error_log("test else");       header("Location: ".$  _SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"]);   }    die(); } 

How do I adjudicate a player trying to sweep kick an enemy’s legs to knock them down?

I’m new to D&D. I already read both the Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide (I’m mastering) and I would like to know how I could handle this situation:

A player wants to do a sweep kick on an enemy’s legs and knock him down. He rolls a 20 and does the damage, but what about taking the enemy down? There is no rule that covers it.

Following the rules, the player would have to do a specific action to try to push the enemy down, and there would have to be a resisted check to see if the player can actually drop the enemy, so how could I deal with that?