Is Godox TT600 perfect flash for me?

I did some research regarding off-brand flashes and I think TT600 (I would order 3 of those) would fit me perfect for my needs. I would use it mostly for product/advertisement photography with light stands/softboxes/umbrellas, and also for portraits. I use bunch of different brand gear (mostly Canon, but also Sony, Nikon and Fujifilm), I don’t mind it doesn’t have TTL, it supports HSS with corresponding trigger (I would go for Godox XPro Canon version), it has built in RF receiver and it’s output power can be controlled via transmitter, it’s not brand specific so it can be mounted on any hotshoe if I would use it on camera. And also it’s pretty cheap (56£).

Other option would be Yongnuo 560-III which does it all except it doesn’t support HSS if I’m not wrong.

I want to know if I’m missing something or if there is some other-brand flash that would suit my needs better within same price range?