How to turn off Graphic card in Ubuntu 18.04 server

I recently got a HP Z420 8-core desktop PC with 32GB RAM, and set it up as a headless Ubuntu 18.04 server. The mainboard has no on-board graphic card. So I’m forced to install a video card, lspci | grep VGA gives: 05:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GT218 [NVS 300] (rev a2).

I wonder if it possible to turn off the graphic card completely to avoid the constant heat generated by the graphic board, which is not used.

I tried blacklist nvidia and nouveau. But that doesn’t seem to change anything.

Can anyone please share some insight as how to disable the graphic card?

Are there any errata corrections for the epic Paladin’s Turn Undead and Remove Disease progressions?

In my campaign the level 20 paladin PC is about to hit level 21 and I noticed 3.5 DMG page 208 states:

Turn Undead (Su):The paladin turns undead as a cleric of two levels lower, as normal.

However I believe this is incorrect because the PHB states that the paladin turns undead as a cleric three levels lower.

Also states:

Remove Disease (Sp): The epic paladin can use remove disease one additional time per week for every three levels higher than 18th (7/week at 21st, 8/week at 24th, and so on).

I believe this is also incorrect because the PHB states that the paladin should gain additional uses of that feature for every 3 levels above 6th (so 6/week at 21st level).

I’ve checked Dungeon Master’s Guide v.3.5 Errata 3/10/04 Version 032004 there’s no mention of these discrepancies. I’ve web searched for any mention of these two items being mistakes and still I found nothing.

Does anyone know if these are in fact mistakes and if so where I might find reference to these items being corrected?

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How to Turn off App Suggestions From Launcher on Moto E4 Plus

This is my first question on this community. I was wondering is there a way to disable App Suggestion(Recently used) from the Launcher on Moto E4 Plus Running on Android 7.1.1

Also I wanna disable the google now which appears on the home screen when we swipe from left.

I have disabled them until Marshmallow. But I don’t see any option to disable these 2 on Nougat 7.1.1

Nexus 6P – cannot turn off Developer Options

On any other device, I was able to go to Settings, scroll to Developers Options and toggle it On/Off. On Nexus 6P, this toggle does nothing. If I turn it off, next time I look at it, it shows as on even though I turned it off minute ago.

I am building Android app so I do need Developer Options. I dont want to disable or hide it, I just want to be able to use the toggle to turn it on or off as I need. Just as I did with many other android devices.

Anyone else noticed this?

enter image description here

I tried suggestions from this link but that did not resolve anything.

I would also like to note that until very recently, perhaps 3 months ago, I was able to disable Developer Options by simply going to Settings->Developer Options -> Turn toggle Off

Turn off retention and version control per file type

Our users tend to put pst files on their OneDrive. This alone is not a big problem, but we have retention policy and version control on. Meaning, that whenever Outlook touches the pst file and adds a timestamp, a new copy is made. This, in case of a 1GB pst file, can very quick fill up their drive. The solution is of course removing the pst from the drive, but this cannot be done due to the retention policy.

So, my question is: can we exclude all pst files from the retention policies somehow and/or reduce the number of versions kept for this file type?

Can I change my movement/action in the middle of the turn after an enemy’s reaction?

Imagine I’m a rogue and I see an opponent 50′ away. In my turn I want to use my movement and my Dash bonus action (Cunning Action) to approach it and use my Action to attack.
Then, after moving just 10′ (or more, I guess it may change the answer), another opponent had readied it’s action so as a reaction it attacks me, and hits me so hard I don’t want to go hit that opponent anymore.

  • Can I just stop my current movement and move elsewhere/back?
  • Do I have to finish my movement and then use the Dash to move away? If that’s the case, I assume it depends on how much I’ve moved to know what can I do.
  • Does changing this imply some sort of penalty?