Camera not working, name turned to “off”

Pls I have a serious issue with my camera. It’s blurry and the app is displaying its name as “off”. I’ve searched and searched, I have done all: cleaning lens, shut down, restart, etc. In fact I removed the camera and put it back… Pls what can I do again to help. It was working perfectly fine, the selfie is still clear but the main is madly blurry…pls help me… enter image description hereenter image description here

PC turned on by itself and sending packages even when turned off

My father told to me that his PC has turned on by itself. I have no idea about what this can be, and this has never occurred before. After this, he turned off the PC and I checked my router, and seen that his PC was sending (but not receiving) few packages even when turned off.

I would like to know if this packages (even in a very little amount) are normal when a PC is turned off.

Besides that, my father is not concerned about security, so I installed a firewall one month ago, and a few days ago I noticed that some connections from his PC to multicast addresses (like and is being blocked buy my firewall, but I blocked inbound and outbound connections from/to these addresses in my father’s PC, and today I checked if this configuration stay fine and it looks fine.

Any ideas of what could I do? Both Malwarebytes and RogueKiller reported nothing.

Do iPhones send signals with IP address even after it has been turned off?

My phone is gone and unfortunately it was turned off before I lost it. Is it possible for me to track it down with my IP address that I have saved? Because I read some articles that say that your phone doesn’t turn off completely and I was thinking that maybe the phone was sending requests or are connected to the internet.

Boot a Mac with WiFi turned off [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Can I disable wifi on boot? System not booting 2 answers

Is there any way to boot a Mac with WiFi turned off completely, until manually turned on again? (And to be precise – it should be turned off completely and not just disconnected from a network.)

The use case would be to patch a Mac that hasn’t been used in a while (and has been powered off) and therefore booting it in an unpatched state is a small but non-zero security risk.

I’ve searched the web and haven’t found any hint (could be me using wrong search phrases) so at this point I’m looking for any undocumented, “obscure” solution that’s out there.

Can this be turned into dom xss?

I am testing a bug bounty website and i reached a support ticket creation functionality. I registered with email address {{15*15}} I created a ticket but when i try to open the ticket i noticed a call to and i am not able to open the ticket, it keep saying “loading ticket” but it never loads. I believe that this error is caused by {{15*15}} that is injected in some javascript file and generate that error. I tried to register with emails like "></script><xss> or alert(1) but the email in registration page is controlled and doesn’t let me register with invalid emails. Can i execute some javascript code or exploit this issue as dom based xss? If possible what payload could i insert inside email field?

I turned off iCloud… How do I get my files back

iCloud was hammering my CPU since I got my new computer so I turned it off… Not realizing it would delete ALL of my local copies (WTF).

I also canceled the “final sync” that happens when you turn it off..

Luckily I’m seeing some of my files still in iCloud web interface..

So i turned icloud back on, but they aren’t coming back into my local folders…

How do I get my files back!

Ubuntu Mate battery icon turned red

I am using Ubuntu MATE 16.04.6 on Asus Vivobook M580VD

Recently battery icon changed and become red and empty inside(look at the image)

battery icon

This happened after I restarted notebook. I didn’t restarted it for several months and I think I could have done something to cause this and restarting just applied changes that I accidentally made. But I don’t know what could caused this.

When I point cursor to it, it says “Laptop battery waiting to charge (100.0%)”

If I disconnect/connect charger it will show normal battery icon for 2 minutes and then will turn red as in image. Also it shows normal icon while battery is charging

I tried to uninstall/install mate-power-manager, but it didn’t helped.

Also in order to make sure that it is not hardware issue I tried to boot from live USB. On Live USB with Ubuntu MATE 18.04 it shows normal battery icon.

I would like to ask for your help in order to understand why is it showing red icon and how to change it back.

Suppose antivirus provider turned malicious: What do we do?

It was recently reported that the hacking group Fxmsp “…claimed to have secured access to three leading antivirus companies,” and that they “…extracted sensitive source code from antivirus software, AI, and security plugins belonging to the three companies.

Reporting on this revelation, a article warned that:

Access to the source code allows hackers the opportunity to locate showstopping vulnerabilities and exploit them, rendering the software useless… or worse. They could even turn what was once legitimate protection from malware into an incredibly effective spying tool.

The report doesn’t mention who the compromised security vendors are nor could I find any indication this information has been publicly released.

Which leads to my question. What if my organization is running the compromised security software? What can we do to protect our environment? Are there best-practices that even envision a scenario like this?