Can a corpse possessed by a Dybbuk be turned via Turn Undead?

Will Turn Undead work on a corpse possessed by a Dybbuk (a demon listed in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, p. 132)?

Background: I thought yes, as the creature is a raised corpse, an undead. However I was just listening to a podcast where the party faced a corpse possessed by a Dybbuk. The DM ruled (very convinced and prepared) that turn undead could not turn the creature. As far as I understood the argument, it’s because it is actually the Dybbuk acting, which is not undead. While the DM can of course rule whatever he wants, it also makes sense to me. What would happen RAW? And if there is any RAI statements like tweets on it, that would also be nice to know.

Multimonitor display settings reset after one display is turned off

I have two monitors connected to my GPU, one using Displayport, and one using a HDMI to DVI cable. The displayport one is my main monitor.

I am using Ubuntu 19.04 with Nvidia driver 418 on a GTX1070 in XFCE.

$   lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description:    Ubuntu 19.04 Release:    19.04 Codename:   disco  $   uname -a Linux abulafia 5.0.0-25-generic #26-Ubuntu SMP Thu Aug 1 12:04:58 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux  $   nvidia-settings -v nvidia-settings:  version 418.56 

Problem description:
Turning off my main (Displayport) monitor with the physical button on it will cause Ubuntu to use my secondary display as the only display. But turning my main display back on, it won’t reconfigure my layout correctly, especially it will select to mirror display and overlay them. This results in me having to reconfigure it manually. It can’t detect me physically turning off my secondary display, and will still output to it when it is turned off, so the problem doesn’t happen in reverse.

Before turning off primary display
After turning primary display back on

What I tried:
Checking the Configure new display when connected box in the display settings, which results in me being asked about how to configure the displays when turning the main one back on. This kind off restores my settings but I still have to reconfigure it because it creates a “gap” between the monitors: Showing gap in display settings.

I also tried configuring the displays in nvidia-settings, which didn’t change anything. I can’t try saving my settings to xorg.conf because I hit this bug.

Expected results:
I want my display/window setup to stay even when turning off the display and not be asked which setup I want. Basically Ubuntu should ignore me physically turning off the display and continue to output to it.
I use the same display setup with a Debian PC with Intel integrated graphics (main monitor connected with HDMI) where my layout stays the same when turning off the monitors, so I know it is possible.

Does the shapechange spell allow one to use Innate Spellcasting of the creature they turned into?

The shapechange spell states that one does not get access to the spellcasting trait of creatures they turn into:

You transform into an average example of that creature, one without any class levels or the Spellcasting trait.

Does this restriction include monsters with Innate Spellcasting or does one get the Innate Spellcasting trait of the creature they transform into?

Camera not working, name turned to “off”

Pls I have a serious issue with my camera. It’s blurry and the app is displaying its name as “off”. I’ve searched and searched, I have done all: cleaning lens, shut down, restart, etc. In fact I removed the camera and put it back… Pls what can I do again to help. It was working perfectly fine, the selfie is still clear but the main is madly blurry…pls help me… enter image description hereenter image description here

PC turned on by itself and sending packages even when turned off

My father told to me that his PC has turned on by itself. I have no idea about what this can be, and this has never occurred before. After this, he turned off the PC and I checked my router, and seen that his PC was sending (but not receiving) few packages even when turned off.

I would like to know if this packages (even in a very little amount) are normal when a PC is turned off.

Besides that, my father is not concerned about security, so I installed a firewall one month ago, and a few days ago I noticed that some connections from his PC to multicast addresses (like and is being blocked buy my firewall, but I blocked inbound and outbound connections from/to these addresses in my father’s PC, and today I checked if this configuration stay fine and it looks fine.

Any ideas of what could I do? Both Malwarebytes and RogueKiller reported nothing.

Do iPhones send signals with IP address even after it has been turned off?

My phone is gone and unfortunately it was turned off before I lost it. Is it possible for me to track it down with my IP address that I have saved? Because I read some articles that say that your phone doesn’t turn off completely and I was thinking that maybe the phone was sending requests or are connected to the internet.

Boot a Mac with WiFi turned off [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Can I disable wifi on boot? System not booting 2 answers

Is there any way to boot a Mac with WiFi turned off completely, until manually turned on again? (And to be precise – it should be turned off completely and not just disconnected from a network.)

The use case would be to patch a Mac that hasn’t been used in a while (and has been powered off) and therefore booting it in an unpatched state is a small but non-zero security risk.

I’ve searched the web and haven’t found any hint (could be me using wrong search phrases) so at this point I’m looking for any undocumented, “obscure” solution that’s out there.