Can a demon be turned to good through hypnosis?

According to this article: it is possible to turn a demon other than a "demon lord" to good by summoning, binding it, and over time, using hypnosis to consider the tents of "good" and slowly changing it’s alignment to good…

There is presence as there is a lawful good succubus paladin…

What I would like is a further breakdown of weather it’s possible to do as the author pundits, using official materials available to 3.X

Does a Turned creature have to take the Dash action?

A Turned creature (via a Cleric’s Turn Undead or an Oath of the Ancients Paladin’s Turn the Faithless) must

spend its turns trying to move as far away from you as it can… For its action, it can use only the Dash action or try to escape from an effect that keeps it from moving. (PHB p. 59 and 87)

Can a Turned creature simply avoid taking an action, or does it have to Dash (obstacles, terrain, etc. permitting)?

[ Politics ] Open Question : I don’t really care about conspiracy theories but now that the Jeffrey Epstein portion of the pizzagate theory turned out to be true why…?

Has no one since this enlightenment brought any of that back up? The pizzagate thing was swept under the rug as lies, and then a big portion of the conspiracy theory involving Epstein turned out to be true. But the theory has never come back. Why?

Predict the next base64 code in an enumnation attack on sequntial integers that have been turned to base64 code

1tL1K/nYW1Q= corresponds to 41154

sR4 ngjRepM= corresponds to 41155

“hint the above code does have a space”

the above codes are base64 and correspond to some string + orderids

I am doing this in .NET

If someone able to crack the series as I am trying to create this in custom code.

I want someone to test this and try to break it, so that I can see the flaw in my code.

The point is that I use the int codes in .Net with a preset string to generate the base64 codes. I am using this to prevent order enumeration attacks, yet have a small identifier instead of ints for order numbers. Do you think this is susceptible to attacks and whether you can work out what the “secret” is to producing the base64 codes to recognise orders, and enumerate them based on existing data I have provided.

I will place a bounty of 100 credits on this if someone can crack this.


(How) Can the Cursed -2 Sword be turned into an indestructible +2 sword of instant summons?

One of the standard cursed items is a longsword that causes the user to take a -2 penalty to attack and damage rolls, and is automatically drawn and fought with, even if the user intended to use another weapon. It also can’t be “gotten rid of” except with limited wish, wish, or miracle.

This has some interesting properties that seem like they might be beneficial: for one, the sword doesn’t say that it needs to be on your person in order for it to force itself into your hand, meaning you’re always a move action away from having a sword to use, even if you left the weapon at home or on another plane. For two, the sword’s specific ways of being “gotten rid of” implies that the sword is immune to damage (and possibly even much more powerful effects, like mage’s disjunction)

However, the penalties in combat are annoying, as is the fact that you would be unable to, for example, wield a mace or bow for specific situations.

Issue 348 of Dragon Magazine offers a potential solution for the first issue, a special type of casting of the bestow curse spell:

The target’s armor, shield, or one of his weapons (caster’s choice) becomes cursed. Its enhancement bonus is reversed and it loses any other special abilities, so a +4 flaming longsword becomes a -4 longsword.

It’s clear that the Cursed -2 Sword’s combat penalties are those of a -2 magic weapon. In fact, “-2” is even in the name of the weapon, much like weapons with positive bonuses. However, it’s a situational penalty. Is this still the same as a “negative enhancement bonus” for the purposes of remove curse, and therefore can be reversed to create a “Cursed +2 Sword”? (I’m assuming that it would retain the rest of the curse if so, because cursed item “properties” aren’t “special abilities”. This also means that the enhancement bonus wouldn’t function against practice targets, but that isn’t a big deal)

From there, we’re left with a fairly potent, if narcissistic (considering it’s not sentient) sword. Removing this particular aspect of the curse is where I’m at a bit of a loss.

The closest I can think of is the likes of a miracle, which is able to “Undo the harmful effects of certain spells, such as feeblemind or insanity.”, or limited wish/wish, which are similar. Seeing as how the Cursed -2 Sword requires bestow curse and limited wish or miracle to craft, it seems like it may be the case that its curse is the result of a spell. But is it within those spells’ power to undo only part of a “harmful” effect, rather than completely removing the curse? And even if so, it’s not like the alteration is simply removing a block of text. It’s changing

After one week in a character’s possession, the sword always forces that character to employ it rather than another weapon. The sword’s owner automatically draws it and fights with it even when she meant to draw or ready some other weapon.


After one week in a character’s possession, the sword can always be employed rather than another weapon. The sword’s owner automatically draws it and fights with it if she wants to.

(or something to that effect, probably worded in a way that flows better but keeps less of the original text) Effectively, it removes the “always” from the cursed behavior, and allows it to function more like any other item–that is, at the user’s volition.

So, is it possible to make these two alterations to the Cursed -2 Sword? And if so, is it possible using the above methods, or are there some other rules/spells that must be used?

(This is proooooobably more of a thought experiment than anything I’d try to get with in an actual game–cursed items are pretty uncommon, and at the sword’s caster level, limited wish, instant summons, and numerous weapons stronger than +2 are generally available. As such, I don’t mind silly-but-functional solutions or those that involve substantial amounts of cheese)

Can my homunculus be turned against me?

The Monster Manual describes a humunculus on p188.

A homunculus is a construct that acts as an extension of its creator, with the two sharing thoughts, senses, and language through a mystical bond.

If I were to find a way to create one, could it be turned against me?

Fortunately it is immune to the charmed condition, which eliminates many threats. But is there some way control of the homunculus could be seized by someone else, and it could be caused to act in a way contrary to the control normally exerted by its creator?