Home directory showing-up twice in Mediawiki links

I recently installed Wikimedia for a tiny non-profit organization, as I am the technical person on the board. With this fresh installation links are showing the home directory twice. Example: (our domain)/~friendso/~friendso/index.php?title=Main_Page . There must be a simple setting to fix this. I’m a software dev but new to Wikimedia and honestly while I’m perfectly happy to RTFM, I have no idea where to begin with this.

error: no device connected showing twice

When I boot, I get this message twice and the computer seems to wait some time before resuming.

My systems has two drives. The first one has Windows 7 installed on it and the BIOS is set to boot on this disk by default.

One the second drive, I installed lubuntu 18.04. When I want to boot on it, I do it through the BIOS, selecting the second drive.

I did installed boot-repair on my lubuntu partition and did run it at many occasion to repair the grub of that disk (grub2 is installed only on that second disk, not on the first one). Using grub-customizer, I removed the entry to Windows 7 to have only lubuntu boot options showing up.

I must add that, after showing the two error: no device connected messages for about 30 secondes, the screen goes totally blank for approximately 2 minutes before anything else shows up. Is a second issue linked to the first one?

A thought: two error messages, two disk drives, this may be a clue but I found nothing so far.

Can anyone help me with these two problems? It would be greatly appreciated.

Can a wizard cast the same spell twice all at once?

Could a wizard cast the same spell (utility, non-combat [Tiny Servant]) twice at the same time? Using, obviously, both slots, just dual-cast to save a minute or two? I assume the Somatic components for this spell are part of the touching, and there are no material components.

Example; Blog-hart the Red wishes to re-enact the original Fantasia’s Magician’s Apprentice. One minute per broom seems too long to him, so he grabs two, and attempts to cast Tiny Servant twice at the same time.

Does the “Black Tentacles” spell do damage twice at the start of turn to an already restrained creature?

The spell Black Tentacles has the following text:

When a creature enters the affected area for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there, the creature must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 3d6 bludgeoning damage and be restrained by the tentacles until the spell ends. A creature that starts its turn in the area and is already restrained by the tentacles takes 3d6 bludgeoning damage.

Each of the two sentence has a condition that results in damage. Note that there is no “or” or “instead” in the second sentence. The second condition is more specific than the first, but it never says they’re exclusive

Does a creature starting its turn restrained by the tentacles receive the damage twice?

Braintree charging twice when order is shipped

We are facing an issue that the transaction is being created twice on Braintree and our clients have been charged twice.

What we found is that the TransactionTime on Braintree is the same for when the order is created (first transaction) and when the order is shipped (second transaction).

comments status

Here is the first transaction on the Braintree panel (the right one): enter image description here

Here is the second transaction on the Braintree panel (duplicated): enter image description here

  • I configured the Braintree to Authorize and Capture
  • If you repair on the second image you’ll see that there is no orderId setted on Braintree transaction.
  • Both transaction type is sale
  • Braintree and my Magento comments on panel has 2 hours timezone difference
  • Magento version 2.2.8 (it was upgraded recentrly from 2.2.6)

QEMU: qcow2 and RAM…..which filesystem combi (avoid writing journal twice)?

Let’s say my host disk is using EXT4, I place an image-file for my virtual machine in either QCOW2 or RAW format which again is formatted with EXT4 inside. Wouldn’t journal data be written twice? First in the guest drive and then on the host? Can I safely disable journal in one of them? Or should I use a combination of two different filesystems on host and guest (if both are Linux). If guest is Windows using NTFS, which also seem to be a journal-like filesystem, could I safely disable journal on host EXT4 FS?

Can you multiclass the same class twice for different class features?

The way that 5e works, each class has a sub class that dictates a heap of class features. The question here is generally, can a character of a specific class take levels in that same class in order to gain access to the low level features of another sub-class.

The best example of this would either be the wizard or the cleric taking additional levels of wizard/cleric in order to gain access to another domain or school.

Like can a Life cleric take levels of Storm cleric or similar?

If this were allowed, what would the effects be on Maximum spell level and other class level based abilities?

Drupal 8 media upgrade: Run “updb” twice to get it working

I’m upgrading my custom media modules to use the “core media” in Drupal 8.4.8

I have to run the command "drush [sitename] updb" twice in order to recognise my custom media modules code has been upgraded.

The first run – it show me an error, I need to upgrade my custom media modules to be compatible with the core media. However, if I run the same command again, it then show me a list of the updates is going to run.

My question, Why I have to run it twice to get it recognise my custom media modules has been updated. This will also caused a problem during deployment, because the deployment only run this command once.

Can a vampire attack twice with their claws using multiattack?

In Monster Manual 295-298 it talks about PCs becoming Vampires. In regards to the Vampire stat block:

Multiattack. The vampire makes two attacks, only one of which can be a bite attack.

Because of the word “can”, would it be possible to assume that it also could choose not to? Meaning for the multiattack could the Vampire just use their claws twice instead of one claw and one bite? It looks like they can’t bite twice because “only one” can be a bite, but it doesn’t comment on the claws.

Denied Schengen Visa twice, what should I do?

I hold a Nigerian Passport and I was invited to Netherlands for a final set of interviews. I have completed 4 stages of interview already but I was refused with the first time with this reason “Justifications for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided”.

After the first denial, the company called the embassy to ask why and they were advised to provide a cover letter to the embassy detailing the purpose of my visit. This was provided together with the company’s registration document for my second application. So I submitted the following to justify my case: -Invitation from the company to me -Cover letter to the embassy -The company’s registration document

After a week, I also got an email from the VISA office asking for an introduction from my current company which I sent back the same day. But I was surprised to be denied a second time for the same reason “Justifications for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided”.

Please advise, what can I do next? Will an appeal affect my chances if I do?