Xiaomi TWRP error 255 flashing lineage

Hey guys i recently bought an Xiaomi Mi A1. The OS needs 8GB plus much goggle on it (I hate google) so I decided to flash a custom rom. I figured some how out how to boot and afterwards flash the TWRP recovery (Version 3.1.1 By Mohan CM-Mi A1). Through TWRP I want to flash Lineage OS which throw the error 255. Confused with this, I tried different TWRPs, ROMs and also formated all partitions exept recovery and boot (so I formatted Data, Cache and Dalvik, System, and Internal Storage) and even tried sideload. None Worked… so now I have no system to boot on and dont know what to do to get Lineage running.

SOLUTION: The lineage wiki always links the TWRP they are using in the tutorial (Mi A1: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/tissot/install) which also links to an TWRP build. This build should normally work.

TWRP unable to wipe or format `Failed to mount ‘/system’ (Device or resource busy)`

I’m trying to install LineageOS and then GAPPS on my Pixel XL from TWRP recovery. I’ll try to Advance Wipe the /systems directory and Format Data, but I continue to get multiple errors:

Failed to mount '/system' (Device or resource busy)

Failed to mount '/vendor' (Device or resource busy)


Unable to wipe 'System'

Unable to wipe '/system'


If I just continue with adb sideload lineageos.zip most of the time it stops about halfway (PowerShell shows 47%) through and then TWRP shell shows:

Installing zip file '/sideload/package.zip' Step 1/2 Step 2/2  

I then try to sideload the gapps.zip file and get another error saying /system doesn’t have enough space. I’ve tried sideloading several different gapps versions including their smallest pico zip fie of 91.39 MiB.

I am able to then boot into LineageOS, but no GAPPS show and I’m not able to run any new apps installed via APK without them crashing.

My assumption is that I need to fully wipe system and format it, but I’ve been trying for two days now and still get the above (Device or resource busy) errors. Any help would be much appreciated!

Stock rom installation using twrp?

I have a rooted Huawei G Play Mini. Boot loader is unlocked. Also, I have custom recovery (twrp) installed. And, I need to upgrade my phone from lollipop to marshmallow. But, I do not have stock recovery back up. I can’t find it anywhere. Tell me where to find it, or tell me how to how to install official stock rom in update. app from with twrp.

Pushing to TWRP, adb shows “adb: error: connect failed: no devices/emulators found”

When I try to push my rom to /sdcard/ with TWRP, I get

adb push myRom.zip /sdcard/ * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * adb: error: connect failed: no devices/emulators found 

How do I resolve this error. Things seem to work with adb sideload but the rom doesn’t boot. The LineageOS install instructions say specifically to use with adb push.

Unable to flash TWRP on a LG G4 (LG H815)

I own an international LG G4 LG H815 and running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. For the whole day I am unable to flash TWRP on the phone. First I unlocked the bootloader with succes. Now I am trying to flash TWRP on the phone, commands that I used are :

mark@Mark-PC:~/Bureaublad/LG_G4_unlock/Root$   adb reboot bootloader @Mark-PC:~/Bureaublad/LG_G4_unlock/Root$   sudo fastboot flash recovery twrp-  target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes sending 'recovery' (35928 KB)... OKAY [  1.440s] writing 'recovery'... OKAY [  0.353s] finished. total time: 1.793s 

After flashing I immidiately turned of the phone by pulling out the battery to prevent normal booting. Every time I boot in the normal stock recovery that offers my to perform a factory reset.

I was reading the question flashing twrp on lg g4 no error, but no twrp but tries were also not succesfull. Chosing yes in the stock recovery wiped the data instead of booting to TWRP. I tried the same with different versions of TWRP for the LG H815 and of them gave the same result. My LG G4 is running Android 5.1 stock ROM without root.

I was also unable to find a file to flash by using fastboot that offers root access to flash a recovery from Android. All of the methods to root requires a working TWRP recovery.

mark@Mark-PC:~/Bureaublad/LG_G4_unlock/Root$   sudo fastboot boot twrp-  

Booting of the image directly did also not work

I will be very happy when I am able to salve this problem.

Now I tried this manual on another Windows laptop : https://techbeasts.com/2015/06/16/install-twrp-recovery-on-lg-g4-root-it/

but after the commands

C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot boot recovery.img downloading 'boot.img'... OKAY [  0.710s] booting... OKAY [  0.400s] finished. total time: 1.117s 

unfortunately it boots normal after 20 seconds and stays unaffected.

TWRP Wipe question

I want to root SG S7 Edge. I have not installed twrp. Once I install twrp, all I want is root acess not custom roms or whatever. My question is if I only will install Magisk, do I need to wipe. If yes, what is the bare minimum I need to wipe. I don’t want to do a full wipe if I don’t have to. (I am refering to the wipe on twrp)

Can’t install TWRP on Galaxy A3 (2017)

I want to root my phone, but first I was trying to install TWRP. The phone is Galaxy A3 SM-A320FL (2017). (Edit: System is Android 7.0)

What I did:

  • Turned on OEM-unlock and USB-debugging on the phone
  • Installed the Samsung USB drivers on my laptop
  • Turned off phone, went into “Download Mode” by pressing Volume down – Home – Power
  • Started Odin. Connected the phone. In Options I ticked only “Auto Reboot” and “F Reset Time”
  • Clicked on AP and selected the TWRP file and hit Start
  • Then PASS was flashing in Odin and the phone rebooted immediately.
  • Turned it off and tried to enter recovery mode. (I think I did it with Volume Up – Home – Power)

…and then a blue screen came and said “Installing system update”. After a while it changed to a blue screen that said “No command”. Then after a while it changed to a screen that I think is the standard recovery tool. So no TWRP. I hit Reboot and the phone rebooted normally.

Then tried to do the whole thing again with a different TWRP file but it went exactly the same. I’m newbie with all this so I might be using a wrong TWRP file or something, I also seen tutorials where it says dont thick Auto-Reboot and they press all sorts of button combinations. I don’t want to brick this phone so I wanted to ask how to do this right before I try it again. Thanks for help!

Lenovo tab 3 7″ TB3-710F Android 5.0.1 won’t start after installing wrong TWRP

Basically I wanted to root it and every TWRP I tried came up an error that the file was too big,. moments later I tried different versions..many other versions btw,, scaling down to the smallest in size was I think..

Anyway, it got stuck in a bootloop for about 2 hours. Mind you the computer makes the beep everytime I connected it and reconnected, so I thought it’s still alive. Now, it won’t turn on and I’ve tried most of the method’s to get it flashed but nothing even lights it up… brick

I have tried most XDA and Google without any possible fix.

Nokia 3 – Can’t do fastboot commands for installing TWRP

I am trying to install Lineage OS on my Nokia 3 TA 1020 and at first I can’t get into fastboot via ADB (i get a -1 error), although I do see the devices with adb devices.

I enter fastboot manually via recovery mode and then when I type fastboot devices on command prompt it shows nothing. Also, when i try to flash TWRP anyways, I get a “waiting for device” message and nothing happens on both screens.

Anybody got any idea? I got debugging enabled and OEM unlocked from dev options on android.