Chrome crashes with segmentation fault in Ubuntu 18.04

I have a machine equipped with a core i7, AMD Radeon RX580 and 8GB ram. I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 and have been experiencing some weird issues with some applications: Firefox crashes continually to the point where it is pretty much unusable. I installed chrome-stable and I can run it fine for 30 min than it crashes. When I look ad the /var/log/kern.log I see a segmentation fault error that pertains to chrome processes. I tried to reinstall but the problem persists. Here is the kernel log:

Mar 3 12:45:55 lucky kernel: [ 3545.730030] chrome[6040]: segfault at cc7a4acdb00 ip 0000562e14dbd502 sp 00007ffea6e59070 error 4 in chrome[562e0fade000+686c000]

Mar 3 12:45:58 lucky kernel: [ 3548.421891] TaskSchedulerFo[6118]: segfault at 129911f00008 ip 0000562e11531181 sp 00007fd762c77360 error 4 in chrome[562e0fade000+686c000]

Mar 3 12:46:38 lucky kernel: [ 3588.153690] TaskSchedulerFo[6470]: segfault at 0 ip 0000562e112d5a0e sp 00007fd7610dacd0 error 4 in chrome[562e0fade000+686c000]

Mar 3 12:46:38 lucky kernel: [ 3588.525893] TaskSchedulerFo[6056]: segfault at 39 ip 000055db852c70b0 sp 00007f8bddbf4fe8 error 6 in chrome[55db85031000+686c000]

Mar 3 12:51:09 lucky kernel: [ 3859.589685] chrome[6586]: segfault at 39 ip 0000555f73b7e0b0 sp 00007ffc8263b7c8 error 6 in chrome[555f738e8000+686c000]

Mar 3 12:54:21 lucky kernel: [ 4051.705741] chrome[9843]: segfault at 1001c ip 000055b95d72bdd1 sp 00007fff439b7410 error 4 in chrome[55b9583c6000+686c000]

Mar 3 13:02:51 lucky kernel: [ 4561.904082] chrome[9558]: segfault at 100000000000 ip 000055b95d0ea5a1 sp 00007fff439b73d0 error 4 in chrome[55b9583c6000+686c000]

Has anyone experiences something similar? Does this maybe suggest faulty hardware? Thank you in advance.

install open office on ubuntu mate

Trying to install Open Office 4 on Ubuntu Mate 18 I followed the instruction posted on How do I install OpenOffice instead of LibreOffice? to the letter. However, when it came to “Install the .deb files”, I got “dpkg: error: cannot access archive ‘*.deb’: No such file or directory”. I copied that answer and search the Internet. There are similar problems there. But I need the exact sudo command for my case. For I’m not a computer engineer. Thank you for your time. Igor

SSTP VPN works but no Internet connection on Ubuntu

I’ve established SSTP VPN client on my Ubuntu connecting to SSTP VPN server. I’m using SSTP VPN client. And with this network manager plugin

But I have the issue that I cannot access Internet when VPN is on. The same issue happens on Windows (with Windows built in VPN client) but there I can solve it using

I’ve tried selecting to “use connection only for its resources”, but no Internet still. When I disable Automatic on Routes and select “use connection only for its resources” I have Internet but no VPN.

enter image description here

Anyone can help me how to allow simultaneous Internet connection?

I got error in transmission which is Error: unable to save resume file : read only file system in Ubuntu 18

I am not able to update and upgrade

I cant find transmission-daemon

when I run command in this path hiba007@hiba007-Inspiron-3521:~/.config/transmission

sudo chmod 775 resume

I get the error

chmod: changing permissions of ‘resume’: Read-only file system