How can I display the most like posts from ultimate member?

With Ultimate Member Social Activity plugin the users are able to write posts and like each-others posts. I would like to display the most liked posts on a different page. How could I do that?

I was thinking on shortcodes but there are none for this purpose or write some code but i have no idea how to start it :/ I have seen a plugin with this functionality is possible to copy that peace of code and replace the hook from UM like counter? (If its make no sense i am sorry)

Thank You!

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Inserting Ultimate member username as WooCommerce category into Ultimate member page

The website in question are using the Ultimate User plugin.

I am interested in installing WooCommerce and create a WooCommerce category for each Ultimate Member (Subscriber). (If there also is an easy way to auto-generate the category when users register, just yell it out!).

Is there a way to insert (based on the WooCommerce shortcodes):

[products limit="12" columns="4" orderby="popularity" category="CURRENT USER PROFILE"] 

And maybe a button for “see all products” (in the same category).

So that if a user is selling something, their products will displayed on the profile.

I´m not sure what the best approach for this. I was thinking about stripping the current URL /user/exampleuser/ – so that exampleuser is extracted and inserted into the shortcode.

Thank you for any input!

Thanks in advance!

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