Unable to Mount .img file

I’ve created an .img file using ddrescue. I am a complete Ubuntu Noob, and having lots of issues mounting my img file so I can get data off of it.

If I try this command:

sudo mount -o loop,ro partition.img mountpoint 

I get an error as follows:

wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop8, missing codepage or helper program, or other error

running it through parted, I’ve found that the file system is ext4. So I tried the command:

sudo mount -t ext4 -o loop,ro partition.img mountpoint 

and I get the same error.

I know that I only copied one partition with ddrescue (not the entire drive).

The partition.img file is 49.8GB. The drive that has the file on it is 80GB. I’m trying to mount it to a folder called ‘mountpoint’ which exists on the same physical drive as my .img file, which I don’t know if that’s O.K. or not. Do I need 49.8GB of free space to mount an img file that is 49.8GB?

I’ve run fdisk on the .img file, and although I don’t really know what I’m looking at, it seems to run just fine, which implies to me that the .img file is not corrupted.

Anyway, I’m really looking for some help here! What am I missing? Why can’t I mount this .img file?

And just to help my case that the .img file is actually only one partition when I run parted I get this output:

Number Start End Size File System Flags

1 0B 49781997567B 49781997568B ext4

Unable to install Apache Kafka due to gradle lock

I’m trying to build Apache Kafka cloned from here using gradle. However when I run ./gradlew installAll it fails with the following error message:

* What went wrong:

Cannot lock buildSrc build lock as it has already been locked by this process.

I have tried deleting the locks in ~/.gradle/caches and even switching to older versions of gradle, but nothing seems to work. What’s going on here and what else can I try?

Unable to block contact on iMessage for Mac OS 10.14.2

I am unable to block a contact on my mac’s iMessage app (Mac OS 10.14.2).

I go to preferences > imessage > blocked > + , and then a drop down of my contacts appears. I select the name from the list but then the list just disappears and nothing is added to the blocked list. (And yes they are still able to contact me).

Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

iMessage window

Unable to Decrypt SD Card after reboot my Samsung s7 Edge?

I moved my important files in Encrypted SD card from my Phone & removed SD card for reboot the phone. After complete the reboot i am unable to find my files in encrypted SD card. When i put my SD card in same mobile which i use for encrypt SD card so it says ” This SD card can’t be decrypted because it was encrypted in other device. SD cards can only be decypted on the device used to encrypt them. Decrypt the SD card on the device used to encrypt it, then reinsert in this device, and try again.” I have too much important data if anyone can help me to come out from this problem then kindly let me know.


Unable to double tap on the trackpad to highlight multiple words in macOS Mojave

In previous versions of OS X, I was able to “double tap” on the trackpad and then move my finger to the side or down to highlight/select text/multiple text.

I’m unable to duplicate this in the new macOS Mojave. Previously, I’d enable System Preferences > Trackpad > “Tap to click”. Any ideas?

Unable to run a Go project using GVM and a watcher in a Docker container (GOPATH can’t be set correctly)

I’ve been experiencing some issues trying to run a Docker image that builds a Go project.

Any help would be very appreciated, as I’ve been stuck on this for days. I’m not a Docker expert, so I could be doing a newbie mistake.

I’m trying to share a volume in my machine with my Go project, then installing Go 1.9 in the Docker container and using GVM so I’d be able to change its version easily later on. Also, I’m using this watcher: /canthefason/go-watcher so it rebuilds automatically for me the Go project every time there’s a change in a file.

But when I docker-compose up my container, the watcher is unable to build the project, it tells me can't load package: package finance: no Go files in /go/src/finance.

The root folder of the project in my machine (/finance) in fact doesn’t contain any Go file (the Go files are in subfolders of this root folder), so the project structure looks like this:

 - finance   - build      - package          - Dockerfile          - entrypoint.sh   - cmd      - finance          - main.go   - internal      - other .go files   - docker-compose.yml 

In my Dockerfile I declare a


To use it as my GOPATH, but it doesn’t work. I’ve also tried to RUN export GOPATH=/go right before the last few lines of the Dockerfile but it also doesn’t work.

When my container starts running the GOPATH is always set to GOPATH="/root/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.9/global" and I found out this is because of GVM, but I don’t want it to change the default GOPATH, I want GOPATH=/go and I suspect the watcher is unable to build the Go project because of this discrepancy.

So basically, I cannot set my GOPATH because GVM always set it for its default path, and that probably is the reason the watcher is unable to compile and run my Go project.

Here is my Dockerfile:

    FROM buildpack-deps:jessie-scm     MAINTAINER Can Yucel "can.yucel@gmail.com"      RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends \             g++ \             gcc \             libc6-dev \             make \             pkg-config \             bison \             && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*      SHELL ["/bin/bash", "-c"]      ENV GO_VERSION 1.9      RUN curl -s -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/moovweb/gvm/master/binscripts/gvm-installer | bash      RUN . /root/.gvm/scripts/gvm && \           gvm install go$  {GO_VERSION} -B && \           gvm use go$  {GO_VERSION}      ENV WATCHER_VERSION 0.2.4      ADD https://github.com/canthefason/go-watcher/releases/download/v$  {WATCHER_VERSION}/watcher-$  {WATCHER_VERSION}-linux-amd64 /root/.gvm/bin/watcher      RUN chmod +x /root/.gvm/bin/watcher .     # Apparently this is useless \/     ENV GOPATH /go      WORKDIR /go/src/finance      ADD ./build/package/entrypoint.sh /go/src/finance/cmd/finance      RUN chmod +x /go/src/finance/cmd/finance .      # This doesn't seem to work!! \/     RUN export GOPATH=$  {GOPATH}       ENTRYPOINT ["/entrypoint.sh"]     CMD ["watcher"] 

Can rsync down from remote, but unable to rsync up to remote

I’m having trouble using rsync and ssh to sync from local to remote. However I can rsync from remote to local as follows:

rsync -avzP -e "ssh -i /Users/Bab/Desktop/LightsailDefaultKey-us-west-2.pem" ubuntu@example.co:/var/www/html/ /Users/Bab/Pomodori/web/ 

If try to sync from local to remote by switching remote and local dir args:

rsync -avzP -e "ssh -i /Users/Bab/Desktop/LightsailDefaultKey-us-west-2.pem" /Users/Bab/Pomodori/web/ ubuntu@example.co:/var/www/html/  

The commands fail with:

sending incremental file list rsync: change_dir#3 "/var/www/html/.vscode" failed: No such file or directory (2) rsync error: errors selecting input/output files, dirs (code 3) at main.c(713) [Receiver=3.1.2] The terminal process terminated with exit code: 3 

Local is osx, remote is Amazon Lightsail Ubuntu 18.04.1

QuickTime Recording – Unable to record the active program

Likely a simple answer, but I want to use QuickTime to record so that I can provide instruction using another program. However, when I attempt to open QuickTime within that program, it minimizes/closes the window I want to record. And since QuickTime opens in the empty desktop, I can’t select what I want to record.

I want to run QuickTime over the other program, simply stated. I was doing this about an hour ago, but it stopped working and I can’t make it work again.

‘Unable to load print control’ error while printing from reportviewer sharepoint 2007

in our sharepoint 2007 portal we are using reoprtviewer to print. we dont have any SQL server reoprting server installed . and when we try to print either the IE closes or we get the error ‘Unable to load print control’. any suggestions?

the IE verison is IE 11.

i tried changing that , its not working in any of the IE versions. i uninstalled Reportviewer redistributable 2005 from both of our front end servers and installed them back . But still no success.

no logs .

ive tried EVERYTHING i can find in forums “VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘dvd:///dev/sr0’ ” nothing works

my lshw

*-cdrom description: DVD-RAM writer product: CDDVDW TS-L633N vendor: hp physical id: 0.0.0 bus info: scsi@1:0.0.0 logical name: /dev/cdrom logical name: /dev/cdrw logical name: /dev/dvd logical name: /dev/dvdrw logical name: /dev/sr0 version: 0300 capabilities: removable audio cd-r cd-rw dvd dvd-r dvd-ram configuration: ansiversion=5 status=nodisc

vlc output

Playback failure: DVDRead could not open the disc “/dev/sr0”. Your input can’t be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘dvd:///dev/sr0’. Check the log for details.

i dont know what to do. ive only got it to read an audio cd so far.