Unarmored Defense (Barbarian plus sorcerer plus monk) [duplicate]

If there is a level 3 Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer, with a level in Barbarian for Unarmored Defense, and another level in Monk, for a 5th level character in total, would their total AC be 13 + CON + DEX + WIS? What if this character was also a warforged, with +1 to AC, +2 to Constitution, and +1 to Intelligence, Strength, or Dexterity?

Could a 5th level character do that in the first place? If so, does Unarmored Defense stack in that way?

Does Monk Unarmored Movement work on snow?

Monk’s Unarmored Movement says that at 9th level

[…] you gain the ability to move along vertical surfaces and across liquids on Your Turn without Falling during the move.

Is there anything in the rules or otherwise saying, if this should work over deep snow, same way it would work over liquid water?

I guess moving on quicksand or canvas tent/awning roof would be other similar cases, so anything covering this would help too. They’re not liquid and not vertical, so by the above quoted text alone, the monk would sink/crash/fall.

Is there anything better than "well, thematically it would fit and be so cool and not really unbalancing" to say to the DM when asking them to allow running on snow the same way as on water?

What is the highest possible unarmored AC?

What is the highest possible AC a character can get by themselves with no armor or a shield?


  • Must be obtainable with a single character, by themselves, with no help from any other characters (allies, enemies, summons, etc.)
  • Must be completely unarmored and not wearing a shield.
  • Magic items are fine such as Ring/Cloak of Protection or Robes of the Archmagi.
  • You may use any combination of classes and races from official sources, not including Unearthed Arcana. (You may use the versions of Eberron races as seen in Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberon as opposed to Rising from the Last War if you wish.)
  • Character can be assumed to be level 20 with an epic boon if applicable to the build.
  • Stats may be determined via point buy.
  • Character does not need to be particularly viable in a game, this is pure theory crafting.
  • You may have as much time as you need as long as it’s within a typical lifetime for a character. (So no abusing infinite readings of Manual of Quickness of Action or similar items, one or two (different) manuals may be considered acceptable.)

The best answer should contain both a permanent max unarmored AC as well as the highest you can get via spells if it’s higher (and still meets the above criteria).

The highest I can come up with is 24 for a level 20 barbarian with 20 DEX and 24 CON but I’m sure you guys can do better.

Monk Unarmored Defense Improvement to run down a wall (5e)

My player is asking me if he could use this ability to run his full movement speed down a vertical surface, and then have gravity kick in. So his fall damage if he were running down a cliff wouldn’t start until after the first 120 feet of movement (if he dashes first) instead of starting from the top of the cliff.

Is this a viable use of this ability? I imagine the ability working like running on walls. Going straight up is fine. But straight down? Seems like it shouldn’t work this way.

Does using an Animated Shield count as ‘wielding a shield’ for Unarmored Defense?

Does using an Animated Shield count as ‘wielding a shield’ for Unarmored Defense? Specifically, would using it inhibit a monk’s unarmored defense?

And does the Animated Shield require proficiency with shields to use?

I would say that logically a floating independent shield does neither, and that the phrase “as if you were wielding it” says no, but I’d like a second opinion before I make any rookie assumptions about the nature of magic items.

How does Monks’ Improved Unarmored Movement work out of combat?

At 9th level, Monks gain an improvement of their Unarmored Movement feature:

At 9th level, you gain the ability to move along vertical surfaces and across liquids on your turn without falling during the move.

Searching on the site for an answer, I only found ones related to turns in combat. I’m wondering what happens outside of it. If I have 50 ft. of speed, I can only move up to 50 feet during a turn, that’s clear.

But how does this work out of combat, when movement isn’t forcefully split up because of turns? Do I fall after 50 feet, or can I move on vertical surfaces and across liquids indefinetely?

Do Dragonborns get unarmored defense?

Now, I might just be stupid or not have seen it but, I’ve been looking and saw that draconic bloodline sorcerers get unarmored defense for “draconic bloodline”. But, do Dragonborns get this for being Dragonborn? Like I said, it’s a simple question but I can’t find the answer and my Dragonborn player wants to know because he heard that our sorcerer gets it, but he doesn’t.