Volume mute or Completely Loud (Sound Bar or volume buttons doesnot respect the sound settings in unbuntu 18/19

I have a audio chipset of realteck ALC295, and the sound volumes are very high or mute

please help me in setting up the volume driver for the os!

(i have shifted from windows 10 to ubuntu since I really fed up with the buggy released of windows 10)

trying to run a python game with source code in terminal, unbuntu 18.04

not to get to complicated but I just wanted to run a simple tic tac toe program but couldn’t find one that worked so i gravitated towards this after a duckduckgo search for python games, have no idea what i’m doing, any suggestion for a newbie would be great

https://github.com/xer0nex/a-python-game I do not know what I am doing, can basically do “hello world” or “blastoff” and run it in the terminal. that’s it I logged into github and downloaded the zip file of asteroid in the link above. placed it in the directory i wanted to run it in and got an error message trying to run the game in terminal. the file downloaded was a folder called “a-python-game-master” and it downloaded to the desktop

cd Desktop cd a-python-game-master python3 Asteroid.py

the error message is belowenter image description here

Traceback (most recent call last): File “Asteroid.py”, line 6, in from Vex import Vex File “/home/brian/Desktop/a-python-game-master/Vex.py”, line 3, in import Environment File “/home/brian/Desktop/a-python-game-master/Environment.py”, line 1, in import pygame ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pygame’

Frustrated… need help finding files or maybe removing Unbuntu

I keep seeing the instructions as to accessing windows from Ubuntu, but I can’t find any of the things mentioned. The system files Fat 32 or NTFS are either not there or I am looking in all the wrong places. There seems to be no guide with step by step photos or screen shots of where to go and what to do and I am so irritated that I honestly just want to remove Ubuntu at this point. Can I do that? Is there a way to just remove it and go back to what I had a few hours ago? Am I stuck with Ubuntu? Seriously pulling my hair out here.

Unbuntu 18.04- it is possible to drag-drop workspaces to change their place?

Sometimes I have application that slide in an another workspaces, I don’t know which command in particular I’m doing, but at end of the day I would replace my workspaces in the original wished positioning.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to just drag and drop them to achieve that?

Any hint would be great, thanks

Locked out of Unbuntu 18.04 no grub menu

I am locked out of my Ubuntu 18.04. Oddly enough the time on the mlaptop machine has changed from standard to military.

I have tried reboot>>hold down shift key and it produced noting.

I have also tried reboot>>hold down the esc key and it gets me to a grub page but not the one I am looking for.

I am locked out, unable to get in via grub. Is there anyway I can just get my data off this thing and reinstall fresh? Or is there a way to access my 18.04 account?

Thank you

Unbuntu 16.04 Installer Doesn’t see Windows 10

I’m trying to dual boot Ubuntu 16.04 on my computer that’s already running Windows 10 and I’m running into an issue where the Ubuntu installer never recognizes that Windows 10 is already installed so I don’t have the option to install alongside Windows.

I’ve disabled both Secureboot and Fast Start, and I’ve run through the answers to any similar questions but am not having any luck.

Is there anything I’m missing doing that might let Ubuntu see Windows?