Automatic box uncheck in posting after an hour or more

I have a post that when I want to publish it on the homepage so it’s a stick post via meta_tag.

But to remove this post from meta_key I need to go back to the post to manually wet the checkbox.

Is there any other way for this checkbox to go off automatically after it’s done an hour through function?

Example I have the ‘News-latest’ checkbox ID and meta_key => ‘The latest news’ after one hour of checkbox or ‘news-latest’ metakey to be automatically uncheck by the post in metakey.

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How can i filter my services list if i uncheck one of the checkbox from top?

I am working on a small project and I am new with javascript and json. Can anybody help me to sort out the final step. I am very near to complete it, but I am facing some issue in it. I want to filter the results for example when I check Petromin, Showroom Sales and Service Center; they will show their results and when I uncheck ( for example petromin ) it removes his value from those service list where his services available, but if any other checkbox is still checked and its value also inside those list where pertromin value is already there, then it should not remove.

here is my html code

<div id="checkbox_div">     <label><input type="checkbox" value="Petromin">Petromin</label><br>     <label><input type="checkbox" value="Used Cars">Used Cars</label><br>     <label><input type="checkbox" value="Showroom Sales">Showroom Sales</label><br>     <label><input type="checkbox" value="Service Center">Service Center</label><br>     <label><input type="checkbox" value="Quick Service">Quick Service</label><br>     <label><input type="checkbox" value="Spare Parts">Spare Parts</label> </div> <ol class="container"></ol> 

and here is my javascript code

    {    "PETR734": {     "dealerId": "PETR734",     "name": "Riyadh Exit -14",     "latitude": "24.698386",     "longitude": "46.773247",     "state": "Central",     "city": "RIYADH",     "language": "en",     "phoneidentifiers": "frontdesk",     "phones": "920023345",     "email": "",     "contactWebsite": "",     "services": "PA;SRVC;QS;PRTS",     "dealerType": "AC",     "canAcceptLeads": "y",     "spokenLanguages": "ar;en",     "dealerDescription": "Service Center",     "services_list": [         "Petromin",         "Service Center",         "Quick Service",         "Spare Parts"     ] }, "PETR759": {     "dealerId": "PETR759",     "name": "Riyadh Exit 13",     "latitude": "24.700901",     "longitude": "46.770143",     "state": "Central",     "city": "RIYADH",     "language": "en",     "phoneidentifiers": "frontdesk",     "phones": "920023345",     "email": "",     "contactWebsite": "",     "services": "PA;SRVC;QS;PRTS",     "dealerType": "AC",     "canAcceptLeads": "y",     "spokenLanguages": "ar;en",     "dealerDescription": "Service Center",     "services_list": [         "Petromin",         "Service Center",         "Quick Service",         "Spare Parts"     ] }, "PETR764": {     "dealerId": "PETR764",     "name": "Hofouf (TS)",     "latitude": "25.406250",     "longitude": "49.465344",     "state": "Eastern",     "city": "Hofuf",     "language": "en",     "phoneidentifiers": "frontdesk",     "phones": "920023345",     "email": "",     "contactWebsite": "",     "services": "PA;SRVC;QS;PRTS",     "dealerType": "AC",     "canAcceptLeads": "y",     "services_list": [         "Petromin",         "Service Center",         "Quick Service",         "Spare Parts"     ] }, "PETR763": {     "dealerId": "PETR763",     "name": "Khobar (TS)",     "latitude": "26.256590",     "longitude": "50.201419",     "state": "Eastern",     "city": "KHOBAR",     "language": "en",     "phoneidentifiers": "frontdesk",     "phones": "920023345",     "email": "",     "contactWebsite": "",     "services": "PA;SRVC;QS;PRTS",     "dealerType": "AC",     "canAcceptLeads": "y",     "spokenLanguages": "ar;en",     "dealerDescription": "Service Center",     "services_list": [         "Petromin",         "Service Center",         "Quick Service",         "Spare Parts"     ] }, "PETR765": {     "dealerId": "PETR765",     "name": "Qassim (TS)",     "latitude": "26.294617",     "longitude": "43.991607",     "state": "Central",     "city": "Qassim",     "language": "en",     "phoneidentifiers": "frontdesk",     "phones": "920023345",     "email": "",     "contactWebsite": "",     "services": "PA;SRVC;QS;PRTS",     "dealerType": "AC",     "canAcceptLeads": "y",     "services_list": [         "Petromin",         "Service Center",         "Quick Service",         "Spare Parts"     ] }, "PETR753": {     "dealerId": "PETR753",     "name": "Khobar Rashid Mall",     "latitude": "26.299159",     "longitude": "50.181901",     "state": "Eastern",     "city": "KHOBAR",     "language": "en",     "phoneidentifiers": "frontdesk",     "phones": "920023345",     "email": "",     "contactWebsite": "",     "services": "PA;SRVC;QS;PRTS",     "dealerType": "AC",     "canAcceptLeads": "y",     "spokenLanguages": "ar;en",     "dealerDescription": "Service Center",     "services_list": [         "Petromin",         "Service Center",         "Quick Service",         "Spare Parts"     ] }, "PETR752": {     "dealerId": "PETR752",     "name": "Dammam Rayan",     "latitude": "26.411388",     "longitude": "50.092705",     "state": "Eastern",     "city": "DAMMAM",     "language": "en",     "phoneidentifiers": "frontdesk",     "phones": "920023345",     "email": "",     "contactWebsite": "",     "services": "PA;SRVC;QS;PRTS",     "dealerType": "AC",     "canAcceptLeads": "y",     "spokenLanguages": "ar;en",     "dealerDescription": "Service Center",     "services_list": [         "Petromin",         "Service Center",         "Quick Service",         "Spare Parts"     ] }, "PETR762": {     "dealerId": "PETR762",     "name": "Dammam (TS)",     "latitude": "26.441723",     "longitude": "50.048123",     "state": "Eastern",     "city": "DAMMAM",     "language": "en",     "phoneidentifiers": "frontdesk",     "phones": "920023345",     "email": "",     "contactWebsite": "",     "services": "PA;SRVC;QS;PRTS",     "dealerType": "AC",     "canAcceptLeads": "y",     "services_list": [         "Petromin",         "Service Center",         "Quick Service",         "Spare Parts"     ] }, "PETR767": {     "dealerId": "PETR767",     "name": "Tabuk (TS)",     "latitude": "28.438009",     "longitude": "36.466928",     "state": "Western",     "city": "Tabuk",     "language": "en",     "phoneidentifiers": "frontdesk",     "phones": "920023345",     "email": "",     "contactWebsite": "",     "services": "PA;SRVC;QS;PRTS",     "dealerType": "AC",     "canAcceptLeads": "y",     "services_list": [         "Petromin",         "Service Center",         "Quick Service",         "Spare Parts"     ] }, "PETR758": {     "dealerId": "PETR758",     "name": "Riyadh Thumama",     "latitude": "28.830702",     "longitude": "46.730938",     "state": "Central",     "city": "RIYADH",     "language": "en",     "phoneidentifiers": "frontdesk",     "phones": "920023345",     "email": "",     "contactWebsite": "",     "services": "PA;SRVC;QS;PRTS",     "dealerType": "AC",     "canAcceptLeads": "y",     "spokenLanguages": "ar;en",     "dealerDescription": "Service Center",     "services_list": [         "Petromin",         "Service Center",         "Quick Service",         "Spare Parts"     ] }} 

Uncheck one checkbox and it unchecks another

I have a check box with about X options. 3 of the opens will enable it’s own checkbox options sub category.

I have a script that, if any of the two are checked, JQuery will either hide or show.

Working great. Below is the Code:

<script src="/SiteAssets/jsLib/jquery.dataTables.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="/siteassets/jsLib/jquery-3.3.1.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>     <script>  //setting the subs category to default hidden         $  (document).ready(function() {     $  ('nobr:contains("Sub Category - of Master Option 9")').closest('tr').hide();     $  ('nobr:contains("Sub Category - of Master Option 10")').closest('tr').hide();     $  ('nobr:contains("Sub Category - of Master Option 11")').closest('tr').hide();     });      $  (document).ready(function() {         $  ('[type="checkbox"]').change(function() {     // when checked, it shows...unchecked it hides.             if ($  ('input[id="Master Category_9"]').prop('checked')){                     $  ('nobr:contains("Sub Category - of Master Option 9")').closest('tr').show();                 }else{                     $  ('nobr:contains("Sub Category - of Master Option 9")').closest('tr').hide();                 };             if ($  ('input[id="Master Category_10"]').prop('checked')){                     $  ('nobr:contains("Sub Category - of Master Option 10")').closest('tr').show();                 }else{                     $  ('nobr:contains("Sub Category - of Master Option 10")').closest('tr').hide();                 };             if ($  ('input[id="Master Category_11"]').prop('checked')){                     $  ('nobr:contains("Sub Category - of Master Option 11")').closest('tr').show();                 }else{                     $  ('nobr:contains("Sub Category - of Master Option 11")').closest('tr').hide();                 };          });     });      </script> 

The only thing is, when I edit the item, it shows the master checked, but the subs are still hidden. Also, when I uncheck the master, the sub remains checked.

I though removing the top portion of the code…the part where it sets the sub categories as hidden…would doe the trick. It did hide it but when I tried to check on another master category to show the sub category doesn’t work.

Is there a way that I can show the the hidden sub check boxes AND when I uncheck a master, it clears all the subs? Here is the code that I’m using now.

Google sheets, make checking one checkbox uncheck another

I would like to make it so that if, in a row, column A is checked checking column B will uncheck it, and vice versa. For what I’m trying to do “Neither” is acceptable, “Or” is acceptable, but “And” is unacceptable. I need both boxes to be clickable. Putting in a formula, so far, has resulted in the box becoming unclickable and ONLY controllable via whatever is affecting it in the formula, i.e. another checkbox. Is this possible?

I made a test sheet to show what I’m looking for:

(Also, I couldn’t find a checkbox tag and I’m not allowed to create one if anybody could do that for me.)