Under what conditions is it safe to use innodb_flush_method = O_DIRECT_NO_FSYNC?

There seems to be some contention about whether one should use innodb_flush_method = O_DIRECT_NO_FSYNC on XFS or EXT4, and MySQL 8 even turns this on as part of the innodb_dedicated_server=y option.

What filesystems safely support this option, and under what conditions or mount options?

Work only under private proxy but it work without proxy sometimes

I have a problem – I work only through a privat proxys, but sometimes GSA simply loses sight of this option and I catch a lot abuses on my server. GSA can work well 10-20 hours and in no reason for few hours just switch off  use proxies and i got 100-200 abuses for this time, and after that GSA again work well.
I got this few times in a month
What should I do?

Is there a way to highlight all instances of the variable under the cursor?

Many code editors (such as MATLAB’s) can highlight all occurrences of the variable which is under the cursor. Is this possible in Mathematica?

For example I create a variable, then I use it many times, and when I place the cursor in that variable, then every place where I use it, it highlights. So, you can see the variable where I use it in all code.

What is the status of using Mathematica under the new released windows 11?

I googled and could not find any information on this.

It is now possible to update from windows 10 to windows 11. I am using windows 10 now.

My question is: Has any one tried say Mathematica 12.3 on windows 11 yet? if so, were there any problems?

Will there be, any official announcement from WRI on if Mathematica will work as is on windows 11? or if there are any issues to worry about before upgrading to windows 11?

Of course, I could call Wolfram support and ask them. But I thought it will be more useful if this information is publicly available so not everyone has to call or email asking the same question.

Escalating a Manual Review When Decided Incorrectly (College Put Under Addiction Services Policy)

I work for an online college that has been trying to create a display ad using the term “addiction counseling degree”.

This ad got automatically disapproved because it was claimed that they violated the “Addiction services” policy.

However, this policy only applies to organizations that provide addiction services like, “Clinical addiction treatment providers, recovery support services like sober living environments and mutual help organizations, lead generators or referral agencies for addiction services, crisis hotlines for drug and alcohol addiction” (see https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/176031?hl=en#421)

We are not in that category; we are an accredited online university offering degrees in Addiction Counseling. Other colleges like Liberty University are running ads for Addiction Counseling degrees without having the LegitScripts certification that the healthcare form asks for.

I’ve tried to explain this to the Support team several times, but have had no success so far, by chat, email, or even when I talked to an agent by phone. They said that they approved it, but what I see is “eligible (limited)” and that a certificate is still needed in the US.

Since the main place we want to advertise is in the US, having the ad be “eligible (limited)” doesn’t fix the issue.

Does anyone have advice on how we could escalate this issue further, so that someone at Google would see that we are not prohibited by the Addiction services policy?

How to create OAuth client ID for new ASW ec2 instance under http?

I installed ASW ec2 instance
with Selected Ubuntu 20, Free tier eligible
and I got instance with root like

Code (markup):

I have installed laravel 8/vuejs app and my app using OAuth client ID
For my local server (Ubuntu 18 on my laptop) I created client key with url
Code (markup):

But I failed to make the similar for my ASW ec2 instance : https://imgur.com/a/tIQiPAe
1) If there is a way to create OAuth…

How to create OAuth client ID for new ASW ec2 instance under http?

Can a creature under Dominate Person choose to willingly fail the saving throw from Calm emotion if the caster is viewed as an enemy?

The description of the Calm emotions spell says:

You attempt to suppress strong emotions in a group of people. Each humanoid in a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on a point you choose within range must make a Charisma saving throw; a creature can choose to fail this saving throw if it wishes.

If a player controlled by Dominate Monster is asked to kill his allies, could he willingly fail the saving throw since he view them as ennemies and calm emotion could be "dangerous" for him?