Does a creature under the effect of Motivational Speech still get advantage on their next attack if the spell ends for them?

The spell motivational speech (Acquisitions Incorporated, pg. 77) says:

For the duration, each affected creature gains 5 temporary hit points and has advantage on Wisdom saving throws. If an affected creature is hit by an attack, it has advantage on the next attack roll it makes. Once an affected creature loses the temporary hit points granted by this spell, the spell ends for that creature.

So when the effected creature is hit by an attack, the spell grants the creature advantage on their next attack. But getting hit by an attack is going to be accompanied by damage – and 5 points seems like it will very often be gone with a single attack.

Does a creature hit by an attack still get advantage on its next attack if that attack dealt 5 or more damage? Or does the spell end for them immediately and they do not get advantage on the next attack?

It just seems like this effect is going to be self-defeating a lot of the time – the thing that grants the advantage is the thing that takes it away. Am I missing something?

Note, temporary hitpoints are always lost first, so no holding on to them while subtracting damage from your standard hitpoint pool. Sorry Jim, it was a clever thought.

What people/deities and places fall under the SRD and how much wiggle room is there?

So i’m working on an original campaign setting but using 5E rules, and in the core and extended rule books it references things like "the Raven Queen" and the "Shadar Kai", "shadowfell and "fey wilds". none of these are specifically listed on the SRD under the IP lists, but it does mention "specific places". anyway, my ultimate question is, can I used IPs such as Raven Queen, Shadowfell, fey wilds, ect. even in an original campaign setting/world, so long as it’s using 5E rules and if I give credit to WotC? what falls under OGL, SRD, and general use? this question came into discussion by a player, who want’s to be a shadar kai, Raven Queen warlock from the shadowfell, all things that would require me to write them into my campaign setting, and they are arguing that these things being playable, should mean that they can be in the world.

the OGL and SRD are SUPER vague about all these things (obviously trying to give them legal wiggle room to sue whoever they want) does anyone have any further information on what is useable?

Can musical instruments under the effect of Animate Objects be used to make music?

Can Animate Objects be used to make musical instruments produce that instrument’s music?

The spell’s description is a bit vague as to how much control you have over animated objects for non-combat purposes.

Wind instruments probably wouldn’t work but I’d assume mechanical instruments could work, such as accordions or drums.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why would anyone vote to give Trump another term when things have gotten so much worse under him already in less than four years?

Just look at the state of the country today: Massive protests in the streets. 40 million+ people out of work. 100,000+ people dead from coronavirus. Racial relations badly strained.

HPC cluster slows to standstill, is it currently under attack?

I am part of a university with an HPC cluster, which has just slowed to an almost-standstill for no clear reason. The login nodes and the compute nodes both seem to be affected. I can connect, and do basic things (cd, ls) but anything more just seems to hang. My internet connection is fine. There is no scheduled maintenance.

Is this cluster under attack?

Is this a problem that needs to be solved urgently (as in “call people in out of hours”) to prevent some kind of damage?

Is the Planeshifter’s “portal under their control” a fixed location or no?

About the portal, the prestige class demiplane seed ability (Manual of the Planes, p32) only says, “It has a single portal entry, which the planeshifter may control for access.”

What rules would be used to define the portal, and would it have to be fixed or can it be portable by whatever rules apply?

Under what kind of oralces are $P$ and $NP$ equivalent?

How strong have the oracles needed to be for these two classes to be proven equivalent with respect to them?

For instance: is $ P^H$ = $ NP^H$ (ie. is $ P$ equipped with an oracle to solve the halting problem equivalent to $ NP$ equipped with an oracle to solve the halting problem)?

From Theodore Baker, John Gill, and Robert Solovay. Relativization of the P=?NP problem. Siam Journal of Computing, 4:432-442, 1975 [219] we know $ NP^A =P^A$ for their oracle A (which is a decision algorithm for a PSPACE complete problem).

If the oracle can perform an infinite amount of computation and return back the result in one step are these classes equal with respect to an oracle of this type? How about weaker ones? What is the weakest oracle we know of where $ P$ and $ NP$ are equal with respect to it?

An answer I’m looking for is something like: $ P^O$ =$ NP^O$ with respect to an oracle O and any oracle more powerful than it.

Can a wizard under the effects of Feign Death issue telepathic commands to their familiar?

A wizard has a summoned familiar within 100 feet that is currently idle and has Feign Death cast on them by another PC. Would the wizard still be able to issue telepathic commands to their familiar?

Specifically, while Feign Death states that they appear dead and are incapacitated and blind, they aren’t listed as being unconscious.

Find Familiar doesn’t state that issuing telepathic commands requires an action (which you can’t do while incapacitated), whereas it does state that seeing through your familiar’s eyes requires an action as does dismissing it.

I was DMing a game where this occurred and I hastily ruled that the wizard was unable to issue commands, but I am second guessing myself after the fact. And knowing my PCs this situation is likely to happen again.

Do Cipher Suites matter under attack using sslsqueeze tool?

I find that sslsqueeze tool can carry attack on SSL/TLS server and does not need to perform any cryptographic operations. I think that no matter which cipher suite used in handshakes, the tool consumes the same CPU power.

Then do cipher suites used in handshakes a factor to make the server more susceptible to the attack using sslsqueeze tool?

If cipher suites really matter, does it mean that attacker can specify certain cipher suite for handshake to make the attack more likely to succeed?