[ Politics ] Open Question : Why does the Morbidly Obese Clown continue to tweet? Does he not realize that NOBODY respects him! 100 thousand dead & 40 mill unemployed?

Morbidly Obese Clown FAILED! He has NO testing! NO ventilators. No supplies for hospitals! NO plan! And all he can do is try and entice violence! Morbidly Obese Clown needs to sit his fat A*S*S down on his unicycle and fart his way into hell where he belongs with Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Barr!

How much power do unemployed gods have?

I’ve recently read the Yu Shan book for Exalted and I was intrigued by the unemployed gods — those that lost their domain to the Wyld and have not gained any new position in the Bureaucracy. They don’t seem to be statted out anywhere or really talked about all that much.

They live in the slums, may be getting their fair share of Quintessence from the common pool, but they don’t get Amrosia through prayer, nor through a stipend for an office they hold.

So I wonder — how much and what kind of power do such gods have? What does the prolonged lack of a job do to them?

Can an unemployed person get a UK Visa?

I am currently unemployed and is helping on my family’s business.They give me money but not monthly and when they give it is in bulk( like for instance they will give me a big money that is worth for months of work) I do save it on my bank account but I don’t do it on a monthly basis cause of busy schedule.

What proof should I show when applying for a UK Visa?

Can I get a a UK visitor visa if I’m a student and I’m unemployed?

I’ve been reading this forum and trying to learn as much as I can from other questions. But I still feel like I need to post my questions here.

I’m a 19 years old Equatorial Guinean girl studying in Spain thanks to a Schengen visa. I would like to visit my boyfriend, who is a UK citizen, in the UK during Christmas Holidays for 10 days. Right now I’m studying so I don’t have any income because I’m not allowed to work with a student visa. I live with my sister so she is legally and financially in charge of me, if she sponsors my trip, would be enough to show her bank statements?

P.S. My boyfriend would be my second sponsor because I will stay in his house and he will take care of all my expenses.

Can I apply for Denmark Schengen visa while being unemployed?

I’m from Algeria and I would like to visit Denmark.

If you go to this page (9.vii), you will see:

Unemployed: Proof of current financial resources.

What does that mean exactly?

While taking in consideration that I don’t work, but I accumulated my money from freelancing. I’m not using any platform like Fiverr, or Upwork or anything. Just through online forums and the payment happens Peer to peer.

How can I prove the source of income for them If that’s what they are referring to? or could that also mean that my parents could be paying for me?

Can my spouse sponsor me for a UK visa if I am unemployed?

I am a 28 years old Nigerian, who was schooled in the UK but now lives in Nigeria. I have traveled to the US, Middle east and the UK separately in the past 2 years when I had a job. I have now left my job because of marriage and have relocated to another city with my spouse. I want to apply for a tourist visa to the UK; my husband will be sponsoring me but won’t be making the trip with me.

However, if I say that I am unemployed will this affect my application?