Macbook’s wifi stopped working after upgrading to Mojave and uninstalling parallels

I’m freaking out. My MacBook pro 2017’s Wi-Fi completely stopped working. It’s an issue with the Mac because it used to connect to the wifi just fine and my phone is still connected to it.

I upgraded from high Sierra to Mojave yesterday, but it still worked then. Today I un installed parallels, and immediately afterwards the wifi stopped working.

Thank you for any help.

System messed up after installing and uninstalling Pantheon DE

Today I just tried out Pantheon DE (PDE of ElementaryOS) and it messed up a little bit. But the most important thing is, the PDE created its own terminal, and when I remove it (=PDE), I think it removed the gnome-terminal and also its own one. There’s still a Terminal logo in the application menu but when I click it, the cursor is just a loading cursor, and then nothing happens. My alternative terminal is now to use the one in VS Code. How can I fix it?

I googled for solution and they said I should switch to TTY windows using Ctrl + Alt + Fx (x from 1 to 7). But on PDE I accidently set Ctrl + Alt to be language switching shortcut, so now Ctrl + Alt is the same as Ctrl alone. Also many keyboard shortcuts are messed up now and some programs messed up (For example my Minecraft Launcher when launched appears and disappers instantly).

I know that Linux distros are file-based, so how/where can I edit those shortcut? Should I reinstall completly GNOME?

Also, how can I remove the bar with only 5 logos on the bottom and what is KTelnetService (The middle one) and why does it have Terminal logo?

Magento 2. Declarative Schema. How to uninstall a patch without uninstalling the module?

The official docs say this.

Revertable data patch – A patch that can be reverted as a module or patch is uninstalled or deleted.

I know that Revertable patches must implement Magento\Framework\Setup\Patch\PatchRevertableInterface and when a module is un-installed the logic in the revert() method is called.

How can one revert a Patch without uninstalling the module

Recent Google Docs gone after uninstalling & reinstalling the app

I uninstalled Google Docs on my android phone yesterday evening to make space for updating Whatsapp, then reinstalled Google Docs half an hour later. Didn’t think anything of it as it all backs up into Google Drive. However, all my recent documents (everything after December 2018) are gone! They are nowhere to be found, not even in Google Drive! How can this be? I can see in my backups that Docs’ was last backup was on May 8th. However, not sure how to access that. Please help! Thank you in advance.

Firefox Focus crashes after uninstalling Google WebView

I uninstall Android System WebView with adb shell using the following commands.

pm uninstall pm uninstall --user 0 

Now, when I launch Firefox Focus and type any website to visit, it crashes and shows the warning, but the normal Firefox Browser works without any issue.


Question: Though Play Store shows “Android WebView is a system component powered by Chrome”, does Firefox Focus (FF) depend on that Android WebView? Can FF be run without WebView as normal Firefox?

Can 3rd party AVs have accessed to my windows pc and android phone even after uninstalling and removing them?

So before we start this, I have paranoia issues (doctor diagnosed, not self-diagnosed) so things might at some points seem like an extremely far reach, but please bare with me, and try to help me.

So, I bought an AV yesterday (prefer not to name it, paranoid), after reading site reviews about it and getting a few recommendations about it. But after buying it, I stumbled across some user reviews and a lot of them were talking about abysmal customer support, and shady business practices. Not only that, but when making an account on that AV’s site, it was riddled with issues (“Invalid email”), and then after somehow making an account, when i tried to log in, they kept saying “invalid username or password”. So I clicked on the “forgot password” option, entered my email and submit and they never sent me an email to reset the password. So I just thought “fuck it” and logged in using my google account tied to that same email. After that I downloaded and installed it on my windows pc and android phone, and unfortunately it was then i saw the user reviews which were abysmal, and i realized it was kinda shitty for me too. So I emailed their customer support asking for a refund, and removed it from my phone, and uninstalled it from my pc, then i had to restart my pc to complete uninstallation, and after restarting, the AV was back on my desktop, and on the “apps” part of settings. So I google searched and downloaded their own uninstaller and uninstalled it, and after it uninstalled, it said “uninstalled with errors, contact customer support to complete uninstallation”. I felt I can’t bother with that, so I just to restarted the pc, looked to see if it was still there, and then clicked on “This PC” and typed in the AV’s name in the search tab and shift deleted every single file with the name of the AV.

After that I restarted again and realized my PC was considerably slower. BIOS time before installing the AV was around 2 seconds, but after installing and uninstalling the AV, BIOS time is now 4 seconds.

Now all this, the shady business practices, the poor customer support, the uninstalling difficulties, the difficulty and errors faced when trying to make an account, and the BIOS time slow down even AFTER UNinstallation, makes me worried about if these guys are still in my PC and phone and are maybe accessing the deepest corners of my pc and phone. I gave them access, what’s to stop them now, i guess.

So question is, can they still access my pc, phone, and also maybe my google account??? Do they still have access to my pc and phone??? Could they hack me or something????

And if so, how do I completely purge their existence from my phone and PC??? How do I get my PC back to normal??? How do I stop them from accessing my PC??? How do i make it as if it was never installed in the first place???

Sorry for the long post, I had to explain everything here, I have nowhere else to go right now, I’d really appreciate advice, help and all that. I’m paranoid and I haven’t gotten any work done and I’m falling behind with work so I need help ASAP. Thank you in advance.

P.S. This AV is quite a reputable software, review sites love it always gets great reviews from testing labs and so on and it has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. So it’s not some unknown AV.

Cannot ping or reinstall resolvconf after uninstalling

I initially had a problem where ping results in

ping:unknown host

After following the guide below which instructed to uninstall and reinstall resolvconf, now I can no longer reinstall resolvconf because the network doesn’t work. I believe I can resolve this by downloading it from the url directly but realized that there’s a deeper issue where ping returns

connect: Network is unreachable

How can I resolve this? My settings in /etc/network/interface

    iface eth0 inet static         address         netmask         network         broadcast         gateway         dns-nameservers 

"ping: unknown host" but IPs works fine

Does uninstalling Firefox Snap remove bookmarks?

I have uninstalled Firefox Quantum browser previously installed via “Ubuntu Software” on 18.04.2. Does that mean all my profile data is lost altogether with the bookmarks?

I was expecting to find the data in my default profile directory still on the disk so I can copy it to the “vanilla” Firefox installation via apt. Looking for the places.sqlite does show it in the newly installed Firefox profile but not the old Firefox Quantum one.

Putty command not uninstalling the application completely

I am using putty for connecting to a physical machine. I have a dmu (Database Management Utility in that). When i try to uninstall the dmu through putty i use the following code:


The result comes ‘DMU uninstalled successfully’.

Then I tried to run a duplicate session and tried to enter to dmu and I was able to do it that means dmu was not uninstalled. Can someone help me out?