After Factory Reset, Android Galaxy Camera Touchscreen is unresponsive

I met the weirdest thing I ever have. I have a galaxy camera gc100, It works very well without any problems. Since I decide to lend it to my friend, I did a factory reset. After the factory reset, everything looks fine and the initial setup screen “Select language” appears. BUT, I can not touch anything on the screen. It seems that the touch is simply unresponsive at all until the screen turns off by timeout. And then I tried (1) hard reboot, (2) go to Maintenance boot mode by pressing power and zoom out and did delete cache and factory reset again. (3) flash stock rom. (4) take out of the battery and then holding pressing the power button for more than 1 minute and then insert the battery and boot. (did three times). But none of them works. This is just weird and I can not find anyone on the Internet having the same issue as me. Other people met unresponsive touch screen and then did hard reset to fix the issue. Mine is entirely opposite. I don’t have any problems, but factory/hard reset causing the touch screen is unresponsive at initial setup screen. Do anyone have any clue how I can workaround this issue? Thanks a lot. (Btw the system is still functioning because I can adjust volume and take screenshots by using the physical buttons).

Seagate Backup Plus 5 TB became unresponsive after long period of use

I recently purchased a new Seagate Backup Plus 5TB for data use, because none of my drives are functioning properly. My old Seagate Expansion 2TB hard drive failed (“Unable to repair”); the Seagate Backup Plus 5TB that I borrowed became unresponsive after a period of use and has bad block (while writing it auto-rejects the drive); and the Seagate Backup Plus Desktop 5TB became unresponsive after a period of use.

After using the new drive for a while, I discovered that it will hang after 2-8 hours of continuous writing. By continuous, I mean literally all the time (downloading youtube videos and multiple torrents). I have read that hanging suggests bad block, and bad block suggests broken drive. What should I do? I’ve also heard that Seagate is not very reliable as to the quality of hard drives. Is it true?

My keyboard becomes unresponsive when i play audio

So i just installed Ubuntu and i’m noticing that whenever audio is playing through my headphones the keyboard just stops doing anything. The lights on it are still on it just doesn’t type for a few minutes. I’ve figured out that if the audio is playing through my monitor’s built in speaker nothing happens, only my headphones, and i’ve updated my keyboard drivers several times.

Black unresponsive screen after leaving the computer on its own unsuspended for a couple hours

I have a ryzen 1600, MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard, RX 580 4GB and am using Kubuntu 19.04. My only power setting is the default that the screen will turn off after 10 minutes but never suspend. If I leave it for a couple hours I will come back and just not be able to turn the screen back on even though the power light is still on and the fans are still on normally. It’s kind of frustrating if I leave something I’m working on to go do something else and come back and have to hard reset the PC.

My ISP (BSNL India) is injecting ads using Phozeca which spoils websites and makes them unresponsive, can anything be done?

I’ve been recently having a problem where my ISP (BSNL India) has been injecting ads/weird Javascript Tracking codes onto my browser, making the website unusable and unresponsive.

I’ve written an article regarding this too:

You can read that to understand what exactly is happening. You can refer to the article above to see what the injected code is doing.

I’m sure this is my ISP because the domain starts with “” and uses the port “3000”.

Points to note:- -Script injection works only on Non HTTPS sites, such as Steam Store and other Non HTTPS websites.

-The code being injected, uses the port 3000.

-Websites which malfunction normally work when CSP (Content Security Policy) is disabled in the browser.

-Websites which malfunction work properly on Tor Browser.

-I personally have investigated into this matter, and after reading through the code (Read my article to know what i’m talking about), and after reading the code, i called the “loadnewads()” function from the code, and once it’s called, weird ads come up, such as fake Flash player ads and fake download buttons.

-Things i have tried to solve this problem.- 1) Checking hosts file and blocking the domain: Not working. The script is still being injected.

2) Scanning the PC for malware: Not working. I’ve scanned with over three antiviruses including Malwarebytes, still it doesn’t detect anything.

3) Disabling CSP (Content Security Policy): Worked! However ads automatically start playing.

4) Changed DNS to Google’s DNS: Not working.

Is there any way to solve this problem? Please help. Thanks!

My iphone 7 went blank and unresponsive

I didn’t dropped my iphone, no water damage, but suddenly when i was about to open Twitter, my screen froze and there were lines appeared and the lines started to cover all of the screen, and then the screen went blank and unresponsive. But the back light was on. The sound and vibration did not function. Again, i didnt drop my iphone. I tried to restart my iphone multiple times but nothing has changed. Then i did hard reset by itunes, also nothing change. I have been using my iphone 7 only for 5 months and it is still under warranty. Can i know what is the possible reasons behind these problems? Was it motherboard or LCD damage? 🙁

Jenkins become unresponsive quite frequently

It has been observed that our jenkins (version 2.60.3) becomes unresponsive, around 4-5 times a month. Each time this happens, the active threads graph shows too many active threads.Active threads graph. The only solution to make it work fine is to restart the server. I’m unable to troubleshoot the reason if it’s because of some particular plugin or job or node. Could you please help with what the possible issue or troubleshooting steps I should perform to find the reason for active threads increase. Logs are unable to explain any reason. Moreover, I am unable to reproduce this on my wish, it just happens any time, blocking everyone’s executions. Though it could be network related, but one more jenkins is setup in teh same network, which doesn’t show such frequent issues.