Unreal Engine 4 AI Character Pawn Entirely Unresponsive to Movement Commands

I’m new to game development and to Unreal but I cannot for the life of me get my AI character pawn to move at all using any method I know.

I’m developing a 2d Sidescroller game using a Tilemap. I have made sure collision is set up with the map and tiles, the player character can interact with it all just fine, and I made sure to widen the collision thickness of the map so that the navmesh can properly appear (as seen with the green areas).

Nav Mesh loading. AI spawns in the air and falls down so I know he isn’t overlapping with the ground Nav Mesh loading. AI spawns in the air and falls down so I know he isn't overlapping with the ground

I’ve disabled and enabled collision for the static mesh cube component in the character pawn, but he still doesn’t move. The goal is to get him to follow the player when he sees him. The pawnsensing trigger works just fine, as I had it print whenever he sees him, and he even properly gets to the point of executing the "follow player" function (the print statement works).

However, using AIMoveTo fails every time. I’ve tried putting the player as the target, the player’s worldLocation as a vector, and even an arbitrary point vector to the right of the AI but AIMoveTo fails every time.

I’ve deleted and replaced the NavMesh, and I’ve even tried completely skipping using AIMoveTo and just using Add Movement Input in both the AI Thinking Blueprint and Character Pawn Blueprint but neither make it move. I literally put an Add Movement Input function on the Pawn’s event tick but it never moves.

Any suggestions?

Code: AI Logic event is triggered every tick AI Logic event is triggered every tick

Character Pawn Tick (for debugging). Does not cause the Pawn to move Character Pawn Tick (for debugging). Does not cause the Pawn to move

What would cause cron jobs to fail? WordPress site unresponsive after migration

After a server migration, on a custom-configured server, a large WordPress site is becoming unresponsive once moderate traffic is pointed at it.

There seems to be no seemingly apparent reason for this, as server specs are very much sufficient. One clue is cron jobs are not running. Refreshing pages will not trigger them to run, and they report as "running now" or are scheduled for -40+ years ago (aka, to force them to run now)

However, this fixes it, in wp-config: define(‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true);

But, why? I feel like this is a symptom of what is wrong with the migrated website, as it does not function at all once it receives traffic (20+ second loading, and/or unresponsive). CPU load/etc, is withing "normal-high" range, aka normal. It just, seemingly dies. Disabling/enabling cache and cloudflare doesn’t change anyhting. The original site, same settings, functions great.

What would cause cron jobs to fail and a server to not handle traffic after a migration to a freshly configured server?

Laptop sometimes shows underscore in corner, becomes unresponsive when opened

I have a Dell XPS 15 with a GTX 1050 GPU running Ubuntu Budgie 19.04, and I have the 418 drivers. Recently, my laptop has been occasionally having a problem where when I open the laptop, instead of showing my lock screen, it shows a black screen with a small underscore in the upper left corner. Sometimes I can press ctrl-alt-f1 to see a login prompt, but I can’t type anything or switch to any other console. The only way to use my computer again is to hold down the power button until the power is cut and turn it back on again. What is causing this, and how do I fix this?

Ubuntu Server 18.10 Web Server – Unresponsive daily

I’m running a Ubuntu Server 18.10 (GNU/Linux 4.18.0-1015-gcp x86_64) on Google Cloud. It’s using 4 cores and 14 GB of memory.

Every night at approximately 05:00 UTC (sometimes a few minutes before, sometimes a few minutes after) the whole server becomes unresponsive to any traffic. Web requests fail, can’t ssh or ping the machine. It remains in this state for 2-5 minutes then comes back. This occurs during the middle of the night for most users, so does not seem to be load related.

Afterward, in the performance history graphs, I can see that during that time the CPU usage dropped to less than 1% usage.

The machine does not seem to be running out of memory, leading up to the crash usage was low, and rarely exceeds 10 GB.

The syslog doesn’t show anything obvious, at least to me. I’ll post a screenshot of what went on during that time below.

There are automated tasks/crons that run at various times of the day (database backups, disk cleanups, etc) but none seem to line up with when the server becomes unresponsive.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what could be happening or ways to gather more info it would be greatly appreciated.


Desktop unresponsive after Disco Dingo Upgrade

I am experiencing some weird and very annoying UI issues after the Disco Dingo upgrade.

I have a NVIDIA Graphics Card.

My issues include no feedback from mouse clicks in the desktop environment and no feedback from keyboard events in the desktop environment. I have tried reinstalling the nvidia graphics drivers, changing the display manager, “disabling” wayland with gdm3, and reinstalling the gnome shell (fix GUI after Disco Dingo upgrade).

I dont know what else to try – PLEASE HELP!

After Factory Reset, Android Galaxy Camera Touchscreen is unresponsive

I met the weirdest thing I ever have. I have a galaxy camera gc100, It works very well without any problems. Since I decide to lend it to my friend, I did a factory reset. After the factory reset, everything looks fine and the initial setup screen “Select language” appears. BUT, I can not touch anything on the screen. It seems that the touch is simply unresponsive at all until the screen turns off by timeout. And then I tried (1) hard reboot, (2) go to Maintenance boot mode by pressing power and zoom out and did delete cache and factory reset again. (3) flash stock rom. (4) take out of the battery and then holding pressing the power button for more than 1 minute and then insert the battery and boot. (did three times). But none of them works. This is just weird and I can not find anyone on the Internet having the same issue as me. Other people met unresponsive touch screen and then did hard reset to fix the issue. Mine is entirely opposite. I don’t have any problems, but factory/hard reset causing the touch screen is unresponsive at initial setup screen. Do anyone have any clue how I can workaround this issue? Thanks a lot. (Btw the system is still functioning because I can adjust volume and take screenshots by using the physical buttons).