Unset widget tab from media browser programmatically

Need to unset a widget tab from media browser based on the condition of media type supported by the field.

Media types: Image and Video.

For example, There is a field which references image media type only. When the media browser appears on the form, it displays create embed tab as well to embed the videos.

As the field doesn’t reference the video media type, need to unset the tab programmatically to help the content author.

I have tried the form alter, but I don’t get any information about the media type referenced by the field in the hook.

How to Unset the proxy from Windows command prompt permanently?

I have set the proxy in my Windsows 7 cmd using the below commands

C:\> setx HTTP_PROXY http://username:password@proxy.example.com:1234 C:\> set HTTPS_PROXY=http://username:password@proxy.example.com:5678 

Now I’m trying to remove it by using the below commands,

set http_proxy= set https_proxy= 

This works only in the current command prompt session, when I open new cmd my old proxy urls are set again, I have to use set http_proxy= again to remove it. How to remove this proxy settings permanently?

Drupal 8 view presents fewer items per page after using Unset

I’m deleting items by means of an unset in hook_views_post_execute, as far as the view I have it configured by 10 items per page.

The problem is that it shows me sometimes 6 or 8, I have searched for options but to reduce the size as when inserting programmed nodes and not when they are missing

/**  * Implements hooks_views_post_execute().  */ function module_views_post_execute(ViewExecutable $  view) {      // Remove by region user origin the rows.     if ($  view->id() == 'taxonomy_term' && $  view->current_display == 'page_1') {         $  language = \Drupal::languageManager()->getCurrentLanguage()->getId();         foreach ($  view->result as $  key => $  row) {             $  node = Node::load($  row->_entity->id());             $  region_user = $  node->getOwner()->field_region->value;              if ($  language != $  region_user) {                 unset ($  view->result[$  key]); // delete a row             }         }     } } 

Code according to references to update the page:

/**  * Implements hooks_views_pre_render().  */ function module_views_pre_render(ViewExecutable $  view) {    if ($  view->id() == 'taxonomy_term' && $  view->current_display == 'page_1') {      // Rebuild number of items per page.     $  view->pager->total_items = $  view->total_rows;     $  view->pager->updatePageInfo();   } } 

Reference pages consulted: Change views pager programmatically



Debug of $ view->result after $ view->pager->updatePageInfo();, can see that only 6 items and not 10

enter image description here

LSCOLORS and CLICOLOR active by default and unset

Running zsh out of the box “ls -G” produced a colored list with the default colored values. But when I “echo” both “$ LSCOLORS” and “$ CLICOLOR” I receive an empty response. Reviewing “printenv” or “set” also do not show these variables.

Unlike other questions asking how to change LSCOLORS and CLICOLOR, I want to ask where are the default options set, even though these environment variables are not set (in a way I can find)? Is there a way to view the background process, of “ls” for example, within terminal to trace these back to an answer?

Unset gateway issue with page id

I have made 2 different checkout pages, so I need to hide the bank wire option on checkout page 2 and some other payment option on the other page. Here is my code:

add_filter('woocommerce_available_payment_gateways','filter_gateways',1); function filter_gateways($  gateways){ global $  woocommerce;         global $  post;     if( $  post->ID == 5130) {             unset($  gateways['bacs']);     }     if( $  post->ID == 5125) {             unset($  gateways['mollie']);     }  return $  gateways; } 

This does not work. Can someone tell me why this won’t work?