Check off the boxes you wish to unsubscribe from

In attempting to unsubscribe from a company’s emailing list, I was directed to a website with the following form.

enter image description here

Note the phrase “Check off the boxes… you wish to unsubscribe from.” Is this some type of standard phrasing? The use of the terms off and unsubscribe seem to make the sentence ambiguous; should I check or uncheck? (The default page has all check boxes unchecked.)

Is there a way this company can improve their phrasing?

Unsubscribe não funciona no RXJS, qual o método correto de uso?

Fiz um código para monitorar um Mapa usando o nativescript-geolocation e o nativescript-google-maps-sdk, há um serviço do Angular que encapsula toda a lógica de acesso ao nativescript-geolocation que recebe um subscribe fornecido por um comente do Angular.

Ao executar o listener representado pela função componente.mapViewRead(), que é executado quando o mapa está pronto, este cadastra no serviço o subscribe chamando um método servico.gpsInfo$ .subscribe((gpsInfo)=>this.gpsInfo = gpsInfo), quando o usuário manipula o mapa mudando a posição da camera para uma nova coordenada, uma propriedade que representa o subscripition é usada por outro listener responsável pela manipulação da camera para desativar o subscribe chamando a função this.subscription.unsubscribe().

Apesar da subscrição ser desativada teóricamente e poder ser constado através da propriedade this.subscription.isClosed, ele não para de processar as chamadas do Observable.

Será que eu estou fazendo algo errado? ou é um bug do RXJS?

Abaixo está o código de ambos serviço e componente.

Neste link pode ser encontrado o código completo do serviço, e abaixo o código relevante ao problema.

startHeadingUpdates() {         if (this.watchId) {             return;         }          this.watchId = geoLocation.watchLocation(             (loc) => {                 if (loc) {<GPSInfo>loc);                 }             },             (e) => {                 console.error("Error: " + e.message);             },             { desiredAccuracy: 3, updateDistance: 10, minimumUpdateTime: 1000 * .3 });     }     public get gpsInfo(): Observable<GPSInfo> {         if (!this._gpsInfo$  )             this._gpsInfo$   = this._gpsInfo.asObservable()         return this._gpsInfo$  ;     }  

Código completo do componente pode ser encontrado neste link, abaixo apenas o código relevante ao problema:

// componente     private subscribeGPSInfo() {         this._gpsInfoSubscription = this._compass.gpsInfo.subscribe((gpsInfo) => {             this.gpsInfo = gpsInfo;         }, (error) => {         console.error("MussalaMapsComponent.ngAfterViewInit() _compass.gpsInfo.subscribe ", error);         });     }      private unsubscribeGPSInfo() {         if (this._gpsInfoSubscription && this._gpsInfoSubscription.closed) {         this._gpsInfoSubscription.unsubscribe();         }     }      goToMyLocation() {         const cfg: GPSConfig = {};         this._compass.getMyLocation(cfg)             .then((gpsInfo: GPSInfo) => {                 this.gpsInfo = gpsInfo;                 this.mapView.latitude = this.gpsInfo.latitude;                 this.mapView.longitude = this.gpsInfo.longitude;             });          this.subscribeGPSInfo();     }     onMapReady(event) {         const template = this.createInfoWindowTemplate();         this.mapView.infoWindowTemplates = template;          let marker: Marker = this._compass.createIslamicMarker(             1,             MakerType.MUSSALA,             "Mussala Fortaleza",             "Fortaleza, Ce, Brasil",             "Rua São Paulo, 1831 - Jacarecanga, Fortaleza - CE, 60310-226",             //-3.7214696,-38.5430259             <GPSInfo>{ latitude: -3.7214696, longitude: -38.5430259 }         );         this.mapView.addMarker(marker);          marker = this._compass.createIslamicMarker(             2,             MakerType.SPONSOR,             "Curso Arduino Minas",             "Aquiraz, Ce, Brasil",             "R. José Alves Pereira, S/N, Aquiraz, CE, Brasil",             {                 latitude: -3.9242100850690402,                 longitude: -38.45365650951862             }         );          this.mapView.addMarker(marker);          this.goToMyLocation();         this.subscribeGPSInfo();          this.isBusy = false;      } 

What about privacy data on Subscribe WordPress and How to unsubscribe?

Another day I commented on wordpress blog and I could subscribe me for get new comments and answers from author and other users. Well, I receive, on my personal email, a message from wordpress to a Subscription Managementpage:

On Subscription Management page all are simple but misterious: I can’t ‘unsubscribe’ for this service, and I can’t look privacy info or something similar.

How to unsubscribe and delete all bonding between my email account and wordpress subscribe service?.

Unsubscribe from AfterCheck in Custom TreeView

I’m creating a custom TreeView in C# inherited from a regular Forms.TreeView, and I need the checkbox to change when clicking the text of the node. That is done. However, the triggered AfterCheck event, sends it’s EventArgs Action as unknown instead as by Mouse.

To solve this. I tried to change the Node, then create a new TreeViewEventArgs with the correct TreeViewAction, and firing AfterCheck.

#region Override OnNodeMouseClick         /// <summary> Allows the node to change when it's name is clicked </summary>         /// <param name="e"></param>         protected override void OnNodeMouseClick(TreeNodeMouseClickEventArgs e)         {             base.OnNodeMouseClick(e);              #region Get in which pixel the name begins             TreeNode node = e.Node; //Stores the node             int i = 0;              //Counter of how many parent nodes the node has              #region Counts how many parent nodes the clicked node has             while(node.Parent != null)             { node = node.Parent; i++; }             #endregion              int margin = 40 + 20 * i; //Defines the pixel on which the name in the node starts             #endregion              if (e.X >= margin)             {                 e.Node.Checked = !e.Node.Checked; //Changes th                 MouseClickEventArgs = new TreeViewEventArgs(e.Node, TreeViewAction.ByMouse);                  OnAfterCheck(MouseClickEventArgs);             }         }         #endregion 

However, this obviously causes the event to fire twice. Once with an unknown action and another with a ByMouse action.

The differentiation between the type of Action is needed for another part of the code and also is the reason the event shouldn’t fire twice.

Thanks for your help

How do I simultaneously unsubscribe from all subreddits, without clicking each ‘Unsubscribe’ button?

I input the following 2 scripts from Reddit into my URL bar, but my Firefox and Chrome misinterpreted them as Google searches, and redirected to the Google results for that input.

Warning There is no way to undo this if you clear your browser history

Click the multireddit link on this page. Once you click it and get redirected, paste this into the address bar and click enter:

javascript:(function(){var%20q=[];$ ('.remove').each(function(){var%20that=this;var%20f=function(index){$ (that).trigger('click');$ (that).trigger('mousedown');setTimeout(function(){if(q[index]){q[index](index+1);}else{if(downVoteTimer){window.clearTimeout(upVoteTimer);}}},500);};q.push(f);});var%20downVoteTimer=window.setTimeout(function(){q[0](1);},50);}());

Script #2:

Try using this instead:

javascript:(function(){var%20q=[];$ ('.remove').each(function(){var%20that=this;var%20f=function(index){$ (that).trigger('click');$ (that).trigger('mousedown');setTimeout(function(){if(q[index]){q[index](index+1);}else{if(downVoteTimer){window.clearTimeout(upVoteTimer);}}},500);};q.push(f);});var%20downVoteTimer=window.setTimeout(function(){q[0](1);},50);}());

Chrome might auto remove the javascript: part so you need to manually re-add it

The screenshot beneath portrays the titled question.

enter image description here

Magento 2 ProductAlert Unsubscribe url not working

I have extended Magento_ProductAlert module so that users can subscribe to product using email (it means that also guest users can subscribe). Till this everything works. And now I have problem with Unsubscribe url, when clicking on it – nothing happens. After checking code in /vendor/magento/module-product-alert/Controller/Unsubscribe/Stock.php it gets it based on Customer id but in my case I don’t have Customer id, I have email only, since guests can also subscribe to product.

How can I get user email in Unsubscribe url? Currently it adds product Id in url, want to add user email also there and then get it by getParam and check if that email exists in database and if exists for current product then delete it from table. Or maybe there is some better solution?

why am I receiving Gmail DRAFT notifications for unsubscribe mail in Apple MAIL?

Just recently ,following Google’s recommendations to unsubscribe from receiving unwanted junk mail. I am getting draft notifications in Apple Mail everyday that there is mail pending mail to be sent to the unsubscriber’s email address. I have tried resending the mail, erasing email addresses and deleting the email, to transferring the mail to JUNK. The same three Draft notifications still appear when I launch the Apple Mail App on my desktop computer. I want to discard these notifications once and for all. MY FEELING IS THE PERSON WHO IS PROVIDING THE ‘MALWARE/ADWARE UNSUBSCRIBE LINK IS VIOLATING GOOGLE’S USER AGREEMENT FOR GMAIL. I like using Gmail, but I receive more JUNK mail than actual correspondence, which is why I created the Gmail account. I have tried to disable my account, but there is such a lengthy period and so many hoops to jump through, I have given up. I would just as soon disable this account and create a new account with a different login and password to avoid this hassle.

How can I even unsubscribe from a very annoying website? (

I don’t really hysterically even remember how I got to subscribe from this very annoying website. If I search for the website’s name, an error will appear and the website will not be shown, so I cannot really unsubscribe. Please tell me that unsubscribing is allowed in google chrome. Thank you.

If I Accidentally Unsubscribe and Resubscribe From A Youtube Channel, Upon Checking When I Subscribed Will They See The New date?

The title says it all- I’m wondering if resubscribing changes the subscription date. I was on Nintendo Switch Youtube, and accidentally clicked the ‘unsubscribe’ icon. I resubbed within seconds and had to turn notifications back on. If they go to creator’s studio and check when I subbed- will the new date be there or the old?