TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: ‘int’ and ‘tuple’ – Subtração de dois elementos do vetor [pendente]

Olá, estou tentando subtrair dois elementos de duas listas diferentes, de acordo com as interações mas sempre está mostrando esse erro:

TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: ‘int’ and ‘tuple’

Aqui está meu código:

 for i in range(0, Tam):      dist.append(sqrt(pow(R[i+1] - Rf[i], 2) + pow(G[i+1] - Gf[i], 2))) 

copying files from pc to android denied with error message unsupported file type

so I bought an android phone (moto g6 plus with android 8) and I want to restore some files which I backed up from my older phone (moto g 1st gen).

I connect the phone to my PC (Windows) via a USB cable and enable in the phone: Use USB to: Transfer Files. I can send .mp3 files. I cannot send (paste) a .vcf file (my contacts) and I cannot .png images (screenshots). The message I get is:

The ... file type is not supported in this device. If it is a media file you may be able to use Windows Media Player to convert the file to a playable type prior to transfer. Do you wish to skip this file for now ? 

And I get a skip/skip all/cancel options only.

But I can get any file type from the phone and into my pc which is weird.

Am I doing something wrong ? How can I fix this ? (preferably without having to install another app).

Thank you in advance.

Safari 12 doesn’t play icecast audio stream – “Unsupported plug-in”

I have a virtual machine (VMWARE) with macOs Mojave 10.14 installed. And I tried to open the following icecast link in Safari 12:

It’s a radio stream. However, Safari doesn’t play it. I see only the message: “Unsupported plug-in”. But as far as I know it should be played via Html5 audio element, it’s mime type is audio/mpeg, and no plug-in is required for it.

The same result I have in a virtual machine for VirtualBox.

However, the problem is that a colleague, who have a mac, tried to open the link, and it works for him well.

Thus, I wonder what may be the problem and how can it be fixed?

My dad updates his phone’s software and now SD card is shown as unsupported

My dad has a HTC A9 and he updated to android 7.0 today. He always ignored the updates until now. So after the update the SD card started showing a unsupported. We have many photos and video there that we don’t want to loose. Is there a way we can fix it. The phone was just updated nothing more. The apps were still there. I tried connecting the SD card to my PC but it can not be read. Thank you!

Blockchain wallet generated wrong unsupported xPub

We have an issue with blockchain.net. One of our wallets receive xPub key, we generate addresses and clients pay on it. All was good, except one thing, we do not see funds in our wallet. We try to check xPub and receive an error

xPub not found

But this xPub were generated by blockchain.

So what we need to do, in order to receive funds from addresses generated by this invalid xPub?