Redirect user after profile update with a message

I have been working on a website based on woocommerce and have removed the default dashboard on the my account page. But when users update their email id or change their password, it still goes to the dashboard with a message.

  1. I want to redirect users to the same profile page with a message saying "profile updated" when they change their email id.
  2. Redirect users to the login page after changing their password because changing password logs them out. Could you guys help me out?

For time being I tried using the following code to redirect to the home page for the both actions but I get a syntax error while placing the order.

function redirect_me(){   wp_redirect(home_url('/'));   exit; } 

I am a designer with less knowledge about coding. Could you guys help me out here?

Update variable value via add_filter

I have this apply filter in my plugin.

$  pre_html = apply_filters( 'events_views_html', null, $  view_slug, $  query, $  context ); 

I want to change $ view_slug value dynamically because I do not want to modify plugin files. Can I do this using add_filter in my child theme ?

It is a basic question but I have limited knowledge of WordPress filters and hooks. Some guidelines regarding this will be appreciated.