update multiple list items using Sharepoint Plus and ids

I’m using Sharepoint Plus and want to update multiple list items based on ids.

I have one input text to update only title field and an array of IDs from selected my list items as a function, (to simplify , i have made the list of the ids as the following):

... <input id="Title" name="Title" type="text"> <script> var fileds = {};  $  ('form').on('submit', function(e) {    e.preventDefault();    fileds['Title']= $  ("#Title").val();    $  SP().list("MyName").update({Title: [fileds] },{      where:"ID in (34, 45, 55, 33)"   });  });     </script> 

if i’m using only one id –> where:”ID = 34″ then it is working but i want to update multiple records with the same value from text filed. is there and possibility to do that ? any idea ?

Does canceling update operation perform automatic rollback

I ran into a bit of confusion. I’m under the belief that database operations are automatic – that is either the query succeeds or the transaction is automatically rolledback. For example – if you have a long running UPDATE statement and you “cancel” it before it finishes – IE clicking red circle X button in SQL Developer (which you should receive a ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation error). Upon canceling the query the query is rolled back and no rows were affected. I believe the same should hold true for DELETE statements.

I looked around for some documentation on it and I found this article that really isn’t authoritative.