About Microsoft delivering Windows 10 updates [closed]

I’m really curious to know the answers to these questions. I Hope you can help me out.

1- For how long will the Surface Go receive software updates(feature & security) ?

2- Is there a difference between: • the software updates(feature & security) delivered to Microsoft’s own hardware(Surface lineup devices) and • the software updates(feature & security) delivered to computers from other manufacturers(like LG, for example…) ???

3- Does Microsoft’s own hardware gets supported with software updates(feature & security) for a longer period of time than computers from other manufacturers?

Thank you.

Few updates suggestions

Hi! I have few suggestions if added to ser , they will be too much helpful
1) Select verified links based on country. 
Project->right click->show urls->verified->select->links based on country
2)Export unused accounts from projects.
If we upload accounts to a project and run the project but decide to stop the project before all the accounts gets processed. So the leftover accounts can be exported and used in the same or in any other project. It helps in lots of ways. First all of the accounts will be used evenly . Links overwriting will be avoided. Same accounts getting used again quickly can lead to deletions.
3). Add engines selection so that selected engines verified links from the project can only be added,

I hope these can be worked out. Hoping for the best.
Thanks again,

Any thoughts or research on forced updates on apps?

I was wondering the UX impact on forced updates on apps and found little to no research on the subject so far.

There may be crucial information that needs to be accessed in certain cases but an abrupt forced update may block the users from accessing that information especially in no wifi areas.

I’m working on a travel app that contains ticket information and I’m afraid that this issue might severely damage the user experience in such occasions so I’m looking for anything to back me up here.

Is there any data/research on how often do apps from different domains release forced updates and what are their impacts etc. and what are your thoughts about this subject?


What is the best way to notify a user that updates are available in a desktop application?

I have a WPF desktop application that is used as the front-end for a webservice. This application has a database that could get updated from time to time, but it would also work with an old database. I want my application to do a background check on startup, whether the database needs to be updated.

If that is the case, I want to notify the user.


What are the best ways to do that ?

SharePoint 2019 Standard vs. Enterprise, Updates / Release / Patch / Versions and the SharePoint Framework Releases

We have an SP2019 test farm running SharePoint Server 2019 Standard, version 16.0.10351.20000 (October 2019). I have a few questions regarding compatibility between SPFX development and SP2019 on-premise:

  1. Is it important to keep the SP2019 environment updated with the latest monthly release in order to ensure compatibility with the latest version of the SharePoint Framework?

  2. Is there any guidance regarding development targeting SP2019 standard edition vs. enterprise (article, blog post)?

  3. Some on-line posts state that SPFX should be kept at version 1.4.1 for SP2019. Is this still true?

  4. Does anyone have any experience regarding possible deployment issues when development is performed on SharePoint Online? Development environment is O365.

Thanks in advance!

How to check security and other updates avaliable on linux distro automaticaly?

Let suppose we have network of 10 plus Linux machines having different distro (debian, Centos , Redhat and Arch etc ).

Can we implement some centralized system where we have update about update on all of these machines(there could be security , application or Linux kernel updates).

So we can patch vulnerabilities timely and mitigate intrusion threat.

Can Software Center see updates from the snap version of fwupd?

As per this answer, I have uninstalled fwupd and replaced it with the snap version. This made it possible to update Unifying peripherals, but now I wonder about the following.:

I am used to getting regular messages from Ubuntu Software Center, that firmware updates are available. Will I still be getting these messages now that fwupd lives in a snap? Can the Ubuntu Software Center see the service that runs from the snap properly?