Updating data to a new column

So similar questions have been asked but none include an answer for many rows. Say I have an existing table with data filled up and I just added a new column. Now I want to add data to existing rows for that new column, but I don’t want to do it 1 by 1, I want for example to add the name ‘john’ to each row in the new column. How do I do that?

Unity3D : Creating and sharing levels with players without updating the game

I am using Unity. I am new to Unity but I have a strong c++ opengl background in making games and I wrote my game engine as well. I want to share levels with players without updating the game. I want all the levels to be part of one scene. There are two problems here…

  1. Creating levels for once scene 2. sharing levels with players

for first problem, without unity I would have created a level editor and placed some objects there and generated a JSON file which will have things like Transform and asset used by the object.

For second problem, I looked into firebase which has something called Realtime database which solves the problem

Can anyone give me some idea how I can have a solid comfortable structure to create and share levels in UNITY engine.

Thank you.

Updating Ubuntu

How can I make sure in the terminal that my Ubuntu updates are from the real source?

I am asking because I know that one download was fake. It was rkhunter. The update was malware. Done from Bangkok. I think it was DNS hijacking.

Need help with updating website

I have an existing site that was built using (don't faint), WebPlus by Serif. If you are not familiar, it is a WYSIWYG software program that has gone belly up. It still works fine, but there is no support and no chance of future updates. My site is over 10 years old and is only used by members of our club, mainly sports related pages charting standings/stats.

I am happy with the site, except with the demise of the software, I have additional steps because they are no longer supported; i.e….

Need help with updating website

Updating Feats To Scale With Level [closed]

I just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on something I implemented in my 3.5e campaigns. I like to call them 3.75e campaigns.

I updated all feats to scale with level. This means the following:

If a feat gives a bonus, such as Dodge (+1 dodge bonus) or Weapon Specialization (+2 damage), it increases automatically every 4 levels. So +1/+2 at 1-4, +2/+4 at 5-8, +3/+6 at 9-12, +4/+8 at 13-16, +5/+10 at 17-20, and so on. I do this with all feats that have a +1 or +2 bonus to AC, attacks, damage, skills, DC increases, etc.

It allows melee BAB, ranged BAB, and skill based characters to scale like spells and abilities already do for other classes. It also means that no feat becomes totally useless as you level, such as Dodge or +2 skill increase feats.

Speaking of scaling, I also modified monks to use d10 hit dice, get a BAB like a fighter, and increase their unarmed damage to 1d6 at 1-3, 2d6 at 4-7, 3d6 at 8-11, 4d6 at 12-15, 5d6 at 16-19, and 6d6 at 20. This makes them a subclass of fighter and is offset because they do not get the extra fighter feats (made more powerful through my new scaling rules). Small creatures do d4s and large creatures do d8s.

Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions.