How to explain to traditional people why they should upgrade their old Windows XP device?

This is an issue I’m recurringly facing: older people from my family (or people who my family members know) can be surprisingly reluctant to apply most basic security measures when they’re using they’re PCs. The particular issues vary, but this time I’m struggling with a really eggregious one: the refusal to upgrade from their ~20 years old Windows XP PC. (Or is this an even older version of Windows? I don’t really know as I did not see it yet.)

How can I explain that it is a bad idea nowadays to connect to the internet with such a PC?

I think that this question will only be clear and meaningful if I add an addendum about the mindset of such people… which seems to me to be really peculiar:

  • They seem to have no notion of obsolescence of things. In their minds, a computer is in good shape if and only if it is capable to perform the tasks they need it to perform (eg. “receive this important document sent to my e-mail address, make such-and-such modifications to this document, send it back“). Thus if they’re able to do this it is hard to explain to them they should buy a new PC.
  • They remember the times of poverty, when it was irresponsible (and actually plain stupid) to replace things carelessly. In their times broken things were being fixed if possible, and only replaced if repairs were no longer possible. Some of them are still poor, so they may have actual (rather than just mental) reasons to refuse to spend a three digit sum on new things.
  • They seem reluctant to understand how to operate stuff from the modern era. They seem to want a concise, clearly defined order of steps necessary to perform a task (rather than understanding of the abstractions of modern GUIs so that they can operate their PCs regardless of whatever it shows them). If anything strays from this clear order of steps (eg the computer shows them an unexpected dialog) they get confused and may deem their computer “broken” (and call me to “fix” it for them).
    • Actual example: “I don’t know what happens, why can I not get to my e-mail inbox without all of this annoying stuff? It keeps displaying me these annoying messages about passwords and phone numbers! Please fix it for me so that clicking this picture will get me to my e-mail inbox!”
    • As a result, whenever anything changes in their computer (eg this WinXP is upgraded finally…) that interferes with their well-known, predictable order of steps / responses from their PC it is likely they’ll say I “broke more than I fixed”. They have a clear definition of “fixing” their PC… “make it behave exactly as it used to“.
  • When told about security (eg that a middle school kiddie next door could break into their PC) they tend to respond along the lines of “Am I working in a three letter agency?” or “Who am I, a millionaire? There’s no reason anyone would want to target me!

Actually, if I think about it, their point of view, even if fallacious, kind of makes sense… They simply treat a PC as a tool like that they’re accustomed of, something like a hammer or a (traditional, simple, devoid of electronics) vacuum cleaner… Their approach, listed above, seems reasonable if they were talking about a hammer rather than a PC, I guess…

I’m running out of arguments. In the spirit of this question, may I ask how to talk to such old-timers?

How to upgrade a secret house [on hold]

Context: The players got a secret manor as a gift from a shady noble woman they made friends with but the manor is old and run down since the manor has been abandon for years. They no longer have connection with noble woman due to reasons. And the manor comes with a demon butler that is sworn to serve whoever is the owner of the manor. (Think Black Butler but can’t leave the property)

Question: How do i set it up so they could upgrade it while still keeping the location and the existence of the manor a secret?

I was thinking about having the manor tied to the demon so in order to upgrade the house they would have to increase his power, like the house looks run down but clean at the beginning but as he gets power the manor will look more pristine and he will have greater ability to make changes as ordered by summoning the upgrades. But I’m not sure.

Postgres extremely slow after upgrade from Version 10 to 11

Related to this:PostgreSQL extremely slow after upgrade from 9.3 to 9.4 but trying to understand better…

My queries was slow after upgrading to Postgres Version 11.5 from 10.7 I first ran ANALYZE on the DB but still was slow! so I can VACUUM ANALYZE on the DB, and was still slow…

as a last resort, I am running VACUUM FULL ANALYZE on a table by table basis using psycopg2 with autocommit on ( to be able to run it in psycopg2

one table is taking hours to do … while I wait, I can’t help but wonder what went wrong. The reduction of the query performance was mainly from UPSERT.

SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016 Upgrade or Migrate

I am in the process of upgrading SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016. What I’ve done so far is attach the SharePoint 2010 db into Sharepoint 2013 environment, completed the mount and upgrade. However, it looks horrible in SharePoint 2013. The company template, web parts are broken, etc. What are the benefits of upgrading vs. migrating? Is it better to redesign/build the site in SharePoint 2016 and use a third party tool to migrate the data? I haven’t looked at the workflows yet. Can Workflows and MySites be migrated or is that an upgrade?

Any recommendations, tips, best practices?

Thank you.

Trying to update and upgrade/ install / anything having to do with any package what should I do?

root@Hammer:/home/millertime# sudo apt-get-dist-upgrade sudo: apt-get-dist-upgrade: command not found root@Hammer:/home/millertime# apt-get clean root@Hammer:/home/millertime# sudo apt-get clean root@Hammer:/home/millertime# sudo apt-gert dist-upgrade sudo: apt-gert: command not found root@Hammer:/home/millertime# sudo dpkg --configure -a Setting up tzdata (2019c-0ubuntu0.18.04) ... debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable dpkg: error processing package tzdata (--configure):  installed tzdata package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1 Setting up gdm3 (3.28.3-0ubuntu18.04.4) ... debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable dpkg: error processing package gdm3 (--configure):  installed gdm3 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1 dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of python3-dateutil:  python3-dateutil depends on tzdata; however:   Package tzdata is not configured yet.  dpkg: error processing package python3-dateutil (--configure):  dependency problems - leaving unconfigured dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of software-properties-gtk:  software-properties-gtk depends on python3-dateutil; however:   Package python3-dateutil is not configured yet.  dpkg: error processing package software-properties-gtk (--configure):  dependency problems - leaving unconfigured Errors were encountered while processing:  tzdata  gdm3  python3-dateutil  software-properties-gtk 

apt upgrade does not see apt-offline packages

I’m trying to update my Ubuntu 18.04 computer that does not have internet connection. However the process is failing when I try to run sudo apt upgrade. I have checked a couple of other links like: sol1, sol2 and sol3.

I have set up apt-offline on my offline computer we can call OC1, and I have also set it up on my online computer we can call OC2. I set up a signature file on my OC1, I then bring the file over to OC2, and use the command sudo apt-offline get apt-offline.sig --bundle It downloads all the packages to that zip file and I then bring that file over to OC1.

Great at this point everything is normal and running as I expect it to. Now I install the package with this command: sudo ./apt-offline install /home/fletchy/Desktop/MyPC/ I select Yes (Y) when prompted to install and it installs the packages. However it just syncs them all. However I suppose that make sense because now I would just do a normal sudo apt upgrade and I’ll update and I’ll be good to go. However, when I run sudo apt upgrade it runs as if its looking at the internet to install these packages not my cache or directories.

I get errors like:

Err:## http://... Could not resolve '' 
E: Failed to fetch http....deb Could not resolve '' 

What I would expect to get is a successful install of the packages and update of the system. Perhaps I’m missing something small, I’ve used Linux for awhile now but never had to update packages offline until recently and I’m encountering this problem. I’ve attempted to reboot the system, and restart the entire update process from scratch.

Fail to enter suspend mode after upgrade

I am currently running Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS on a desktop machine (8 year old). After a recent software upgrade, when I long-pressed the power button and then pressed on the suspend button, the computer failed to enter the suspend mode. The fan was still running and a running light was still on. Before the upgrade, everything was running smoothly; the fan will stop and the running light will turn blinking.

Is there anything I should configure to restore the old behaviour?

Can you upgrade armour from breastplate to halfplate?

Agar the Ranger is wearing a Breastplate of Psychic Resistance(DMG, 152), he wants to upgrade his amour to half plate while retaining the magical resistance.

Half plate consists of shaped metal plates that cover most of the wearers body” PHB. 145

Presumably half plate would include a breastplate; RAW can Agar wear half plate armour and retain the magical properties of the original breastplate?