Does input type=”file” selection support url ( upload from web ) ? -html

I wonder can I use the option of input type=”file” in html to upload from url ( web/ftp etc. ) ? Is there option to it? To more explain, I want to select zip file with url and uoload it to website.Which operating systems support it? How can do it on linux,mac and windows 10? I talking about the option on the link:

<input type="file">: How to Use This HTML Value

Clickjacking and XSS on file upload input?

I reported a self-xss on file uploader input to a bug bounty company and they said that they will only accept it if i can find a good clickjacking exploit for that input. My question is: Is it possible to make a clickjacking proof of concept on a file uploader input? This XSS trigger if i select a file named <script>alert(1)<.pdf as file to upload. Is it possible to make automatically load a file with a custom name inside of an iframed page file uploader input with just few clicks?

pasting a url into a chrome file upload dialog box

when using chrome, can a maliciously designed or temporarily compromised website that has a file upload dialog box, when selecting a file to upload on such a website, and pasting, for instance, an image from a website as the file (does this use edge?) somehow impact the explorer.exe process or windows filesystem? can this access be contained within edge’s browser cache or can it go further?

Could you anonymously upload a file on the internet if the threat model was the entire world trying to find your identity after you do so?

Thought experiment: You need to upload a file, and the threat model is the entire world trying to find out who you are after you do so.

I know this is absurd, but bear with me, it’s a thought experiment that I thought would be fun to have, where the scenario is the following:

You are a normal citizen, and you have a file (assume that you just have it, and the file doesn’t have metadata or information related to you) that is somehow so compromising that, if uploaded on the internet, the entire world would actively try to find out who you are. Everyone, military, every country’s agencies, civilians, that grandma going to the grocery store, yes, her too, to the best of her ability. People who run TOR relays too, everyone.

Your mission is to upload it on the internet without your identity being revealed. How would you go about it?

Update: File is in your pendrive, has a size of few MB, it’s ok if it just shows up eventually. No-one should really guess what country you might live in. We can think of the user as average-citizen, with average knowledge of technology, but can follow instructions (for example, setting up Tails). Assume that who had access to this information was not relevant, because no-one had access to this data before. We can invent an unrealistic scenario for this, for example, you have material that prove the existence of aliens or something.

Who would I need to hire for this? Website that supports upload feature & google docs integration?

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask these questions so feel free to remove this if it violates any guidelines. I’ve got no experience in web design/development or anything so I’m a bit lost here.

I want to build a website that has an upload feature where people can upload docs and those docs could be uploaded instantaneously into a platform like google docs that allows annotations. Of course, I want it to look pretty as well.

So for this, do I have to hire a separate web designer & developer and if not them who else could do something like this?

Thanks for any answers!

Is it possible to encrypt portions of a file for upload so that one does not need to encrypt the entire file first?

Normally, to upload an encrypted file I would first encrypt the entire file, then upload the encrypted file. However, for large files this is not that easy as I need a external hard drive to hold the encrypted file. I am wondering if it is possible to perhaps encrypt a large file, say of 500 GB size, bit by bit, and to send the bit by bit encrypted information to an upload stream to say, Google Drive? Thanks.

Sharepoint Online – Upload Web Part Site AppCatalog – Deploy Error

I have a simple web-part Hello Word from the tutorial of “Build your first web part” from Microsoft. However, every time I upload web part, the column “Deployed” is checked to “No”, but column “Tenant Deployed” is checked “Yes”.

This is the error I’m having

Deployment failed.   Correlation ID: 8f42129f-b0c5-a000-40fb-3b7377e8541d 

This is my package-Solution.json

{   "$  schema": "",   "solution": {     "name": "test-1-client-side-solution",     "id": "00d7fc42-2ae8-451c-a23f-42142d53cae4",     "version": "",     "includeClientSideAssets": true,     "skipFeatureDeployment": true   },   "paths": {     "zippedPackage": "solution/test-1.sppkg"   } }  

I also tried the following commands.

gulp clean gulp bundle gulp bundle--ship gulp package-solution --ship