Zapier Google Contacts Integration | Error Uploading Contact Image

I am testing a Zapier integration which takes contact information entered through a Google Form, stores contact in a Google Sheet and, via Zapier, upload the new contact to Google Contacts.

The problem I’m facing is that while all contact data stores correctly, Zapier does not provide a dedicated Photo value in the Google Contacts settings.

I tried a custom value with names like photo and image (passing a photo URL) but they store on Google contacts like notes rather than contact photo.

Anyone has a solution for this?

Uploading file from URL

I am trying to import a file from a URL to my local PC. This code is working perfectly if I download a URL from any website. But now I want to import from a URL which required a windows authentication to access it and maybe that’s why I am getting this exception! Any help for how I can do that?

An unhandled exception of type ‘System.Net.WebException’ occurred in System.dll

Additional information: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

public static void downloadfilefromUrl(string sourceUrl , string destinationPath) {     HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(sourceUrl);     WebResponse responce = request.GetResponse();     FileStream file = new FileStream(destinationPath, FileMode.Create);     responce.GetResponseStream().CopyTo(file);     file.Close(); } 

iOS 12.1.4 – Photos stuck on uploading after iTunes restore

I restored my iPhone XS using the iTunes Backup I had saved on my Mac. Everything went back in place and also the pictures showed as being all there but, at the bottom of the Photos Library there was the message “Uploading 12.000 elements” (the number is around that). After one night it got down to 7865 then got stuck and didn’t move. First, why did it need to upload if everything was already in the device and matched with iCloud Photo Library? Anyway…

I rebooted the device, seemed to go away then the message appeared again at the same number. I turned off the iCloud Photo Library, rebooted the device and turned the iCloud Photo Library back on. No improvement. I soft reset the iPhone with no result. I turned on space optimisation for Photos which, according to the Settings storage option freed 42GB of space. Going into the Photos app though all the pictures were there and still downloaded (no charging animation when browsing through them). Also, the uploading message was still there this time again at 12.000. I turned back on the “Save originals on the iPhone” because that is how it was before and how I want it to stay.

Please, what can I do to solve this?

Uploading image from React to DRF

I want to upload a picture when registering a new user in my DRF backend. However, when I try to upload the image, I get the following error: “The submitted data was not a file. Check the encoding type on the form.”

#  class User(AbstractUser):     ...     photo = models.ImageField(blank=True, upload_to='photos/%Y/%m/%d/')     ...  #  class RegisterSerializer(ModelSerializer):    class Meta:        model = User        fields = (..., 'photo', ...)     ...  # frontend  export const register = ({ ..., photo, ...}) => dispatch => {    // Headers   const config = {     headers: {     "Content-Type": "application/json"     }   };    // Request Body   const body = JSON.stringify({ ..., photo, ...});    axios     .post("/api/auth/register", body, config)     .then(res => {       dispatch(         createMessage({         registerUser: `Registered new user! Welcome $  {username}`       })     );     dispatch({       type: REGISTER_SUCCESS,       data:     });   })   .catch(err => {     dispatch(returnErrors(, err.response.status));     dispatch({       type: REGISTER_FAIL     });   }); }; 

When I console.log(photo) it gives my a “File” object with the image details. The image is uploaded through react-images-upload .

SharePoint Online: Display form (Newform.aspx/Upload.aspx) instead of Pop up dialog for uploading documents in a document library

My current environment is SharePoint Online.

I want to customize (Newform.aspx/Upload.aspx) for a document library and want to show user a customized form instead of popup dialog after uploading document. How to customize this form? Just FYI
Launch in popup dialog is set to NO. Upload document

I don’t want to show a pop up screen Popup dialog, instead want to show a customized form (Like newform.aspx on SharePoint lists/editform.aspx on document library)

Is this possible? Any suggestions please.

Thanks in advance

Uploading cropped image from multiple devices while maintaining larger image size

My goal is to allow users to upload a profile image, and to crop the image prior to uploading in order to fit nicely in the image container. This is a very common issue.

The problem I’m having is that when the user is using a mobile device, the cropped and uploaded image ends up being roughly 350 pixels wide, which results in highly pixelized images when viewed on a large screen that ends up stretching the image as needed (upwards of 700 pixels).

The flow is as follows: user chooses new image locally to upload; this image is then implanted into the browser in order to be cropped; the resulting cropped image (base64) comes out with the correct aspect ratio, but the size (width and height) in pixels is in accordance with the devices screen width, which may be very small depending on the device.

I’m using Croppie.js to do the cropping, which works fine. However, the resulting base64 image located in the browser is very small in pixels when cropped on a small device (phone, etc.). The base64 image is what ends up getting uploaded, so this results in the problem mentioned above with stretching and pixelization on larger devices.

Any input or other techniques that I’ve overlooked would be greatly appreciated.

Uploading file to the server for download

I’ve my front end written using HTML/CSS/Javascript. Front end is communicating with the backend(Oracle database) using Java Webservices (Spring boot app).

Situation #1: User clicks on the Download button, using Ajax call, I call my Java webservice, java webservice returns the data in JSON format, I display this data in the UI in tabular format.

Situation #2: Since the amount of data to be returned is going to be huge, when a user clicks on the download button,I am expecting that the query could take hours or maybe a day to finish. Once the query is finished,I would like to upload the data returned from the webservice in a file at some location on the (RHEL)server so that when user comes back, he/she can click the Download button and download the file with huge data in whatever format it was saved (CSV, Excel etc)


1) I was reading in another Stack overflow post here that saving file using FileSystemAPI on Firefox isn’t supported. I am wondering if this is even a good solution based on the situation #2 described above?

2)If a webservice keeps on running for a day, isn’t it going to time out in few hours? I’ve a feeling that the approach I’ve mentioned in Situation #2 above isn’t an efficient one.

3) Is there something else that can be done in a more efficient manner to accomplish my task? Probably, some scheduling at database point of view?

4) In Situation #2, since the query is going to take long time, I am also planning to change the display of Download button to something “Come Back again”. In this scenario, how would I determine that a particular query is going to take long time?

Ubuntu server crashes while uploading large files

Trying to repurpose my old Dell Optiplex 745 as a media sever. Loaded Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS, set up drives in Ext 4 with snapRAID and SAMBA. I’m trying to upload movie and TV files from my newer PC running Windows 10. The server crashes on upload of every 3rd to 8th file. I get different messages. Some start with “BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000000000001”. Some with “general protection fault :0000 [#1] SMP”. Sometimes the server PC just spontaneously reboots. The files are 1 – 5 GB in length and transfer very fast (approx. 100 mb/sec), when they work. I’ve tried it with the Windows firewall on and off. I’ve tried it with 8GB of memory and with 2 DIMMs removed to give 4GB. I’ve tried it with FTP using Filezilla in Windows, and by dragging and dropping with file manager. None of it makes any difference. I have 3 dmesg log files from 3 crashes, which can be provided if you can tell me how to attach them. They seem to long to just paste here. I’d appreciate it if anyone can help.