Crashes to both Laptop and Desktop – need urgent help

I did a software update to my desktop this weekend. Since then I keep getting this message” Cannot find Hard drive.

I did a software update to my desktop on Sunday and since then it has started freezing and crashing several times per day.

My Laptop is a Dell XPS M 1530

The Desktop has a 125G SSD

They both worked fine before these update. It is taking me forever to complete this.

Urgent $100 Clothe design contest (Men’s shirts)

Description of the task:
We are in the process of developing our own collection of delicious business shirts for men. After a couple of unfortunate experiences, we seek contact with a serious designer. You may have a few years on the bag, maybe you are completely new. We have control over our concept, and the overall lines in the design.

Send pm for details. Serious designers only!!

Payment via PayPal

Urgent!!! Homework for C++ class. my teacher won’t let us use strings or other following commands. Thanks

For this assignment, you are to write a C++ program (that compiles and runs) that will ask a person to type in their first name, read their name, and then display “Hello ‘first name’, how are you today?” where ‘first name’ is the first name of the person that was typed or input. For example, your output should look something like the following: Hello Fred, how are you today? For this assignment, you are restricted to commands that we have covered in class (i.e., you cannot use arrays, strings, or anything else that we have not covered). As a hint, you may want to use a special keyboard character to designate the end of the name.

UK visa was refused (urgent)

I want to visit my boyfriend in the UK for 8 days.

My visa was refused because I’m unemployed and I forgot to explain that my family supported me financially on a day-to-day basis in my country. I said that I will go back to my country to find a job.

I’m planning to reapply. Actually I have a online shop (selling makeup) on Instagram. I was said I was unemployed because I don’t know what documents are needed for entrepreneurs. My annual income isn’t really big but it’s enough to support me financially for my day-to-day needs, cause I live with my parents.

What should I do next? Do I need to say that I’m self-employed instead of unemployed, and tell about my online shop?

I read that if we own a business, we need to submit business registration. Based on the rules and regulations of the government in my country, a business with a profit of under Rp 200,000,000 (£10,0000) does not require a Business registration. I don’t have any assets too. I’m from Indonesia.

I’m so confused right now. Please help me.

picture of the UK visa refusal document

Grandmother’s UK visa application from Pakistan rejected for my wedding in April – Urgent

Firstly, I would like to say I’d really appreciate any advice/help on this situation and I’m grateful that a forum like this exists. Apologies, if you feel that my questions have been answered by previous threads but I have scoured everywhere on this forum to find the answers I need and I feel like I need tailored guidance. Thank you in advance.


  • I applied for a UK visitor visa late-February for my Grandmother (age: 83) and first-cousin (age: 31) to attend my wedding in April.
  • My Grandmother is from a rural area in Pakistan, where women do not have bank accounts or anything in their name e.g. when my Grandfather died the power of attorney and the deed to the house was given to the first son to manage.
  • In the past 10 years, my Grandmother has travelled to the USA. Her other son is an American citizen and my Grandmother is a green card holder.
  • In her application form, I said she was “retired” but she actually has never been in employment.
  • I included information about the itinerary of the wedding and that she would be staying for 20 days, where I also attached a hotel reservation for the dates she was intending to stay for.
  • I provided a letter of invitation that included my full sponsorship and funding of the trip – this was to amount to £2000 and I attached a bank statement showing funds available amounting to around £10000. This, however, was only one sheet.
  • I mentioned that her annual funds are around 500,000 PKR (£2,748) and that this is a regular allowance/fixed income from family members
    • I attached her son’s bank statement which showed (£9,000) available; however, there was no evidence of any fixed income/regular allowance from a family member. Essentially, my grandmother has land that is (as far as I remember) in her name and income generated from this land (from rent) is directly deposited into her first son’s account and also managed by him. So, when and as my grandmother needs money, she will ask her son – however, it is not a regular or fixed income. Additionally, she does not have a bank account, so there is no proof of receiving that income from her son.
      • To explain further, I did not mention any income she receives from her land (which is managed by her son) – so that figure of £2,748 annually will perhaps be five – ten times more than what it would be had that been included.


  1. In light of the information above and the refusal letter below, would a reapplication before the first wedding date (12th April) be possible? In the sense, would she stand a chance in a second application or does it seem like she will be refused again?
  2. I have a feeling that her application was refused because despite proving that I can support her, they want to know her annual income and assess if she’s financial stable in Pakistan. However, how is that possible if she does not have a bank account in her name (due to social reasons) and as well as that her son manages her finances and provides her with money as and when she needs it?
  3. I fear that my incorrect information about her being ‘retired’ might jeopardise future applications as if a new application now confirms her as unemployed rather than ‘retired’, will that not look extremely suspicious?
    1. As her application did not include any income from land, if a reapplication were to include an income that was five or ten times the original amount mentioned, would that cause further issues?
    2. If we were to do a reapplication for my grandmother, I will not be sponsoring my first cousin to travel or come to attend the wedding – this is purely because I don’t want my grandmother’s application jeopardised further as his rejection seemed like a serious dismissal (I will attach his refusal separately below). So, if I were to reapply for my grandmother without my first-cousin, would this need to be stated in the application form (as the original application mentions she’d be travelling with my first-cousin)? As well as this, what possible reasons could I provide?

If you have any further information that goes beyond these questions, please do let me know!

Apologies for the bad angles/quality of the refusals (they were taken by my uncle in Pakistan):

Grandmother’s Refusal:

Grandmother's Refusal

First-Cousin’s Refusal:

enter image description here

Uk Urgent Visitor VISA Processing Delayed

I and my husband applied for UK visitor visas. He applied for the urgent one and mine was regular. After 10 days of biometrics I received my passport with visa on it but my husband passport has not been arrived yet. It is Worth mentioning that we both received same emails from UKVI. Emails were stating “your visa application is issued”. We have also asked from Gerry’s person about this delay. He told us that passport is in the British Embassy in Islamabad. Did anyone else face this situation in the past? Our 212GBP are just wasted. It was much better we would have applied for regular one😒

Strange PC Behavior What Should I do (Possibly Urgent)

After installing the app (Could be unrelated, but also could be related) and running it for the first time, for a few brief moments there was a file on my Desktop called something similar to “DESKTAAAAAAAAA.AAA”, it had some indeterminate amount of uppercase “A”s in the name. I didn’t manage to get to check the contents of the file as it disappeared after a few seconds.

I didn’t make a huge note about the strange occurrence. And then about 5 minutes later, Windows initiated a shutdown randomly (that I was able to cancel in time) without me initiating a shutdown.

I am using Windows 7.

Is there a good chance that I’ve gotten infected? Are there any other possible explanations, or should I immediately assume that I’ve gotten malware on my device?

I should note that prior to this I’ve never had Windows initiate a shutdown randomly without me doing anything.

I would really really appreciate any help I can get. For starters, where can I check what process initiated that shutdown? I am scared of shutting down my PC now until I can make sure that it is either clean or I’ve addressed the issue, since assuming it’s malware, there’s obviously a reason it initiated a shutdown.