Need urgent help in Applying for u.k Direct transit Visa from london

I am Indian national, with students one year Visa studying in France. For two months vacation, I have booked a round trip flight ticket from Paris to Delhi with transit in London Heathrow airport and vice versa(same) I arrive in London Heathrow airport at 10.20 P.M and my departing flight to Delhi is on next day 10.00 A.M.. I arrive and depart from the same terminal! I have been told that I need to get transit Visa here in France! My questions are- 1. Is the direct transit Visa that I get is applicable for the full round trip, or should I get one while going to India and again another while coming from India? 2. If I apply for direct transit Visa online, should I get separate appointment for biometric registration or just by applying for direct transit Visa I will be called for biometric registration !

Query regarding Appointment Urgent!

Can the appointment for a UK visitor visa get cancelled if someone by mistake starts the process all over again?

What I mean is that I got the appointment confirmation email, but I went back to that page of the UK Visa website where it redirects you to the VFS website to schedule an appointment. On that page it says any prior appointments would be cancelled. So does this mean my appointment is cancelled?

I tried scheduling my appointment again but it gives internal error…

Urgent entry to the UK

Im writing on behalf of my aunt.

My Aunt (Philippians citizen) and Uncle (UK citizen) who live in Qatar where he worked, he has recently and suddenly passed away and we need to fly his body to the UK to have a funeral.

My Aunts visa doesn’t start until 21st May 2019 and the Qatar Medical centre are unable to hold his body until this time. As my Aunt is the next of kin she needs to travel with the body when its transported.

My Aunt has tried the UK embassy in Qatar who have written a statement to support her case in bringing the visa entry date forward but this is not a legal document, although it is stamped by the office.

This is obviously an urgent and sensitive situation, I have tried to help by calling the UK visa and immigration and hours later im still not through to speak to an actual person. Im told the query line that charge £1.37 are unable to assist with personal circumstances, however the UK embassy in Qatar has advised that someone in the UK needs to call on her behalf to help.

Any advise would be appreciated, we are desperate at this point.

Many Thanks in advance.

Crashes to both Laptop and Desktop – need urgent help

I did a software update to my desktop this weekend. Since then I keep getting this message” Cannot find Hard drive.

I did a software update to my desktop on Sunday and since then it has started freezing and crashing several times per day.

My Laptop is a Dell XPS M 1530

The Desktop has a 125G SSD

They both worked fine before these update. It is taking me forever to complete this.

Urgent $100 Clothe design contest (Men’s shirts)

Description of the task:
We are in the process of developing our own collection of delicious business shirts for men. After a couple of unfortunate experiences, we seek contact with a serious designer. You may have a few years on the bag, maybe you are completely new. We have control over our concept, and the overall lines in the design.

Send pm for details. Serious designers only!!

Payment via PayPal

Urgent!!! Homework for C++ class. my teacher won’t let us use strings or other following commands. Thanks

For this assignment, you are to write a C++ program (that compiles and runs) that will ask a person to type in their first name, read their name, and then display “Hello ‘first name’, how are you today?” where ‘first name’ is the first name of the person that was typed or input. For example, your output should look something like the following: Hello Fred, how are you today? For this assignment, you are restricted to commands that we have covered in class (i.e., you cannot use arrays, strings, or anything else that we have not covered). As a hint, you may want to use a special keyboard character to designate the end of the name.

UK visa was refused (urgent)

I want to visit my boyfriend in the UK for 8 days.

My visa was refused because I’m unemployed and I forgot to explain that my family supported me financially on a day-to-day basis in my country. I said that I will go back to my country to find a job.

I’m planning to reapply. Actually I have a online shop (selling makeup) on Instagram. I was said I was unemployed because I don’t know what documents are needed for entrepreneurs. My annual income isn’t really big but it’s enough to support me financially for my day-to-day needs, cause I live with my parents.

What should I do next? Do I need to say that I’m self-employed instead of unemployed, and tell about my online shop?

I read that if we own a business, we need to submit business registration. Based on the rules and regulations of the government in my country, a business with a profit of under Rp 200,000,000 (£10,0000) does not require a Business registration. I don’t have any assets too. I’m from Indonesia.

I’m so confused right now. Please help me.

picture of the UK visa refusal document