URGENT! – Need Help Regarding Proxies Settings n LpM Boost!

Hey Guys! Whats up? 

I’m getting confused for Proxies Settings! 

Actually the main issue is LpM! i’m not greeting boost! i dont know what’s wrong with my settings etc. but i need your help to resolve it!

Please help me with the Proxies settings now! i have 20 Semi-Dedicated added to ser.

But how to use it for my projects i m so much confuse in that: here take a look and suggest me the best to optimize my LpM.



Urgent bug – Anchor with UTF-8 character is removed

Hi @sven,

All anchors with UTF-8 characters are having the said character removed upon posting.

I’m using the new custom import url/anchor match to post my links.

I have just noticed this today and it’s happening 100% of all time.

Example anchor:


Outputs as:


Even using the Euro symbol € is completely removed on all anchors.

I just caught this after posting dozens of links, and am now having to go back and fix all of them…

Please let me know if you’re able to identify this bug…

Urgent Flag of TCP, Computer Networks

The Urgent Flag(URG) is set whenever the sender’s Application Layer wants to send some urgent data to the receiver. In this case, the Transport Layer does not wait for enough data to achieve maximum segment size. Now, my question is how do the routers in between recognize that the packet needs to be forwarded urgently(they do not have the transport layer)?

Phishing attempt?? – EML attachment from a “trusted source” might be urgent and important, or malware / phishing

I don’t usually feel competent enough to ask decent questions, let alone answer one here. But, this is rather urgent, so please be patient with me:

I CANNOT tell if the “secure encrypted message” I got in an email from a “state agency” was genuine or malware! I was somewhat (reluctantly) expecting an email from that department and their email signature appeared genuine. Unfortunately, they may or may not have attached that file, which purportedly contained the message body as an *.EML “secure attachment message”.

I couldn’t open the secure message attachment, which was the first clue of something amiss. (I also do NOT want to call them, and then have them read me the message, which would trigger a conversation I’m not prepared for, without first knowing what the message was about.)

As I started working hard to open the attachment. As I failed and researched more, my findings appeared more and more ominous. I will keep this question UPDATED with any missing details.

  • Received seemingly valid email from a known state agency, known person, known division I do business with.
  • Plain text message body:
    “Please find the attached.” [?? Odd wording –> “‘FIND‘ the attached” ??]
  • The [real] message was attached, encrypted, and only viewable by the email recipient that it was addressed to. The attachment then had to be opened by the email client, (Gmail-web). I’ve done this before once or twice, so it is a pain, but not unheard of.
  • Email ATTACHMENT was then “viewed in a an NEW WINDOW” in Chrome and Vivaldi with similar if not the same results: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?????????????..[etc.]/: WHICH SAID:

“You are viewing an attached message. COMPANY Mail can’t verify the authenticity of attached messages. Your document has been completed”

[LINK GOES TO: https://www.notion.so/(KNOWN_AGENCY_-_GUID)/]

“Ms. [known person]”
“[Known State Agency]”

  • After clicking on the link from the popup shown above, it opened a new TAB in my email browser’s page at this URI: https://www.notion.so/(KNOWN_AGENCY_-_GUID)/ which said the following:

“This PDF is password protected ,”   “[KNOWN PERSON] sent you an important vital file to review.”

[LINK GOES TO: https://fafanfan.tk/000/nsw/data/UntitledNotebook1.html ] 

“Please take a look and let me know if these are ready to print.”
[ HUH?? Why let you know?? And, why print, instead of view?? ] 
“Kindly open with your professional email.”
[ HUH?? “Kindly”, “Professional email”?? Who talks like this?? ]
“Login with your email and password to view file.”

  • So, then I clicked on the email link and TRIED to log into my company GMAIL account.
  • It appeared to log into my account successfully, but then said I had to verify my account and to provide [either the] recovery phone or recovery email address
  • I provided a valid phone #, which failed with an error.
  • Then I tried my valid recovery email address, which also failed with an error.
  • I tried both Vivaldi and Chrome, and all failed each time. (I assumed that it opened a window without cookies, so the login to Google was from a new, unknown page.)

At this point, I started Googling the URI’s and other things —

  • Hmmm strange domains [TLD].TK ?? Searched the URI = NO hits.
  • Searched [TLD].TK — not good — It said 95% of the .TK traffic is malware / spam.
  • Searched the other URI shown above = NO hits. NOT cool.
  • I changed all my email PW’s. I checked for odd logins, but saw nothing odd. (If I provided my credentials to the bad guys, they are a bit slow today. So maybe I dodged a bullet.)
  • I Checked/scanned the downloaded file with Windows Defender — no detection
  • I submitted the file to Virus Total — no detection by anyone.
  • I also submitted the two URI’s shown above, and came up with only one hit from an unknown security company, who likely flagged the *.TK as possibly a “bad URI”.

At this point, I’m not at all sure what to do… I do NOT want to call them and start a conversation that might later deny “plausible deniability that I received this notice”. OTOH, I can’t ignore it too long, either.

RANT: I hate all these “protections”, that invite malware to be easily inserted. Then, you are relying on ordinary users to figure out if the attachments are safe?? Few users are smart enough, and I know that I’m not. (Although I’m not a total security idiot, as I’m more cautious and knowledgeable most than anyone I know.)
If Adobe wants to provide tools like this, fine. Then please make it much easier and obviously safe for both senders and [very novice] readers. For instance, use Adobe.com URI’s and never TLD’s that are also used for malware. If providing security tools, please don’t rely on these agencies’ IT staff to try to train equip their users to properly use these tools with the public, most of whom have never opened a “secure attachment”, let alone know how to open them (OR NOT), safely.

Urgent Woocommerce/Sensei Question

Hi Woocommerce lovers

I have a very urgent question to ask about Woocommerce and the Sensei plugin. I have the need to a certain user role to people who purchase a course from us on our website.

Basically ideally I would like to make a user role in WordPress and then when a new person purchases a Sensei course from us they will be appointed a certain user or group. I can then edit the capabilities of that user role/group.

Has anyone every done this before and have any tips?


Urgent need for Salesforce Mobile App Developer

I am urgently looking for an experience developer for a short term project to assist with the development of a salesforce1 mobile app. Candidate should be strong in javascript, html, apex and visualforce. The app will be primarily a mobile app based on data in standard or custom objects in salesfoce. Candidate will work remotely but MUST be able to meet the deadline.