Good usability analytics tool for native apps?

I am looking for a good usability analytics tool to use on ios, android and web apps – one that does not concentrate on ad metrics and revenue, ideally with heatmapping, in-app metrics, funneling, event tracking, etc.

I’ve looked around but the offering is quite large to be able to properly compare. I did come across Appsee which seems to be doing all the above but they have recently been bought out and investment seems to have stopped since.

Has anyone used any tool they can recommend?

Thanks, George

What usability issues occur with an application form only showing one question at a time?

My client is thinking about having an application form, with approximately 25 questions. The type of questions will be personal information such as name, date of birth, address, as well as financial questions, current living arrangements and so on.

They have an idea to make the website look high-tech by only producing one field at a time. They haven’t explicitly stated, but I pressumed they could want a ‘next’ button to view the next field.

Other than the user not knowing how long the form is without some kind of breadcrumb/trail/visual indication, what other usability issues occur with this kind of design?

Is the conventional form structure (all question on one page or a group of questions split out in sections) on a site the best way to gather this information?

And has there been any popular/mainstream sites that use this technique for gathering information? I myself have never seen it, so I want to discourage the client from going with this approach.

I have visited this page Forms? One question at a time or the whole form on one page? but this question is regarding command line, which mine is not. I can also see someone has said as long as it’s no longer than 5 questions, but I wanted to know if there was more science/studies to show this, and does this apply to on a browser?

Usability studies about B2B service pages?

I’m looking for research done on best practices when designing and writing content for B2B consulting service pages.

A B2B consulting firm could be management consulting firms, law firms or advertising agencies that have divided their offer into several services such as competitive audit, consumer research, etc.

I know that Norman Nielsen Group has made a report on B2B website usability in general but I looking specifically for studies about making service pages useful and compelling.

How to validate usability of software frameworks

My thesis will produce a software framework that can be used by programmers to solve problems in a paticular domain. One of the case studies I want to do to verify the contribution I’m making is to have some measure of usability of the framework. I’m looking for techniques to test a software framework that will be used by other programmers, not so much end users. When including ‘usability’ in my searches the results lead to end-user UX/UI usability.

I ultimately want to run a test where one or a few programmer try to use the framework on a given problem. To help make sure the test has usable results I want to plan the strategy before hand and first consider existing techniques. But finding existing research or tests about usability of code libraries/frameworks is difficult to find.

Please let me know if you can think of a way to validate the usability of my software framework.

Thanks for reading my question

When is automated remote usability testing useful?

There seem to be a fair few services these days offering automated remote usability testing, so I’m assuming there are a fair few people using those services, which implies that they ARE useful – under the right circumstances.

But… what are those circumstances? When do automated remote tests yield data that usefully informs the design process?

Note: I’m not asking about moderated remote tests, with live interaction with the user – those seem close enough to face-to-face tests to be uncontroversially useful.

How to usability test a prototype of mobile app

I’ve written “User Stories” in “Gherkin Syntax” for native mobile app and want to get it “User Tested” to find our any usability issues.

Do I need clickable mocks which can be shown to user on mobile ? What are the available tool ? How to convert user stories into mock-ups ?

Please let me know what’s the best way to achieve this goal ?

Usability and effectiveness of using a safety net to create a secure experience for the user

While going through the tutorial for Optimal Sort I saw this interesting message:

enter image description here

Microsoft OneNote and Google Docs don’t have save options, but Google Docs prompt users when changes are saved.

enter image description here

It got me thinking about whether creating a safety net for users even though it is largely non-functional is really necessary or would it be better to be just upfront and let the users know that everything is autosaved?

Just wondering if it is really possible to measure the usability and effectiveness of such techniques, and if anyone has had experience with this.