Link for username in People and Groups leads to 404 error

On any site in our on-prem installation (SP 2016), if I go into “People and Groups” and click on the link for any given user, I get dropped into a 404 error page.

The username URLs follow this pattern:

http://{sitename}/{subsite path}/_layouts/listform.aspx?PageType=4&ListId={some GUID} 

I am one of the members of the Central Admin group and can make adjustments in CA. But, I don’t want to just go clicking wildly. Any guidance on where username hyperlinks are supposed to go and how to repair broken links?


Can the username be used in HMAC during client-side hashing?

I am very new to authentication and cybersecurity in general, so I apologize if I have anything completely wrong.

My goal is to have the client side hash passwords before sending them to server side in order to protect users using the same password on multiple sites. For the sake of this question, assume server-side is secure (in my case, the hashed passwords from client-side are hashed again with Argon2 and then stored in the database). I understand that this provides no security benefit for users on my app and that other things such as SSL are much more important for keeping passwords secure in transit, but I’d still like to do this just in case.

I was planning on using SHA256 but heard that rainbow tables are a major security threat. Would using the username as the key in an HMAC hash mitigate that? Moreover, are there any better ways of protecting users who reuse passwords on multiple sites? Keep in mind that I can’t use a salt because the resulting hash has to be consistent between logins when given the same username/password combo, and I can’t use a secret key because it’s client-side.

Inserting Ultimate member username as WooCommerce category into Ultimate member page

The website in question are using the Ultimate User plugin.

I am interested in installing WooCommerce and create a WooCommerce category for each Ultimate Member (Subscriber). (If there also is an easy way to auto-generate the category when users register, just yell it out!).

Is there a way to insert (based on the WooCommerce shortcodes):

[products limit="12" columns="4" orderby="popularity" category="CURRENT USER PROFILE"] 

And maybe a button for “see all products” (in the same category).

So that if a user is selling something, their products will displayed on the profile.

I´m not sure what the best approach for this. I was thinking about stripping the current URL /user/exampleuser/ – so that exampleuser is extracted and inserted into the shortcode.

Thank you for any input!

Thanks in advance!

Ubuntu 9.04 – Can’t log in (password and username are unknown)

I want to get into the computer but I can’t seem to remember what to put in. I have tried some tutorials on this website but when I press escape nothing happens, except for making a REALLY loud noise. It sounds like a fire alarm. The computer is a very old HP Pavilion Entertainment PC. Any help at all is greatly appreciated!

How to forgot minecraft username

Minecraft is one amongst the favourite games that vie round the world. It is a sandbox game that's fashioned by the Swedish game developer Markus Persson in 2011. Since many users unit of measurement, having fun enjoying the game. Minecraft may be a game which may take plenty of your time, and through that point, if you've got the habit of login-out, then you would possibly lose or Forgot the word. If you are an old user and How to know forgot Minecraft username, So you are landed in the…

How to forgot minecraft username