Looking to build a game that uses names of Premier League teams – what are the steps required to stay compliant

I am looking to build a game that users would play weekly. In order for the game to make sense, I would have to display the names of the 20 Premier League teams playing on a weekly basis. I will not be using the names of players themselves. The game would require people to pay to contend for their share of a weekly pot of winnings.

The game would be similar to: https://fantasy.espn.com/games/english-premier-league-pickem-2020/make-picks

Google uses wrong image to display product in Google Image Search

I have a problem with Google associating the wrong image with our products when they are display in Image Search.

For some reason, the main image of our products, which has more desirable data (alt tags, higher resolution, placed first as product image, not tampered with), is discarded.Instead, Google chooses the last loaded image for a product, which has no alt data, worse resolution, watermark dynamically added (it’s not even .jpg), or just blank white image with the watermark.

I have Schema.org microdata set up dynamically for each product. I’ve removed the "additional_image" tag, using only "image", still no success.

fabricate combat uses

If you use a feature such as Arcane Abeyance or similar to avoid the casting time on the spell fabricate, could you use it in combat, for example, turning an enemy in plate armor’s armor into an iron maiden on them or a rouges leather armor into a gag and restraints? even if you cannot build it on another creature, removing a tree from under an enemy scout. it specifies "raw materials" however that is not defined, nor is the required area for the item to be created, only for the raw materials so could you turn a bunch of wood within 120ft into a block of wood 100 miles in the air? it also doesn’t specify how the raw materials move, if an enemy is between a tree and where I place my block of wood, does the tree move around them to avoid harm or would it go through them? it also does not specifies how many resources are needed nor whathappens to extra resources, if you cast the spell targeting the 120ft cube of the ground in front of you and want to turn it into something "large" would it all be compressed, some of it left where it was, or just vanish?

Galders Tower uses?

Can Galders Tower be summoned on an enemy? Are there any restrictions in the casting/location of the summoning? If you were to keep an enemy monologing or otherwise engaged for 10 minutes, and

conjure a two-story tower made of stone, wood, or similar suitably sturdy materials

10 feet above the enemy, how much damage would it deal? would they be able to get out of the way? I don’t know how a creature could make a save to avoid a tower up to

100 square feet.

that they are in the middle of. furthermore, could you cast the spell to trap a creature inside of it? it doesn’t specify that you need to put an entrance on it, nor that it specifies a type of material, only that it

two-story tower made of stone, wood, or similar suitably sturdy materials

would that allow materials such as Mythril or iron?

Is there anyone who uses catchall email in Rankerx?

I am using Seremails. The quality is really good and simple, but they don’t answer even if you ask questions.
I sent you an e-mail for a month, but they didn’t answer. I’m so Fuxx angry.
So I’m going back to Gsa Forum and asking you questions. The Rankerx format is shown in the picture below.

And the seremails catchall format I use is as follows. This is an example.
seremails have only format for GSA ser

this Gsa ser format ->%spinfile-names.dat%%spinfile-lnames.dat%%random-1-100%@abcde.fghijk.com:mail.fghijk.com:994:abcde.fghijk.com:852ABIEOSLE

I’ve been using regular e-mail for a month. Please help me

Where do I see a full, exhaustive list of the resources a given Google Cloud Platfrorm project uses?

I have just logged in to a Google Cloud Platform account, and it has several old Projects. I’d like to clean up by deleting the ones I don’t need, but for that I need to see a full list of services each Project uses.

I went to the Cloud Resource Manager, and it mentions a Compute Engine Service Agent here and there, but that’s it. I know one of those Projects must have some API Keys that I still need, but neither this page, nor the Billing page tell me which one.

Searching didn’t help. This looks like the closest, but doesn’t make any sense to me and looks overcomplicated for such a simple task.

Is there one single page that will show me everything a given Project uses, so I am informed enough to decide if I still need it? Please help!

Is there anyone who uses Rankerx?

I’m building tier 1 with Rankerx.
But the Rankerx url list doesn’t change much.
If I submit it once, I have to submit it again in the same domain.
If i submit it to the same domain, the link juice will lose a lot of power.
I wonder if I can submit it more than once.

i need a really accurate guide. please

How many uses of bardic music does the Heartfire Fanner get?

The heartfire fanner (Dragon #314) mentions

the heartfire fanner gains the bardic music ability as a 5th-level bard if he did not already have it


A heartfire fanner’s class levels stack with any bard levels for all bardic music calculations, including the number of uses of bardic music available per day.

How many uses does the Bard 0/Heartfire Fanner 1 get? 1 or 6?