Prevent USMT from backing up C drive

I need a way to make the User State Migration Tool not back up the C drive – I only want it to backup one specified user profile.

I can already get it to backup a specified user profile (just the one i want, not all the others)…but it backs up c drive as well, which results in loadstate restoring duplicate start menu and public desktop shortcuts. Not to mention loads of folders on c:\ that I don’t want restored.

I’ve seen many methods of playing with a custom.xml file to explicitly exclude the entire C drive, however everything I’ve tried results in c:\ data still being restored.

USMT excluding this computer

These links offer the advice on which I’ve based my approaches; however unsuccessfully. I’m hopeful someone here has done this before, and may know just what is missing to get this working.

Can anyone advise how to exclude C drive?

Thank you,