How do I change the text content of a div for a comment validation error message?

My comment form has validation so that when a user tries to post a blank comment, it currently shows the "This field is required" message under the comment box. How do I change the message content to "Please enter your comment."? I’m guessing that the following line of code might do the trick but I don’t know how to nest HTML code in my functions.php file.

document.getElementById("comment-error").innerHTML = "Please enter your comment.";  

Any help would be most appreciated.

The overhead of OCC validation phase

The validation phase of optimistic concurrency control has two derctions: one is backward validation, checking for conflicts with any previously validated transaction, the other is forward validation, checking for conflicts with transaction that not yet committed.

The validated transactions install modifications into "global" database, which means the main work backward validation needs to do is checking conflicts with "global" database. However, the forward validation needs to check conflicts with each running transaction. It introduces expensive communication between threads if the database supports multithreading, and also extensive memory read when the concurrency level of transaction is pretty high.

As far as I know, forword validation is more widely adopted than backward validation. Why? Which cases are suited for forward validation and backward validation respectively?

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Certificate validation details. How it’s done? [closed]

I’ve read this post where it says:

"…an attacker can still take the whole signed content and present it to you but won’t be able to change any details or the signature won’t match."

  1. How does the browser validate the details of a certificate and see its content like domain name, etc.?
  2. If a MITM wants to change anything, he would need to decrypt the cert, which is impossible, or simply change what he wants but then fail at the browser because, as mentioned above, the signature won’t match?

validation of a pumping lemma proof for regular languages

i have the following regular expression:

image of the regular expression

of course i could think of a world like w=a^(m+2)b^(m+2)c^(2m+3) and continue with the proof BUT i was just wondering, because L is made up of a union of two expressions, is it valid to split L into L1=a^(i)b^(j)c^(2j-1)| i<=j & i,j>0 L2=a^(i)b^(j)c^(2j-1)| i>=2j-1 & i,j>0

show for each L1 and L2 that the pummping lemma does not work on them (so for l1 i just show that for lets say each k i is not smaller or equal to j, and for l2 i show that i is not always bigger or equal to 2j-1 for each k)

by that i show that l1 and l2 are not regular which means that the union of the two will also be not regular.. is this corrent?

thank you.

Using built-in validation pop-up for custom fields

I am currently adding custom fields (by custom code) to the single product page in WooCommerce using the OceanWP theme. I was about to start custom validation to the fields when I noticed that the fields already had some validation and the result looks quite nice.

When the Add to Cart button is pressed and a field is invalid I get the following message pop-up: enter image description here

I’m not sure whether the warning popup is part of WordPress, WooCommerce or OceanWP.

My question is: can I can use this built-in warning popup for my own validation messages?

How do you calculate the training error and validation error of a linear regression model?

I have a linear regression model that I’ve implemented using Gradient Descent and my cost function is a Mean Squared Error function. I’ve split my full dataset into three datasets, a training set, a validation set, and a testing set. I am not sure how to calculate the training error and validation error (and the difference between the two).

Is the training error the Residual Sum of Squares error calculated using the training dataset? Is the validation error the Residual Sum of Squares error calculated using the validation dataset? What is the test set for exactly (I’ve learned the model using the training set, from the textbooks I’ve read I think this is the set to use to learn the model)?

Any help in clearing up these points is much appreciated.

LetsEncrypt says “DNS validation failed”. Site is behind Cloudflare

Hello, i tried to disable FULL SSL option in my cloudflare account to become "Off" and then attempt to setup wildcard free LetsEncrypt certificate from within DirectAdmin control panel. But it continue to fail. "DNS validation failed"
I would rather think it is problem related to Cloudflare. Maybe i have to "Pause" cloudflare for that domain entirely and retry?

This issue is interesting because also the Gmail is unable to connect using SSL even the "Full SSL" is enabled in…

LetsEncrypt says "DNS validation failed". Site is behind Cloudflare