Relative Value of Different Consequences

A discussion of handling of mechanics for characters who quickly regenerate their wounds resulted in an idea of implementing regeneration by changing the type and/or number of Consequences a regenerating character has: if it has multiple Mild Consequences and no Severe (or even Moderate) ones, this results in the system naturally producing mechanical effects that closely match what happens in the fiction – character genuinely getting wounded, but being at full or near-full health in a few scenes.

This seems like an elegant ways of making the pacing and mechanics follow the fiction. However, it raises one big question: what is a fair exchange rate between Consequences of different severity levels? Or, alternatively, how much is a Consequence of a given severity worth in terms of other ‘currencies’ of the game?

Before you try to frame-challenge: The answer may be academic for a party that all consists of immortals/werewolves/T-1000s/trolls, but is of interest for a more varied party where some PCs would have such traits and others wouldn’t. It’s certainly a concept that comes up from time to time and that I’ve seen discarded for reasons of lack of confidence about the mechanical utility of such benefits.

Prior research and factors to consider:

It seems that the relative utility of a Mild Consequence hovers around a level of a bit less than 1 Refresh (or 1 Stunt), maybe half of one:

  • In general, a Mild Consequence is about as good as one Invocation for preventing a Take-Out, but it comes with one free Invocation for an enemy. It is unambiguously worse than Armour:2 (which is often priced at a Stunt), since it’s only used once per Conflict.
  • In a campaign with about 5+ scenes and about a couple or more appropriate-type Conflicts per Minor Milestone, it’s plausible to maybe fill and recover a couple of Mild Consequences per Minor Milestone, but that requires lucky timing. (In my experience that never happened even once so far. On the contrary, Conflicts seem rare in games I’ve been in, even in action-oriented games.)
  • A Consequence can be of use as a Success at a Cost and some other similar applications, but those seem rare.

However, even taking that in mind, I find it harder to compare the value of Consequence of other severity:

  • they act to absorb more Shifts…
  • …while still only providing 1 Free Invocation to the enemy;
  • but they are significantly slower to recover from, meaning you can only use them rather rarely.

I’ve seen opinions going in both directions about whether Moderate and Severe Consequences are more or less powerful than Mild ones (and used to hold the latter opinion, but by now am no longer confident in it after seeing the main drawback pointed out to me).

Could anyone please help me evaluate their relative values, whether backed up by mathematically well-founded theorycraft, or by sufficient actual-play experience and practical comparisons?

An error with my Function: “not all code paths return a value” [closed]

So I wrote a function which gets the closest object from my array and then gets the distance to the point where I want to spawn another Object, and if the distance is smaller then the min radius around an object, where I donĀ“t want to spawn something, it is supposed to return false and if otherwise, it returns true. But know I have the error that not all code path return a value. Can somebody help me with that?

bool GetMinDistance(Vector2 Position) {     if (DecoreObjects.Length == 0)     {         return true;     }     else     {         float minDistance = Mathf.Infinity;         foreach (GameObject currentObject in DecoreObjects)         {             Vector2 currentObjectPosition = currentObject.transform.position;             Vector2 VectorDistance = currentObjectPosition - Position;             float currentDistance = Mathf.Sqrt(VectorDistance.x * VectorDistance.x + VectorDistance.y * VectorDistance.y);              if (currentDistance < minDistance)             {                 minDistance = currentDistance;             }              if (minDistance > minRadius)             {                 return true;             }             else             {                 return false;             }         }     } } 

update matching column value in anywhere in database sqlserver

I have assetid column in multiple table in my Database and Asset(main) table

I want to update all occurences of tables in all occurences of inserts in database assetid column where value has 1020 to 1

update AdminInterests set assetid = 1 where 1020 

I just want to how to apply this update for entire database all tables with one query

Psycopg2 using value SET before assign to other column

I have a table with columns as below: (id, col1, col2, col3, col4). I need to insert new row to this table, with given data is a dict: data = {'id': 1, 'col1': 1, 'col2':1, 'col3':1, 'col4': 1} for example.

I want to use the query below to insert data into table if id not existed, or update the table if id existed:

query =  '''     INSERT INTO tablename (id, col1, col2, col3, col4)     VALUES (%(id)s, %(col1)s, %(col2)s, %(col3)s, %(col4)s)     ON CONFLICT (id) DO UPDATE SET     col2 = tablename.col2 + 1;     col3 = col2/100 ''' result = cur.execute(query, data) 

In the code above, I want to assign col3’s value to (value of col2 calculated before)/100. How can I do that?

The Certificate’s CN name does not match the passed value

Each time I teach a network course and we attempt to create and use self signed certificates with the Windows 10 SSTP client we encounter the dreaded “The Certificate’s CN name does not match the passed value” error message

The ca and server certificates are created, signed and trusted We then select the server certificate in the SSTP server settings and export the ca certificate for the Windows PC:

Initially we would specify the sstp (server) router’s IP address as the server CN, and set “ca” as the ca’s CN but recently I have noticed that Windows only accepts the ca if its CN also corresponds to this same IP

We import the certificate on the Windows PC:

Configure the Windows SSTP client :

And then connect :

I assume that the problem lies with Windows but I can’t seem to find where the issue is

Any suggestions ? regards yann

Update value in same view using CASE expression

I am creating a view where i have daily data of different items and each item has a state. I created a column that shows what the column was yesterday using

LAG(state) OVER(PARTITION BY item_id ORDER BY currentdate) AS yesterday_state 

Now I want to count how long the state has been the same value and im doing so with this:

COUNT (CASE WHEN state = yesterday_state THEN state ELSE NULL END) OVER(PARTITION BY item_id ORDER BY currentdate AS state_age 

This is working properly but I need to find a way to set the value back to 0 when state != yesterday_state

This all is happening inside of SELECT statement as I’m creating a view. How could I go around doing this so that the state_age sets to 0 when state is not the same value as yesterday_state

extract only single value from multiple rows based on certain condition for same id in Oracle

I’m oracle beginner, and I’m having trouble shooting the below issue –

My table is –

+——-+——+——-+—— + | ID | GRP | ITDESC| DEN |
+——-+——+——-+—— + | 12345 | MANX | Apple | SendV | +——-+——+——-+—— + | 12345 | MANX | Apple | Manual| +——-+——+——-+——- | 12345 | MANX | Apple | UnVeri| +——-+——+——-+—— + | 12346 | MANX | Mango | UnVeri| +——-+——+——-+—— + | 12347 | MANX | PineAp| SendV| +——-+——+——-+—— + 12348 | MANX | Pine | Manual|

I am expecting –

+——-+——+——-+—— + | ID | GRP | ITDESC| DEN |
+——-+——+——-+—— + | 12345 | MANX | Apple | SendV | +——-+——+——-+—— + | 12346 | MANX | Mango | UnVeri| +——-+——+——-+—— + | 12347 | MANX | PineAp| SendV| +——-+——+——-+—— + | 12348 | MANX | Pine | Manual| +——-+——+——-+—— +

I have multiple rows that has only the DEN column different for the same id. My aim is – for the same id perform the check – If the Value of DEN is ‘Manual’ then check to see if there is ‘SendV’ in DEN column for that id. If it is present then consider ‘SendV’ otherwise consider ‘Manual’. Note in the provided example, the order is a random, the SendV can be in 2nd row or 3rd row or 4th row based on the action, however the text of DEN will be same as said above.

select * from table t1 where DEN IN (‘Manual’, ‘SendV’) .I am not aware how to write the condition??

Any suggestions/oracle query help is welcome.

AnyDice compare dice roll value to number on a multidice roll

I’ve been trying to use AnyDice to calculate some stuff and got completely overwhelmed (never used it properly before).

I’m trying to do something along the lines of:

Roll n + p amount of d10 dice. If any of those result in 1, check for each 1 roll 1d10 + p.

In this sequence I’m trying to see what are the odds that at least one of the dice will result in 1 and what would the secondary roll result spread would be.

Is it possible to do something like this? Because I’m already failing at trying to compare the dice to a number and assigning variables does not seem to help. I think I jumped into something too complex for a first more serious use of the system.

EDIT: Basically the first roll is for casting a spell and 1s represent mishaps. For each 1 you roll onto table which has 10 entries (the higher the number, the more severe result). Adding extra dice p (pushing) makes those table results worse. I want to see how quickly and how bad that can go. If I add 1 extra die, what’s the chance to get a mishap and how bad, if i add 2, etc (apologies if too much details, not sure how else to clarify this).

So far I managed to count number of 1s (i think)

function: hitme N:n plus P:n {   X: N + P   result: [count {1} in X d10] } output [hitme 4 plus 2] 

Unable to insert two value in two different columns (WordPress database)

So I have made a new input with the name “Anaam”. When users fill in their info in the input, it should go to the database. However, it will not. I have looked at youtube videos to solve this problem. I have also looked for similar questions like this on Stack Overflow. However, this is with a WordPress database, so the inserting code is different then it usually is. Because of that, I could not find good questions on this.

My HTML code:

   <html>       <head>        </head>       <body>         <form action="" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">           <input name="file" type="file"/>           <br>           <br>           <input name="Anaam" type="text" placeholder="Albumnaam" class="albumnaam">           <input name="submit" type="submit" value="Upload uw album" />          </form>       </body>     </html> 

As you can see, I have made an input with the name “Anaam”.

My PHP code:

// ... Some data to connect with the remote FTP server, nothing to do with the database  $  Anaam = $  _POST["Anaam"];  if ((!$  conn_id) || (!$  login_result)) {      echo "Het spijt ons, er is momenteel geen connectie met de server.";     // echo "Attempted to connect to $  ftp_server for user $  ftp_user_name";      exit;  } else {      // echo "upload is gelukt"; }    //Only allow zip and rar files to be uploaded $  allowed = array('zip', 'rar'); if(in_array($  fileActualExt, $  allowed)) {  // upload the file (in remote ftp server) $  upload = ftp_put($  conn_id, $  destination_file, $  source_file, FTP_BINARY);  // check upload status  if (!$  upload) {      echo "Er is iets fout gegaan, excuses voor het ongemak"; } else {      // insert data in de database      global $  wpdb;      $  number_of_rows_inserted = $  wpdb->insert('wpex_programma', [       'naam' => $  fileName,       'Anaam' => "test"      ]);        var_dump($  number_of_rows_inserted); 

As you can see, I want to insert the values in the database wpex_programma in the column “naam” and the column “Anaam”. In the column “Anaam” I want to insert the value of the variable $ Anaam. Why will it still not work? It does not show any errors. It just never stops loading.

My table structure:


How to register meta field with checkbox to REST API with default value true?

I have a meta field with checkbox, it has by default checked value, but when I register it to REST API my checkbox become unchecked.

How can I get it checked by default?

Here is my code for metabox:

function modest_gutenberg_meta_add_meta_box() {     $  post_types = array('post', 'page', 'modest_portfolio');     foreach ($  post_types as $  post_type) {         add_meta_box(              'modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_option',              esc_html__( 'Title Options', 'modest-gutenberg-meta' ),              'modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_settings',              $  post_type,              'normal',              'high',              array('__back_compat_meta_box' => true));     } }  add_action( 'add_meta_boxes', 'modest_gutenberg_meta_add_meta_box' );  function modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_settings($  post) {     $  visibility_title = get_post_meta($  post->ID, '_modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_visibility', true);     $  checked_title = 'checked';     if($  visibility_title == 'unchecked' && !empty($  visibility_title)) {            $  checked_title = '';     }      wp_nonce_field( 'modest_gutenberg_meta_update_post_title_settings', 'modest_gutenberg_meta_update_post_title_nonce' );     ?>          <input type="checkbox" name="modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_visibility_field" id="modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_visibility_field" value="1" <?php echo $  checked_title; ?> />             <label for="modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_visibility_field"><?php esc_html_e( 'Display Title', 'modest-gutenberg-meta' ); ?></label>      <?php }  function modest_gutenberg_meta_save_post_title_settings($  post_id, $  post) {      $  edit_cap = get_post_type_object( $  post->post_type )->cap->edit_post;     if( !current_user_can( $  edit_cap, $  post_id )) {         return;     }     if( !isset( $  _POST['modest_gutenberg_meta_update_post_title_nonce']) || !wp_verify_nonce( $  _POST['modest_gutenberg_meta_update_post_title_nonce'], 'modest_gutenberg_meta_update_post_title_settings' )) {         return;     }     if(defined('DOING_AUTOSAVE') && DOING_AUTOSAVE) {         return;     }      if(array_key_exists('modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_visibility_field', $  _POST)) {         update_post_meta(              $  post_id,              '_modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_visibility',              sanitize_text_field($  _POST['modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_visibility_field'])         );     } else {         update_post_meta(              $  post_id,              '_modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_visibility', 'unchecked');     } } 

And then I register_meta:

function modest_gutenberg_meta_register_meta() {     //title     register_meta( 'post', '_modest_gutenberg_meta_post_title_visibility', array(         'show_in_rest' => true,         'type' => 'boolean',         'single' => true,         'sanitize_callback' => 'sanitize_text_field',         'auth_callback' => function() {             return current_user_can( 'edit_posts' );         }     ) ); }  add_action('init', 'modest_gutenberg_meta_register_meta'); 

I’m registering meta for Gutenberg Plugin to add a new Sidebar, there I have ToggleControl, which make my meta update and it’s working.

But I can’t understand what am I doing wrong with default value?

How can I get my value checked by default inside WordPress REST API?

If I delete register_meta() function and switch inside add_meta_box() __back_compat_meta_box to false and refresh the page which I’m editing,

I will get my checkbox true and then if I register_meta() again and refresh page I will get my meta in REST API checked.

Sorry for my English, hope someone can help me)

Thanks in advance.