What are the drawbacks of this Varible Summon power?

I’m just futzing around with Mutants and Masterminds 3e again and had an idea for a magic user. my thought was that they’d carry around a spellbook that they would reference to prepare their casts for the day (as Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons), resulting in a device that had a variable array focused on creating triggered powers. If they didn’t prepare beforehand, or they left some free “slots” for flexibility, they’d have to burn a round or two (depending on the reading) to reference the power in-field before doing anything else.

My issue revolves around Varible Summon powers; there are a number of things that I am not sure about concerning how expensive that would be, as well as some other particulars.

Firstly, is this even possible? the Triggered extra states that it needs to be an Instant duration effect and im not sure if there was some way to modify summon to have it fit or if this was something I needed GM approval for.

And Secondly, are there any drawbacks that I’m missing? The thing about Variable is that it’s a sustained effect, which may mean that the powers I’m stacking on top of myself are under the same limitations. Would this mean that I’d loose all my prepared spells if I couldn’t take a free action?

Como cambio el valor de una varible a través de un botón sin actualizar la pagina

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Necesito ayuda. Tengo un valor predefinido que muestro en pantalla a través de un document.write y me gustaría que al pulsar un botón me reste 1. Este es mi código. pd: Soy principiante