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How to travel between Las Vegas and Death Valley by public transportation?

Learning that February is a good time to visit the Death Valley, I decided to pay a visit there with a bunch of friends from LA. The friends are driving from LA to the Death Valley, and I am traveling to the Death Valley from Las Vegas — yes, we are meeting up at the Death Valley.

I can’t drive. Since inside the Death Valley, we prefer to travel ourselves, I cannot join any organized tour from Vegas to the Death Valley. So I have to take public transportation from Vegas to the Valley and back.

Is it even possible? If so, how should I do this?

Thanks @Greg for citing the information that no public transportation from Vegas to the Valley is available. The least thing I want to do is to ask my friends to drive to Vegas to pick me up. That is a huge detour. So I did some math.

enter image description here

The figure shows the route from LA to the Valley. What if I go towards LA direction along 15 and wait for them to pass by and pick me up in the car? This turning point is a town called Baker, CA. I checked Greyhound from Las Vegas to Baker, CA. There is none either. Any solution to this situation so far?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Can you believe that our government has found “no motive” for the Las Vegas shooter’s murder spree?

Sorry, but I ALWAYS follow up on these mass shootings and the criminal who did them. I have a need to know his history. I CANNOT ACCEPT that someone so heavily armed and such a well planned and staged series of murders had absolutely no motive whatsoever in doing this. As though this was just circumstance or a joke.

Can repeated runs of a Las Vegas algorithm equate to a better Las Vegas algorithm?

Let’s say I have a Las Vegas algorithm $ L$ for some problem $ P$ , which runs in $ n^3$ steps with 50% likelihood. My friend asks me for an algorithm for $ P$ that runs in $ n^3$ steps with 75% likelihood. My intuition says, “No problem! I’ll just run $ L$ once, and if it doesn’t return after $ n^3$ steps, I’ll terminate it. Then, I’ll run it again. The likelihood that it fails to return after $ n^3$ steps twice in a row is only 25%.”

Is my intuition correct? I know that if it’s running twice, that’s technically $ 2n^3$ and that would be subsumed by big-O notation. Maybe the problem that was posed to me was not carefully worded enough…

Using my State employee ID in Vegas

I will not have my new DL in time for my trip to Vegas. I know they’re pretty strict with IDs. Will they accept my California State employee ID? It has my photo, birthdate, and expiration date, signature, height weight etc… stating that I’m an employee in the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. It also has the Department of Corrections and rehabilitation for the State of California watermarks.