Posting only to verified imported Project Accounts

Hi Sven,
Please, I have some verified accounts that have been steady for several months.
My problem is about using the import account feature of SER.
I might need some clearance here first.
1. Does SER import all the created accounts in a project or does it only import the ones with VERIFIED links?
2. If it imports all accounts, how does one ensure that it only imports accounts with verified links.
Since, I already have these accounts created, how do I FORCE SER to re-login into these accounts imported from the verified links of other projects.
I don’t want to use no new list or make SER to search for links to post to. I only want it to post these verified account links.
I would really appreciate your guidance in this respect.

error on verified list

i am seeing a error , when i remove duplicate urls and duplicate domain. setup campain and run, i see on log already parsed.  i build this verified list my self and before i got over 2000 Unique domain contextual platform, but now only could get 1000 , i see lot of urls already prassed when i clean the list over unique domain too. also i see other error . newly running project doesn’t add urls to verified list.    @Sven 

Because nofollow links verified decrease?

Hello guys!
I am carrying out 3 campaigns at the same time, generating a total of dofollow and follow links, see image:

As you can see, most of the links are nofollow, but I would like it to be the other way around.
So, what I did was edit each project selecting only dofollow links each one, so see the image.

After modifying the project I am observing that the number of nofollow links is slowly decreasing and the dofollow links are increasing.
Why should they get off? If they are supposedly already created and verified, you should only follow the course.

Help with settings for Verified list please

I have in excess of 500k of verified sitelist_Blog Comment-General Blogs. With a lot of do-follows
I want to attempt to post a comment to all the do-follows, and I don’t care about keyword matching etc. I’m doing some parasite linking. When I try to set it up, it goes through the list eventually but only posts to about 100. I just don’t get it. In Scrapebox you can just import a list of good urls and an post to them. How do I do that with GSA ?