How come there are TLS 1.3 signature algorithms when the client version stated is TLS 1.2?

I’m analyzing traffic in order to understand TLS Client Hello structure so I can parse it.

I read that TLS 1.3 adds more signature algorithms. However, I saw a Client Hello message that states that the client version is 1.2, but has the new TLS 1.3 signature algorithms (e.g. Signature Algorithm: ed25519 (0x0807), see attached packet ahead).

Does that make sense?

Can I just assume that regardless of the version, I need to handle those new signature algorithms as well?

This is the packet in WireShark format.

Would my Java web application be vulnerable if I use a netty version that is vulnerable to CVE-2019-20444 and CVE-2019-20445?

These has been fixed in later versions of Netty … but what is the risk of using an older (can’t upgrade now) version that is vulnerable to to CVE-2019-20444 and CVE-2019-20445 … is there really a risk here? Note that the application uses netty for communicating with a 3rd party API. The app is deployed on Tomcat and that is the main entry for user http requests.

Windows 10 version 1809, not offered an upgrade to 1909 in Windows update

My Windows 10 build version is 1809. When I go into Windows update it does not offer to upgrade me to 1909 which should be the most recent as of today.

I notice that there is a bad bug (source: in 1909 which is patched by KB4551762 (, but I don’t get it on my build.

So does this mean 1809 is not vulnerable to the SMBv3 ‘wormable’ issue? ANd why don’t I get the newest version of Windows?

Is there any character option to gain teleport (or any improved version) or the greater plane shift as an at will usage, other than racial ability?

Is there any character option to gain teleport (or any improved version) or greater plane shift, as an at will usage, other than racial ability?

I’m not really looking at items, except as a last resort. All official material suitable, but no extreme TO, please.

The goal is ideally to plane shift at will, accurately to the desired destination. Doing a two step plane shift and teleport is fine if the greater plane shift cannot be obtained.

How to load jQuery with Ajax in WP version 5.3.2?

I am building a custom theme and using wp_enqueue_scripts to load a custom JS file for a specific page template. As you can see I declared jquery as a dependency…

function enqueue_theme_scripts() {   if (is_page_template('template-contact.php')) {     wp_enqueue_script(       'template-contact-js',       get_bloginfo('template_directory') . '/template-contact.js',       array('jquery'),       false,       true     );   } } add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'enqueue_theme_scripts'); 

This is what I have in the JS file…

(function($  ) {   $  (document).ready(function() {     console.log($  );     console.log($  .ajax);     }); })(jQuery); 

This is what the ‘console’ tab shows…

Screenshot of Chrome Inspector console tab

jQuery is loaded, but the $ .ajax method is not included.

This is what the ‘sources’ tab in the Inspector shows…

screenshot of jQuery 3.4.1 loaded in Chrome's inspector

As you can see it is loading jQuery version 3.4.1, but line 48 seems to indicate that ajax is being removed. How do I get jquery to load with the ajax method included?

Google search English version

I have this problem, I have a multilingual php site, I have set English as the default language, the language changes automatically according to the browser settings. if it is French the site will be seen in French. however in the google search results, even if i have the browser in french, the english language appears in the results. how can i solve?

to be clear I don’t want to use subdomains or urls like I would like to do like facebook