Powershell to export SharePoint version history

I have followed the following link to successfully export SharePoint list data to a csv format with Version History intact.

How can we read version history of document library and update particular version (few fileds) data in Sqlserver database?

However, I am hitting an issue with some colmns that are Multi line text fields with Rich Text Formats. This upsets the format of the CSV file with carriage returns and whitespace upsetting the alignment.

Any suggestions on how to get a neatly formatted CSV file that can achieve the above please?

Thanks in advance

Apps loaded in App Catalog do not have the correct App Version or Product ID

I’m working with a client who just set up a new SharePoint 2016 site on their server. They created an App Catalog but when I load in a custom SharePoint App, the App Catalog doesn’t read in the version from the AppManifest.XML and sets the version to nor is the app assigned a Product ID – the Product ID is left blank.

The same App is uploaded with the correct metadata on other sites.

Is there something that needs to be configured so the App Catalog library behaves like an App Catalog?

Thanks in advance

Be able to view old version (revision) of Word, Excel, Visio Online document on O365

When you want to view a document Online, for example Word Document, the Url of the document is :


The GUID is the UniqueID of the document in SharePoint.

It would be very interesting to select an older version of the document to view using a syntax like underneath (for the revision 1 of a document) as when you want to download a specific revision of a document?

For Downloading the revision 1 of MyDocument.docx the syntax is :


For viewing this underneath URL could be great:


What is the latest version for SharePoint Designer 2013 64-bit inside windows 10

I use to have windows 7 which contain sharepoint designer 32-bit, and its version was 15.0.4849.100, as follow:- enter image description here

but inside my windows 10 PC, i installed the sharepoint designer 64-bit from this link @ https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35491, and after that i checked the version for the SP designer, which was lower than the previous version. the new version is 15.0.4420.1017, as follow:- enter image description here

So i am not sure how i can upgrade my SP designer version inside windows 10? the issue is that inside the above download link they mentioned the following:-

Please make sure your installation of SharePoint Designer is up to date by using Microsoft Update, or installing Service Pack 1 from here

but inside the Service Pack 1 download link the supported operating systems do not include windows 10. So i am not sure how i can get the latest version for the SP designer inside windows 10?


Multi php version using AddHandler via htaccess

I’m using AWS ubuntu instance with webmin installed. Some of my old projects (joomla 2.5) support upto php5.6 only so I have installed php 5.6 by following https://vitux.com/how-to-install-php5-and-php7-on-ubuntu-18-04-lts/

As follows, I disabled the 7.2 and enable 5.6

$   sudo a2dismod php7.2 $   sudo a2enmod php5.6 

Now my old project working fine. but my problem is i have some project wich required php7.x so I have created a .htaccess file and and added

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php71 .php 

but it’s not working as I expected. (I confirmed, Allowoveride Set All and htaccess working fine)

I’m sure I’m missing something inorder to get AddHandler working.

how to update sudo package version

with the news of the vulnerability found in sudo versions prior to 1.8.28, I am trying to upgrade to that version, but have had no luck. I did sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade and sudo continues to be at the same version. Even tried sudo apt-get upgrade sudo and it says it’s at the latest, which cannot be entirely true since 1.8.28 was released earlier today.

How does one typically go about updating packages using apt-get to latest versions?

Why intelliJ is trying to use java 12 if i set as SDK version 11.0.4?

I am trying to run a small java code that someone else made using intelliJ (I am a beginner); but for some reason even if I have selected java 11.0.4(3) from project settings, after building it I get the message:

Error:java: error: release version 12 not supported 

so I decided to install java 12 following this guide: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2019/03/install-oracle-java-12-ubuntu-18-04-16-04/ and the terminal also says now i have as default java 12.02.

I added java 12 to intelliJ’s SDKs but now if I switch the project’s version from 11 to 12 I get another error, at runtime this time:

java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: (class path) has been compiled by a more recent version of the Java Runtime (class file version 56.0), this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions up to 55.0 

so I don’t understand, what does intelliJ want, to be able to run this?