Exploit CVE-2020-0688 for older versions

I wanted to exploit my IIS CVE-2020-0688, which I saw that the key is the same as advertised.

The problem is that my IIS is old, and uses AppPool of .NET 2 and not .NET 4. Also I can use only GET as I don’t see a POST request using the viewstate. All the exploits in ysoserial use Microsoft.PowerShell.Editor.dll which is not loaded in the old version.

Does anyone know a gadget for .NET2?

Could modded versions of Kik messenger pose a security threat?

I was on the Kik messenger app, and someone in a group chat posted screenshots of his modded Kik app that contains an “IP grabber”. He said he could hack people easily, and was very fast to tell me my own IP address. He was able to tell when anyone in the chatroom was lurking (i.e watching the chat without typing), for how long, their last activity, etc. I have no idea how, but he was able to know my IP address along with 2 other people in the chatroom. Prior to this, he had sent me a picture which I downloaded a week ago (he was pretending to be a normal person, it was a random funny meme). He has not sent me any links, and I have certainly not clicked on any links from him. We had a few messages back and forth, but that’s it. He said that he would hack me, so I logged out a few hours later. I used AVG antivirus and Kaspersky to scan my phone, and there were no issues detected. I manually checked my downloaded apps on Android, and there wasn’t any downloaded app that was new. I have since then logged out of Kik, but I am concerned: could he be spying on my phone, and what can I do to prevent this? Thanks.

Data Consistency Between 2 Mysql Databases Running Different Versions

I need to migrate an old web application using old php and mysql versions. I am intending to start by migrating the code that interacts with the database to a new server with the latest versions and allow the old server to use an API in the new server. Ideally I would like to have the data consistent between the database in the new server and the one in the old server. It seems that replication only works only when the master is only one version behind the slave. In this case the difference is a way more than one version. I also want changes to the database on the new server to reflect on the database on the old server. Are there any tools/techniques to help with this situation other than ensuring the data consistency programmatically with cron jobs …. If something is not clear please let me know and all suggestions are welcome.

How many versions of the Ranger class are there in 5e, and what are the differences between them?

I was considering building a Ranger, and consulted my local game shop DM on the matter. He suggested using one of the revised versions of the ranger class, due to the ranger in the PHB being somewhat underpowered as compared to later revisions of the class.

I was also doing some reading, and found a couple of references to a “revised ranger” here and here.

How many different versions of the ranger class are there in 5e, and what are the differences between them?

I’m looking for answers that reference official WotC sources, including UA if it’s applicable.

I’m not asking “How many different ways, subclasses, feats, etc. are there for designing rangers?” Rather, I’m confused since there appear to be multiple releases of the ranger class itself, yet the only version I am familiar with is the version in the PHB.

Is it possible to use WeChat (Weixin) more safely in recent versions of Android by using permissions?

I assume that anything written or read on WeChat is read by the government of the People’s Republic of China. I understand the risks of that.

However, I would like to understand the implications of using WeChat for other data on my device. With earlier versions of Android, you had to grant all an app’s permission requests in order to use it, and WeChat demanded every possible permission. More recent versions of the OS allow users to grant or deny permissions in groups. Is there a combination of permissions which would allow WeChat to function as a chat/messenger app, but prevent it from reading other data on my device?

Are there digital versions of book artwork?

I want to use some of the book artwork in a Homebrewery document. I found these official wallpapers. The problem is that there are only a couple of those per book, if that. There’s also the website of one of the illustrators, but (probably for legal reasons) there’s only a little bit from DnD.

Has WotC released any more official digital artwork? Or is there a 3rd party option?

Which version of A/B do i show if you happen to get different versions in two instances?

Let’s say I’m doing A/B testing, and this one particular user gets randomly assigned into group B for example. I have a choice right away to either store that on their account in my database, or on their browser. Then tomorrow, that same person visits the website from another device, and randomly gets group A assigned, and sees the A-version of the website. And then, from this new device where they were viewing version A so far, they now sign into their account.

Would it be correct to now load everything B, which has potentially been stored on their account? Or would it be correct to persist the current visit, and keep showing A in this local browser? Or, go so far with persisting the new visit to actually store this new version A onto their account for any further page renders from their first device.

This is all assuming that the different versions of the site differ visually, and significantly, so, what the user expects is therefore quite important.

SharePoint 2010 Setting Max Versions on Existing List

I’ve got a SP2010 list that’s had no cap limit set to the versions. I want to reduce the number of versions kept to 10 so I set the “Keep the following number of versions” option to 10. It looks like SP doesn’t go ahead and remove all the extra versions on the list items. For example, a list item has 24 versions – still has 24 versions after making this change.

What’s the best way to clean up a list and remove all versions over the past 10 versions?

SharePoint 2019 Standard vs. Enterprise, Updates / Release / Patch / Versions and the SharePoint Framework Releases

We have an SP2019 test farm running SharePoint Server 2019 Standard, version 16.0.10351.20000 (October 2019). I have a few questions regarding compatibility between SPFX development and SP2019 on-premise:

  1. Is it important to keep the SP2019 environment updated with the latest monthly release in order to ensure compatibility with the latest version of the SharePoint Framework?

  2. Is there any guidance regarding development targeting SP2019 standard edition vs. enterprise (article, blog post)?

  3. Some on-line posts state that SPFX should be kept at version 1.4.1 for SP2019. Is this still true?

  4. Does anyone have any experience regarding possible deployment issues when development is performed on SharePoint Online? Development environment is O365.

Thanks in advance!

Getting SP list item versions in Powershell doesn’t work

I’ve used PowerShell code similar to this Reference which gets a SP list and iterates thru the items (note that I use PnP). This works fine except that the loop that gets versions of list items doesn’t execute at all b/c the Versions member doesn’t seem to exist. I’m sure there is version info. I’m using SP 2013. Any ideas appreciated!

Connect-PnPOnline –Url "http://MyServer/MySite" –Credentials (Get-Credential) $  ItemsColl = (Get-PnPListItem -List "MySPList")  #Loop through each item foreach ($  item in $  ItemsColl) {     write-host $  ($  item["MyFieldName"])      # WORKS FINE!      #Iterate each version        foreach($  version in $  item.Versions) # FAILS! THIS OBJECT IS ALWAYS NULL (ALTHOUGH VERSIONS DO EXIST ON THIS SITE/LIST) SO LOOP DOESN'T EXECUTE.     {          write-host $  ($  version.VersionLabel)     } }