how do I combine two very different role playing systems

I’m planning on making a D&D 5e campaign for my friends so they can experience what an okay DM is like rather than a bias and railroading DM which is so far their only experience of Dungeons and Dragons. In the campaign I’m creating, There is going to be magical artifacts that distort reality, time, and space. One of the ways I want to do this is for reality to shatter/merge with other realities to make it so different RPGs have melded with their world. These are the RPGs that I either have a solid understanding of or an okay understanding of:

  • Honey Heist
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • AD&D 1e
  • Monster of the Week
  • Rifts
  • Twilight 2000

I really like the idea and I want it to work but I have a lot of flaws and complications in my plan:

  1. Almost every one of these RPGs has a different game system and has different game mechanics.

  2. The list of RPGs that I know have varying levels of complexity and I’m afraid that going from Honey Heist to Twilight 2000 is going to give a player whiplash.

  3. Calculating what your rolls are can be extremely confusing if you don’t have a good grasp of the game and these fusions of RPG systems are going to be the same length of a one-shot which is not enough time to fully grasp the rules.

  4. Weapons and armor and all of that would be confusing to transition to some games like Call of Cthulhu where fighting back isn’t that much of an option, well it is but it’d be a TPK. But in D&D 5e, class revolves around the way your character fights and what do you add to help the party not die in the encounter. This is also an issue for Honey Heist where it’ll be hard to skills if someone gets the Hacker role and the closest thing to technology in their world is some oil lanterns and a bunch of healing potions.

I have many ways to implement these games into 5e like

  • Making only the NPCs use different gaming systems
  • Creating a homebrew gaming system so they can easily go from RPG to RPG
  • Have them continue to use the d20 system no matter the game
  • Scrap the idea
  • Let them use the other RPG character classes like subclasses and tone down their abilities a tad
  • have only small portions of the other games be included like just the and that’s it.

Here’s my problem: How do I include these different RPGs into 5e and how do I do it in a way that is simplest for the players and myself

Creating A Very Simple Relational Database

I would like to create a database to organize archived projects. Initially, I thought this could be accomplished by using google sheets or airtable. But it turns out my needs are a bit more complicated because of nested tables. I’m wondering if I need something like mySQL with a custom UI.

I have illustrations below of what the database could look like. What I need is the following:

  • At it’s simplest, a table with many nested tables
  • The ability to have multiple input options (such as checkbox, drop-down, multi-select, numbers, paragraphs of text, etc).
  • The ability to sort the items by Year, then Project Number
  • The ability to see both a big-picture view of the data, and a condensed view
  • The ability to have a new drop-down input automatically added to the list of available items in the drop-down. (No error if the item wasn’t already on the list. It just adds it to the list)
  • Ideally, a form that allows me to enter this information without editing the table manually

Is this something that needs to be custom built, or is there a platform that could make this possible? Appreciate any help!

Database View 1: Database View 1

Database View 2: Database View 2

Database Record Entry: Database Record Entry

What is the best way to allow users select items from a very long list in a responsive web app?


I’m designing a web app where the user adds predefined items from List A to a custom List B.
List A is over 100 items sorted alphabetically.
List B can be customized according to user needs.

I designed a drag-and-drop solution for the web app. The user can jump to List A items alphabetically by clicking a letter.

drag and drop feature


This drag-and-drop feature doesn’t work on tablets very well and is impossible for smartphones. So I designed a select form for mobile devices: When the user taps on a list item in List B, a picker/flipper populated with List A items is triggered.

mobile view select


Is there a way to implement alphabetical filtering in a web app’s mobile interface?

How can the mobile interface for this feature solve the following requirements?

  1. Allow user filter List A
  2. Add items from List A to List B

Should I discourage a group of players from all playing the same class with very similar builds?

Concerns I have

Traditionally the D&D party has been a Cleric, Fighter, Magic User and a Thief.

  • Adventures have been balanced around the traditionally party composition listed above.
  • Players feeling upstaged by another player doing the same thing better.

    So if I’m dealing with a group that all the players want to be trip build Fighters, should I encourage them to rethink their decision?

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Very poor sound quality on HSP/HFP profile, BT Sony headset

I’ve recently bought BT Sony headset. When I switch it to A2DP profile everything works fine. But when I switch to HSP/HFP for videoconference the sound is so terrible that I cannot understand other participants. Is there anything that can be done about that? It’s really annoying I cannot use my headset for conferences when I bought them exactly for that.

Very slow OS loading speed

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 on my laptop and after i put my login password it always take from 2 to 10 minutes to actually load up to the desktop. I don’t think that’s a normal behavior. How to troubleshoot that and how to fix it? The Laptop had/has FreeDos boot.