Unattend file being ignored after updating WIM via VHDX

I feel I’m going crazy. I’ve done this a million times before and now its no longer working.

Problem: I’m trying to update the wim with the new SCCM Client (have to due to it being a nested WIM File within a server deployment) along with updating the Windows Updates on it.

I have an Unattend.xml file which includes server name and IP address and the below process works using one of our existing WIM’s.

  1. Create the VHDX from the WIM:
Convert-WindowsImage -SourcePath "E:\path\VMWIM.wim" -Size 100GB -DiskType Dynamic -VHDFormat VHDX -VHDPartitionStyle GPT -VHDPath "E:\path\VMWIM.vhdx"  
  1. Mount VHDX for a sanity check:
    Mount-WindowsImage -ImagePath "E:\path\VMWIM.vhdx" -Path E:\path\Mount -Index 1 
  1. Create WIM:
    New-WindowsImage -CapturePath E:\TempVHD\Mount -Name VMWIM -ImagePath E:\TempVHD\VMWIMv3.4.wim -Description "Server 2012 R2 VMWIM" -Verify 
  1. Create VM from above WIM:
    C:\path\Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 -WIM C:\path\VMWIM.wim -Size 100GB -DiskType Dynamic -VHDFormat VHDX -VHDPartitionStyle GPT -Unattend C:\unattend.xml -VHD D:\path\vmvhd.vhdx 

When I do the above the Unattend.xml and Specialize Settings (Name, IP, DNS, WINS) are all applied.

If I were to make changes to the VHDX Created in Step 1, change SCCM Client, run Windows Updates, then I’d run a sysprep with shutdown and carry on with step 2. Once I got to Step 4 the vhdx file is created and windows boots, but the specialize section is ignored (Name, IP, DNS, WINS). Even though I can see the unattend.xml has been copied to c:\unattend.xml and c:\windows\panther\unattend.xml (using exactly the same unattend file)

What am I doing wrong?

Hyper-V vhdx is much larger than the contents

I have a virtual machine, that has dynamically expanding vhdx as a C drive. Or ‘thin provisioned’ to speak in terms of other hyper-visors.

I’m running Windows server 2016 on it, as a DC to be exact. Over the time of two years the vhdx file grew; the size of the disk within the virtual machine lists as 18gb, while the vhdx file is around 128gb.

What caused this?, and how can I shrink the size of the vhdx file.

Ubuntu Linux – Shared VHDX

I have two Ubuntu web servers using a shared Hyper-v vhdx file in a Hyper-V cluster as a data drive because the Nimble SAN does not support NFS Connections.

However, while both servers are able to access the VHDX, it would seem that only one server has data visible.

Are there any suggestions on how I might resolve this particular issue?

NTFS vhdx On REFS Mirrored Storage Spaces

I’ve been trying to figure this out now for sometime, but haven’t found an answer.

I have a Server 2016 VM running on HyperV Server 2016.

It has a file storage VHDX formatted as NTFS that is sitting on a mirrored storage spaces virtual disk running ReFS.

Will the files on the VHDX have the benefits of the file integrity streams or would I need to do REFS on both the storage spaces and the VHDX?